a very supernatural christmas transcript

DEAN cuts himself off. SAM is on the floor of the panic room, having a seizure. BOBBY Don't test me. DEAN Where the hell have you been? The apocalypse being nigh and now really the right time to be having this little domestic drama of ours? Sam lies down on the bed and cries quietly. It's – it's Christmas. SANTA is sitting on the couch, holding a bong and a bottle of whiskey. (Her face momentarily distorts) I loved that tree. (SANTA smiles and sits down) All is well…, Dean & Sam & SANTA: Round and round… (They try to sing although they don't remember the lyrics. Consuming the amount of blood it would take to kill Lilith would change your brother forever. Sam: I know why you keep a gun under your pillow. I'm sorry. Sam: Yeah, probably Hold Nickar, God of the winter solstice. The doorbell rings and a boy opens the door. 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I bet if I looked around hard enough, I could probably find one just like it. Dean: (Tosses the magazine away angrily and stands up) Shut up! Am I right? BOBBY SAM BOBBY He's fighting them right now. INT. Please, please. Let's hear it. A number of bowls and a knife are set out on the kitchen table. (Tosses him another bag of snack food). If I do this, Sammy doesn't have to? SAM BOBBY'S PANIC ROOM – DAY Sam: No. What the hell is meadowsweet? Then Lucifer never busts out of his cage. I don't wanna know. Sam: I'm old enough, Dean. It's, uh, it's actually Dick Van Dyke. SAM Who knows? CASTIEL Two ANGELS appear on either side of ANNA. MADGE walks up to Sam. The angels think it's you. SAM RUBY SANTA walks with bad limp. Sam: The Carrigans lived in Seattle, last year, where two abductions took place right around Christmas. BOBBY Why make wreaths out of it? You think she'd be happy you using her as an excuse? All I know we're gotta check them out. (Throws the Barbie onto the ground). MARY God! You can't do it. It's just that, uh… well, you know, Mr. Gung Ho Christmas might have to blow away Santa. SAM I thought you were on call for angel duty. What are we looking for, again? RUBY makes her escape. Sam: (Doesn't answer) Here, uh, try the eggnog. MADGE: You were? Yeah? You and me both. SAM I don't know. Sam: Same as the last time you asked. SAM Shut up! I'm sorry you're hurting. Sam don't wanna be found, which means he's gonna be damn near impossible to find. (Gives Dean something out of his pocket), Dean: A tooth? SAM That was Lilith? Not yours. O-or – or demanded a ransom? I can't. Dean is sharpening a wooden stake, while Sam uses the laptop. ELFIN looks at Dean, who shakes his head. How could you do this to me? Where was this? How will we pass the time? Hey, listen. DEAN SHOPKEEPER: Madge Carrigan, a local lady. MADGE: Why, the smell, of course! Or are you so busy being self-righteous you forgot about her? You quit hunting. It might have been made of, uh… meadowsweet? RUBY No. He's gonna kick your ass for reading that. Sam: That was ripple, I think. I just know, when all this is over...I hope we can fix things. DEAN Dean: Huh. HONEYMOON SUITE – NIGHT To Gods? What's up with Rufus? DEAN God prefers humans to angels. Sam. Sam and Dean are silent, knowing that this could be their last Christmas together. Oh, I hit a little close to home, huh? Dean: (Chuckles) Dad probably thinks you're a girl. BOBBY DEAN (Takes the gifts). Just don't involve me. He drives off. Uh, we were playing Jenga over at the Walshes' the other night, and, uh… well, he hasn't shut up since about this Christmas wreath, and (to Sam) I don't know, you tell him. (Sam reaches under the couch for two packages wrapped in newspaper, which he gives to Dean), Dean: (Surprised) Really? You're a monster. You don't know me. CASTIEL I get it now. Well, isn't that meadowsweet just the finest-smelling thing you ever smelled? DEAN That's Dad's! Dean: (Looks at the stake) Yeah, he's sure. You call me again, I'll kill you. A couple of hours. Dean, I can't. You stay here, ride the police databases. Can he do it? SAM DEAN Dean points his flashlight and finds bones covered with blood in a large bowl. Sam continues to hold out the gift. Cas, you saw him. MADGE: (Look grateful) You shouldn't have. DEAN They're just delicious. The point is, it's looking more and more like we're getting down to the final seal. DEAN (Sam sits on the couch and Dean pulls up a chair. He Chuckles and unwrap the gifts. He gets up. Seriously? Damn straight. F.D. SAM SAM Dean sighs in relief and runs his tongue around his teeth. SAM My gig. DEAN (He hangs up) Well… we're not dealing with the anti-Claus.

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