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Additionally the rest bonus and scrap from Cursed Gates increases. Increases the length of Golden Horseshoe. These mythicals will all help future progression go more quickly and more consistently. Of course, life always gets in the way of super optimal runs, so usually I go a bit further, but that's fine. Increases the amount of mythstones you get from Prestige. Great guide. This is because the costs of the others are much higher (relative to Stone income) and the value of BT diminishes after 65. Increases the length of Berserker Potion. As such, I recommend the following once you are at stage 422: Ring: Lightning with rash, bounce, energy (start) or zap (end). Official subreddit for Almost A Hero, an incremental/rpg game for Android and iOS where a bunch of useless idiots embark on a quest to become slightly less useless heroes (and, maybe, save the world). (damage), Belly - Big Guy (lv5) or Big Guy, Toughness, Regeneration, etc (support) or Anger, Anger Management, Full Stomach, Bash, etc (damage), Lia - Tracker (support) or Multishot, Target Practice, etc (damage), Tam - Roar, Flare, 1 point in Mark and Crow Attack (lv5) or Roar, Flare, Mark, Frenzy, CotW, Instincts, etc (w/ LF), Lenny - Rotten Apple, etc (Support, lv5) or Rotten Apple, Nicest Killer, etc (Support w/ LF) or Bombard, Reloader, Constitution, Min! Regardless of strategy, I would say get all the stats you can because it'll allow you some flexibility. But it's expensive to max. Now this question is more meant to spark thought than me expecting you to know, but when it comes to rerolling your artifacts to max level, as in you have all mythicals maxed including perfect quasi, what's the best practice? This is why I recommend getting all your heros to legendary (5 stars). At about half the upgrade cost of the others. Boomer-Ring Variant: I tried this once, and it worked okay. Roll the next 3 artifacts with 5 unique stats. At 250-300m stones per run... that's 30-40 runs. Jim needs to be alive to watch others die. If all your heros are mythical, then there's nothing else to spend them on, but until then, it's best to be choosy. Belly + Sam (+Wendle) - Use both ults together for big damage, Bellys’ increases his base damage by 12x and Sam’s deals 3.5 times total Team damage every sec for 15s. If you have additional strategies that work well, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below. Uno - Power Hungry, Dark Ritual, Old Habits, Regret, Feeling Better, Reflective Wards, etc, Belly - Taunt, Big Guy, Toughen, Regen, Anger, etc, Nanna (Lv5) - Happy to Help (if Uno starts dying; level her to 17 and max 'Expert Love Lore'). Artifacts are used to power-up your stats so it is easier to reach farther stages in Adventure Mode and complete Time Challenges. Lenny + 4 underleveled heroes that stun (Hilt/V/Wendle/Tam/Belly/Sam/Boomer). At max level, it gives 1400% gold from enemies. Tam - For pushing, use most of the ults as follows: hilt, wait, tam, vexx, wendle. Repeat ad nauseam. Something I would like to add about Mines is that I would recommend leveling them evenly until they are both lvl 10-11 then if you are getting close to endgame (level 750+ speed runs) you'll realize myth stones aren't going to matter pretty soon. Turning off Rash is mandatory for most quests. The reason you level these 4 are for their effects. There is also a variation with Boomer/Belly for more stuns. Lenny - Rotten Apple, Bombard, Reloader, Nicest Killer, Constitution, Min! Uno - Uno, V, Vexx, Belly, Nanna - Level only Uno and Belly, use Uno's Ult on CD. After Stage 405, (Auto Tap) Earth ring with Starfall, (Recycle) and Spiritual runes + Wendle with Forgetful. Almost a Hero Guide: Tips & Cheats to Reach the End of... FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator’s Mobile Port is Available Now, Nintendo Switch Older Models Aren’t Gettin Replaced, Nintendo Confirms, Almost a Hero: Lia’s Archery Challenge Guide & Details, Almost a Hero: Best Team Setup to Reach the End Game Stages, Almost a Hero: Best Ring to Use in the Game. Don't spend 4 days pushing to get your 5th & 6th mythical as it won't help you be much stronger. Don’t forget to equip and upgrade trinkets. ie 20x gold if a hero kills 100% of an enemy, 10x gold if they deal 50% damage. Spend gems on Artifact Slots, then Runes (till Bounce) through Rune offers, then Flash deals for Scraps. You won't feel its effects until around level 45-55, depending on what else you had before your custom tailor journey. x AT x FE x GL x Mines x (Heros + Trinkets), Constant attention to the screen is required, and this takes a long while to complete, Time Warp + Waveclear Heroes, Skills, Ring, Boomer with 'Fuel them Up' and 'But Maybe'. