Car rental on Bonaire – AB Car Rental

With a fleet of over 200 cars, AB Car Rental is one of the bigger car rental companies on Bonaire. With a wide selection of dive pickup trucks, SUVs, family and economy cars and sedans.

On the website of AB Car Rental you can find all the rental rates for the different cars. Just remember that these rates are without the sales tax and local government tax. There is also a mandatory CDW insurance. This standard CDW insurance doesn’t cover everything and not fully, for example if your car gets stolen you have full liability and when there is damage you still have to pay a couple hundred dollars! The Full Coverage Plan is a bit more expensive but with this you are fully covered and also have a 24/7 road call service.

When renting a car at AB Car Rental before you arrive on Bonaire, let them know your flight number so someone will pick up you and your luggage at the airport, free of charge! After a short drive to the AB Car Rental office you will get your rental car and are ready to explore Bonaire.

Website AB Car Rental

We found this information on the AB Car Rental website in December 2016, meanwhile this information might be updated so visit the website of this car rental company.

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