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He was born Alfred Pollack in Koblenz on October 20, 1916, in the middle of the First World War. "He was a little aloof. All rights reserved. But for directors everywhere he remained the "go-to" man for German officers and he accepted his fate. ABOVE – These two famous actors play out a scene on the Cable Car – Ironic that these two actors played their most famous parts on opposite sides to one another. -- 22:10, 19 October 2018 (UTC)Letters without Signatures. Having trained as an actor in Berlin and Vienna, Anton Diffring left his homeland in the late 1930s and went first to the US and then to Canada, where he was interned. Anton Diffring also worked in several international films, including François Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451 (1966). He was said to have died of cancer but in 2002 a fellow German actor claimed he died of Aids. Entertainment Focus is a trading name of Piñata Media Limited (Reg no: 08435639) Henry and Ethel Duckworth (Arthur Lowe and Mona Washbourne) take a cable-car trip in the Swiss Alps. He was of Jewish parentage and was gay – neither of which would have endeared him to the Nazi Regime in pre War Germany – so it is cruelly ironic that it seems he was to make his living – and  a very good living – out of playing  Nazi Officers  or such roles over so many years. There are moments of tension that director Sidney Hayers carefully builds up. There are no prizes for guessing what character he played. CIRCUS OF HORRORS is one of my fave fright films; we covered it in Scarlet Street #6, including interviews with scripter George Baxt, director Sidney Hayers, and star Erica Remberg. Today, we remember Diffring as a very fine actor whose place in cinematic history is assured: As the man who fled Hitler's Germany and became everyone's blue-eyed baddie. Other aspects of production are better achieved. Wherever there was casting for a War film, you can bet on it that Anton Diffring would be one of the first to be cast – and at the time, he would have no doubt as to the role he would be playing. The athleticism and stunts of the circus performers translate effectively to the screen. What is less well known is the remarkable story of one of the film's leading actors who had to flee the Nazis in real life. Diffring could play nasty, and his career as a character actor soared. Enthusiasts of the genre can enjoy lengthy featurettes presented by film critic Kim Newman and broadcaster Stuart Maconie. He moved to France and starred in a number of television series including the historical drama Flambards, for Yorkshire TV. There’s no suggestion of animal cruelty, and the substitution between real animals and men in furry costumes is jarring, and these days, unintentionally comical. Circus of Horrors is a 1960 British film from Anglo-Amalgamated Productions featuring the much-loved German actor Anton Diffring in the lead role as a … He is aided and abetted by Welsh actor Kenneth Griffith, who excelled in creepy roles, and his sister, played by Jane Hylton. This is an actor who was around through the late forties fifties and well into the 80s – mainly portraying German Officers in some memorable War Films – such as Where Eagles Dare – and before that Albert RN and The Colditz Story. In 1966, Diffring starred opposite Austrian actor Oskar Werner in François Truffaut's "Fahrenheit 451," a role that proved his mettle as more than just a character actor. Entertainment Focus uses affiliate links. Publicity Listings His final appearance came five years later in Doctor Who, in a special serial Silver Nemesis which marked the 25th anniversary of the BBC sci-fi programme. In 1958 he starred as Baron Viktor Frankenstein and in the cult classic The Beast Must Die, released in 1974, he helps his friend, a wealthy big-game hunter, to try to identify a werewolf from a group of invited guests. In 1968 Diffring left Britain to go to live in Italy, believing that it would help him get more non-Nazi roles. It was not the same off-screen. But he was always charming.". What was ironic about his typecasting as a Nazi is that Diffring, born in Koblenz, Germany, on October 20, 1916, fled Nazi Germany in 1939.He was the son of Bertha (Diffring) and Solomon/Samuel Pollack, a Jewish shop owner. Diffring admitted he had never watched Doctor Who before but had agreed to appear because the filming meant being in Britain at the time of the Wimbledon tennis championships, which he wanted to see. Anton Diffring Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest Anton Diffring photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums and blogs at Rotten Tomatoes! He had a Jewish background and he was gay. Botched facial reconstructions and crazy plastic surgeons with delusions of grandeur have been the stuff of horror movies since Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff starred together in The Raven. Getting past him was always a challenge for Allied soldiers. The great irony is that in Where Eagles Dare, as in many other films, the actor was himself playing a high-ranking Nazi. Anton Diffring enjoyed a highly successful career in British TV and film. He was 72 years old. Diffring was the lighthaired, steely-eyed German with the aristocratic looks and wonderfully clipped Teutonic accent who specialised in playing the most villainous – and sometimes not quite so villainous – Third Reich figures on screen and television. In one episode of The Edgar Wallace Mysteries, recently shown on the Talking Pictures TV Channel (Channel 81, Freeview), which shows a lot of the actor's work, Diffring played an ex-Nazi war criminal who has taken a new identity of Dr Leichner, who died in a concentration camp. Anton Diffring was a German-born actor whose classical features and imperious demeanor garnered him numerous roles as a Nazi military officer, landing him parts in war dramas throughout the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. Anton Diffring (20 October 1916 – 19 May 1989) was a German character actor known for his portrayal of German officers and aristocrats in many film and TV appearances. Anton Diffring was a character actor who worked continuously in motion pictures due to his aristocratic face and cool, clipped diction, making him ideal for typecasting in British and later American motion pictures as Nazis and other vile, despicable characters. 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Anton Diffring is the brother of the artist Jacqueline Diffring. 212 871 Where eagles dare, Major von Hapen vs Colonel Kramer Despite obvious allegiances to the Allied forces during wartime, Diffring, when he began his acting career in the '50s, was immediately typecast as a villainous Nazi officer, appearing as a haughty military taskmaster in such classic films as "The Blue Max" (1966), "Where Eagles Dare" (1968), and "Operation: Daybreak" (1975). Filmgoers must have been confused to see their favourite German fighting for the Allies. 81%, The Beast Must Die 1 / 3. Anton Diffring is the brother of the artist Jacqueline Diffring. Depending on which source you believe, he was either born Anton de Vient or Alfred Pollack, in Koblenz and, ironically given his forte for playing Teutonic villains, he actually fled Nazi Germany in 1939, having trained as an actor in both Berlin and Vienna. newspaper archive. Highest Rated: Anton's real surname was of course Pollack and he was born in Koblenz. According to an interview with German actor Arthur Brauss in 2002 at the Terrorverlag, AIDS was the true cause of Diffring's death. Car Along The Pass, is the first of seven stories in the Galton and Simpson Playhouse series. Prove it! Anthony "Anton" Rodgers (10 January 1933 – 1 December 2007) was an English actor and occasional director. You could say it wasn't really a proper Second World War film if Diffring didn't appear at some point to scare the living daylights out of us. It becomes his front for pursuing his nefarious medical procedures. Not sure of the part that Anton Diffring played here – looks to be one of the German tourists trapped in the Cable Car. When the Nazis consolidated their power in Germany Diffring had two reasons to be concerned. In Where Eagles Dare he was up against acting legends Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. Rossiter reinvents himself as Dr Schuler, and after an unfortunate incident with the original owner and a savage bear, he takes over a circus. Indiana Jones 5 Still Delayed – But Does the World Want an Adventurer Film? He excelled as Werner's nemesis, as he could create a mood or signal an entire story line with just a look; dialog didn't matter (he likely would have been a superstar in silent films, when it was "the faces" that mattered).Diffring tried to break out of those silken villain roles, moving to Rome in 1968, but producers turned to him again and again to fill their needs for a foreign heavy. Date of birth. His father was a Jewish store-owner, his mother a Christian.

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