Climb the Seru Largu

The Seru Largu is a popular hill for active locals, when you go here in the cooler late-afternoon hours there are almost always people training or just having a nice walk. And of course you have to join! A paved road is easy to walk in the beginning but in the end getting really steap, with parts over 20% grade.

Once at the top you go to the right to get your reward, a nice scenic road gives you great views of Kralendijk and the Bonairian inland. Spend some time at the big cross and follow the road for the other part of the scenic route before going down again. On the top you can also find some nice trees and the shapes show you from which side the wind is mostly coming.

You can see the cross on the top of Seru Largu from a great distance but to get there can be tricky. The easiest is to drive from the centre of Kralendijk towards Eden Beach and the dive resorts like Buddy Dive. At the roundabout with the Trans World Radio building – just after Eden Beach – go to the right onto Kaya Amsterdam. After around 1.5 miles (2,5 kilometer) you take the steep uphill road to the left until you bump into Kaya Carabi and go the left again. After 650 yards (600 meter) you take a short steep uphill left and follow this road to the right, this is the Kaya Piedra Presioso. After 430 yards (400 meter) there is a road to the right, this is the start of the road to the Seru Largu, there is also a sign pointing you in the right direction.

Park your car and don’t forget to take all your valuables with you, as well as a bottle of water. From this spot, it is around 1.2 miles (2 kilometer) to the viewpoint with the cross.

Enjoy your walk!

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