Butterflies on Bonaire – Lilac-banded longtail or Dorantes longtail

The Lilac-banded longtail or Urbanus dorantes is one of the butterflies you can often see on Bonaire. This butterfly species has a wingspan of a couple of centimeters and is recognizable because of the long brown tail and its behaviour, this butterfly has an erratic flight pattern. While you can often see this butterfly on Bonaire, to get a good picture of it might be a bit harder. Just when you have zoomed in it will probably have left off for a totally different spot.

You can find the Lilac-banded longtail on Bonaire and on the others islands, as well in South America, California, Texas, Arizona and some other states in the USA. The one we see on Bonaire is probably a subspecies Urbanus dorantes dorantes but other subspecies might also visit the islands. When you want to find this butterfly on Bonaire, good places to go to are plants with a lot of flowers, so the rainy season is perfect. This butterfly will visit Coralita flowers as well as the raspa flowers in gardens and along the roads.

Butterflies of Bonaire - lilac-banded longtail
Butterflies of Bonaire – lilac-banded longtail

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