Birds of Bonaire – The warawara

The northern crested caracara (Caracara cheriway) is a bird that you see often on Bonaire and we call it the warawara. A lot of times you see him or a couple sitting in a tree or cactus, sometimes on the road or on the ground under some bushes. I think this is one of the most beautiful birds of Bonaire.

The most recognizable of this bird is the orange skin behind its bill and its black/white feathers. There are no other birds on Bonaire that can be confused with this one.

The warawara is family of the falcon but it behaves totally different. This bird just sits and waits until something to eat comes around. Sometimes he flies a bit to see if there are some larger dead animals in the neighborhood. Sometimes you see him hopping on the ground, there might be a dead goat or something else around or he is looking for small living animals. The warawara feeds on anything, dead or living lizards, insects, a dead donkey or young birds.

Would you like to see this bird while visiting Bonaire? You can spot it almost everywhere away from town, just look for big birds on cactuses or on the road. A lot of times I see the warawara around Rincon. When this bird thinks you are at a safe distance he will stay at his spot, even when he flies away he might stay close, especially when there is some food where you first spotted it.

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