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Bonaire has only two small towns and of these Rincon is the oldest and the smallest. In the Pre-Columbian era the Caquetio people already inhabited the area, they had settlements along the coast and visited the surrounding hills as well.

In 1527 the Spanish founded Rincon, they choose this spot because it was lying safe in the inlands of Bonaire where pirates and other conquerors couldn’t easily see them. Also important; the trees that had huge value for the Spanish were mostly growing in this area.

After the Dutch conquered Bonaire, for a long time Rincon stayed the centre of the island. Most imported slaved lived over here and worked in the logging industry or had to walk to the salt pans.
Part of the history of Rincon can be seen in Mangazina di Rei, a storage dating from 1824. You can easily find Mangazina di Rei on the road between Rincon and Kralendijk and nowadays it gives a lot of information about the history of Rincon as well as Bonaire. Therefor this old building is worth a visit.

Rincon is still known as the cultural centre of Bonaire. Next to the old houses there are a lot of historical sites and a lot of the culture and traditions can be seen during events like Dia di Rincon (Day of Rincon). At this yearly harvest festival in the end of April there is a lot of traditional music and dance and of course local food. The whole island goes to this festival, as well as families from the surrounding islands and the Netherlands.

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