Butterflies on Bonaire – White peacock

The White peacock or Anartia jatrophae is a very nice butterfly that you sometimes see on Bonaire. This butterfly has white/grey wings with orange/brown borders and three dots on the wings. You can find this butterfly all over the Caribean as well as the southern states of the US and all over South America.

The male of this butterfly has an interesting behaviour, in contrast to other butterfly species this one has its own territory of a couple of meters, he will scare off all other male White peacock butterflies but also other species of butterflies. On Bonaire you can find this butterfly mostly around december and january, in the rainy season. You can see it at all the spots with flowers, I’ve seen many of them in Kralendijk around the stadium, in the hills near Bopec and in the LVV area where sewage water gets treated.

Butterflies on Bonaire - White peacock
Butterflies on Bonaire – White peacock

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