Birds of Bonaire – Tropical Mockingbird

The Tropical mockingbird is a bird you often see on Bonaire, you can find it over the whole island, in gardens and in the middle of nowhere, everywhere it might find some food. This bird can be very cheeky, it will try to eat fruit in your garden and when you leave something edible behind on an outside table, it might try to steal that as well. This bird also eats seeds, insects, eggs of other birds and even small lizzards.

You can recognize this bird because of the black/grey/white colors and a lot of times you can hear him singing, it might copy other birds. The mockingbird can also make a bunch of noise! Because you see him a lot and because this bird won’t fly away too fast, it is one of the easier birds to find on Bonaire. The only bird you might confuse it with is the gray kingbird, another bird with the same colors but a bit bigger frame and bill.

On Bonaire the tropical mockingbird is also called the Chuchubi, the Latin name is Minus gilvus.

Birds of Bonaire - Tropical Mockingbird
Birds of Bonaire – Tropical Mockingbird

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