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Focus on getting to 91 for 0 sec cooldown so it’s active when using ATs. When you have timewarp up, you'll notice you can use hero skills to push just a bit further than if all your heros were dead. Evolve deeply flawed and emotionally broken characters. Before 405 Wendle + Sam. Edit: Since this post Sharp Edge got heavy nerfs and Hilt fell out of favour. Hit points have minimal value for a ring strategy. This combo adds 20-50 attacks per sec and more then quadruples your base damage. Increases ring damage by a % of equipper’s damage, Increased Ability damage OR when shielded OR to stunned / slowed. If you're still maxing mines this image shows prefered farming gates. 1 Artifacts 2 Artifact Level 3 Core Bonuses Artifact 4 Unique Bonuses Artifact Normal artifacts can be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary. Auto taps required. This way, you can get close to stage 300 extremely fast, in maybe your first 10 minutes after a prestige. Currently i only have 3, Hilt, Vexx and the Fatty with a cannon. Two tips: Keep your gems (blue money) for artifact slots and learn the basics of the game and prestige mechanics before revisiting this guide. Got all my capped normal artifact stats after getting PQ to 25 but where should my progress come from now? If you don't get custom tailor early on, don't fret, this update is supposed to guarantee that you get it by your 9th mythical. It's a Vexx-focused team where she's pretty much the only one who's leveled and everyone else is underleveled. Tip #2 - Reroll your artifacts to make them stronger. I found this is too high for me right now, and rerolling to min-max my artifacts to have more commons has resulted in a lot of wasted mythstones. So i just ignore the top tree for the most of the run. No need to click. Rare and Epic chests give very little value but are not time locked. This is important to max because the last 4 levels give a ton of burst damage. This is currently the best Wendle/Hilt Ring trinket. And since we had no guide for the game, we’re here today to right the wrongs and share with you a complete Almost a Hero tips and cheats article, a complete guide that will help you from the early stages to the end game challenges, so that you get there faster than the rest. Lightning - Rash, Bounce, Daze. Let the ring take you 90% of the way through the run. (I stop using V when it becomes too expensive to level her, which is near to the end of the run, but her ult is great in the first 3/4ths for quick 20 second wave clears). It gives huge +HP and its’ power-up prevents your heroes from dying slow deaths and revives them faster. While inconsistent this does help, and can be boosted with BAR (not worth spending on). Tam’s Mark ability marks targets, and increases ring damage for one hit. This type of team is heavily focused on all types of damage – constant, passive damage, as well as ring damage and skill damage. Appropriately leveled, you'll be able to use a single time warp from the start and get to your optimal prestige point. At level 91, Auto Transmuter will let you use auto tap without disabling the gold boosting effect. Before leveling Mythicals make sure you have all cappable stats !! Lenny + Jim - Use 'Jim's Divided We Fall' to keep Lenny 'Well Fed'. For example, many people say that they have great success with bringing Bellylarf into their team, but I only have him at 1 star and currently there are better options out there. This Gog calculator sheet by u/Decompositionalmuse may be helpful. Decreases the amount of damage dealt by bosses. Level Vexx only. I recommend skipping 'Steal from bosses with V' and 'Miss with Redroh' unless you have the right trinkets. The 50% gold bonus from zap works on it too. Easiest combo to unlock and one of the highest damage. Bring Boomer for Attack speed and level Tam’s Frenzy. You will be melting everything for the first half of TW anyways. If you have neither, it's only fast, but not great at pushing. Increases the amount of Gold you get from Treasure Goblins Chest Waves. A full Ring team is based around Hilts' hero-based ring damage. You get the speed of the ring-strat, balanced with the depth of using hero ults. They are paused when you leave, so you can return whenever you want to continue playing them. V - Master Thief, City Thief, Hidden Daggers, Treasure Hunter, etc. The only times non-ring based teams are preferred are for those who are practically at the end of the game. Artifacts - When you get your artifacts, keep rerolling them to get them to higher quality points (QP) to make them stronger. No point trying to invent a strategy that doesn't work, only to regret spending the scraps on them. Free exploiterEffectively increases your gold, almost doubling it at max. Early on, I don’t think you should focus on rerolling too often, though. Save up for the 3-rune package for 1k gems if you needs runes. DO NOT level PQ/OC°, worry about Commons, rerolling or anything related to Regular artifacts until Big Reroll at 800+.

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