Butterflies on Bonaire – Clavipes sphinx

De Aellopos clavipes or Clavipes sphinx is a moth that lives on Bonaire and other Caribean islands as well as Central America. You might also find this moth in countries like Venezuala and states like California and Texas in the United States.

The behaviour of this moth can look like a hummingbird and at first glance you might confuse it with one. There is also a different species of moth that might be confused with the one you can see on Bonaire, this is the hummingbird hawk-moth that you can find in Europe, Africa and Asia.

You can find this moth on Bonaire during the rainy season, around january and february is often a good time. This moth has been spotted all over Bonaire but the best place so far is on the hills just above the Bopec, in the direction of Playa Frans. On some of the fields with herbs that are in bloom you might find many of these moths flying around.

Finding this moth on Bonaire might be difficult and getting a good picture even more. This moth never sits still, it moves very fast from flower tot flower and might be at a flower for a second and move to another one 10 meters away. To get some pictures of this moth I went to the area above the Bopec where a couple of those moths were flying around. I zoomed in on a flower and waited for about an hour to take some pictures. Every time I saw a moth going in the direction of the flower I started taking pictures.

Butterflies on Bonaire - Clavipes sphinx
Butterflies on Bonaire – Clavipes sphinx

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