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We intervene also at specific departments level, such as flight operations, the logistic, maintenance and engineering departments enabling them to meet regulatory requirements. 1.3. In a world where pilots and mechanics are already scarce, it is crucial that we support our Customers in supplying and training the best crews for their operations" Training Services delivers Flight and Maintenance Training in over 18 locations worldwide, bringing the highest safety standards across the world. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) first developed the high level concepts starting with the initiation of the Special Committee on Future Air Navigation Systems in 1983. Since this time, other regions have initiated FIT groups. This method uses time-based procedures to keep aircraft separated. As a Services Airline Marketing Manager for the Middle East, South Asia and Africa based in Dubai, Alexandre helps to identify the pain points for customers in the region and finds services and solutions to support their needs. So, the improvement not only provides the airplane with a much more accurate position, it also provides an alert to the flight crew should the actual navigation performance not satisfy the required navigation performance (RNP). The voice quality of the connection is often poor, leading to repeated messages. Free, detailed aeronautical information, FBO services, hotels, and car rentals for online assistance in … Airnav runs on the following operating systems: Windows. The latest version of Airnav is currently unknown. Airbus Services has set-up a dedicated organisation to deliver Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) which consists of a range of solutions from component supply and repair to full airframe maintenance. “Having the opportunity to work with our Customers to design the Services of tomorrow that have the potential to impact their operations is truly an inspiration for me. Airbus Services was founded to deliver world leading integrated aviation services, creating value and enhancing customer performance. If market demand pushes airlines to operate at the same time on a given route, this can lead to airspace congestion, which is handled by delaying departures or separating the airplanes by altitude. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our In 1983, ICAO established the special committee on the Future Air Navigation System (FANS), charged with developing the operational concepts for the future of air traffic management (ATM). HF radio communication involves contacting an HF operator who then transcribes the message and sends it to the appropriate ATC service provider. Thibaut regularly meets and supports customers in person to share good practice and technical information. Smooth Entry-into-Service & Safe Operations, Consumables, Expendables and Standard Parts, Trolley for Removal / Installation of Galleys, Tool for Removal / Installation of Lavatories, Standard & supplementary provisioning documents, Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM), Maintenance Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Training, Maintenance Initial Refresh Training (IRT), Structure Part 145 Composite for Technicians Training, Digital Solutions for Aircraft Availability, AP/FD TCAS - Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Flight Operations Expertise and other Services, Camera based Video Surveillance System (CVMS), A faster solution with less than 3 seconds to open a document, Based on big data technologies to optimise solution reliability, “One stop shop” app for Technical Documentation access, An easy and ready-to-use solution with intuitive user experience, web-based ergonomics and a powerful search feature. Boeing also extended the range of aircraft supported to include the Boeing 777 and 767. technical support services. Philippe's wish is that one day his three sons will fly on a zero emission Airbus aircraft, 100% on time and with the same on-board connectivity journey they are experiencing at home. A peer application exists on the ground for the air traffic controller. The most common release is 3.19.5, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. Today Airbus Consulting Services is made up of more than 25 consultants spread across the world and growing. Futherscripting errors may occur." I agree. This thread is locked. Co-designed with airline members of the Skywise community, Skywise Fleet Performance continously evolves to include aditional capabilities and cover a growing scope of use. The communications include air traffic control clearances, pilot requests and position reporting. The FANS concept involves improvements to Communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS). (Note: it can also characterize the potential errors in other navigation modes as well). An application was hosted on the airplane known as controller–pilot data link communications (CPDLC). AirbusWorld is the primary customer portal for Airbus aircraft operators and owners, MROs and airworthiness authorities. NOTAMs are issued by the DoD/FAA and will open in a separate window not controlled by AirNav. In the South Pacific, they are targeting 30/30 (this is 30 nmi (56 km) lateral and 30 nmi (56 km) in trail). The main standards describing the operation of ICAO compliant products are the ICAO Technical Manual, ICAO Docs 9705 and 9896, Eurocae ED-110B/RTCA DO-280B and Eurocae ED-120/RTCA DO-290.

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