are claire and kaia together

Although they spend no more than 24 hours together, Kaia trusts Claire enough to go through the portal to the Bad Place to rescue Sam and Dean. Charlie returns to Earth a year later, without Dorothy and without any indication that anything happened between them. If their relationship ever turned toward the romantic, one can imagine how differently things may have played out. After meeting Charlie Bradbury and learning that she is a lesbian in 7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Dean shows no reaction to her coming out besides being able to talk Charlie through flirting with a male security guard to Sam's great amusement. RELATED: Supernatural: 10 Demons That Are Stronger Than Angels. Had a few boyfriends. The Charlie Bradbury of the main world dies in season ten, but her counterpart of the apocalypse world, a world in which the Winchester brothers were never born and never stopped the apocalypse, appears and crosses over to the Winchesters' world three years later. This entry documents characters of gender and sexual diversity, and its portrayal on Supernatural. His vessel is a woman. This took place in season two, before the point in the show where monsters, like Garth and Crowley, could be considered friends and allies, and before they discovered the real cure in season twelve, so Sam reluctantly complies, but we know now that she could have safely survived if the two had met today. Castiel cares for Kelly as she lives out her final months, and the two grow to care for each other quite a bit. TV's Recent Death Toll Says Otherwise. Even after the psychic is blinded while helping Dean figure out who pulled him out of Hell, she still agrees to help the Winchesters on two occasions before her death in season six. In addition to Marnie, Crowley has also possessed Linda Tran briefly. He also often makes sexual remarks to Sam and Dean. with a "Why do you always want what you can't have?". Over the years, the characters of the show have gone through countless life-threatening situations, and the lives they live don't always make it easy to start passionate love affairs. The intent of the writers appears to be to show angels and demons possessing vessels of different genders, although this does involve a rather binary and cis view of gender. A number of characters have made jokes about both Dean and Sam being Castiel's "boyfriend." Kaia's death at the end of the episode hit Claire hard, and she vows to find Kaia's killer. In scenes where angels are in vessels of different gender than their original vessels, the show generally doesn't clarify the pronouns to be used. When they track her down again, realizing the cure did not work, they have no choice but to kill her. Some people on Twitter thought the hashtag was a homophobic slur. The episode was nominated for a GLAAD award for an outstanding individual episode in a series without a regular LGBT character in 2010. Amelia Rayne Kim started her writing endeavors in the glamorous world of fanfic. As Claire and Kaia travel to the Bad Place to rescue the Winchesters, Jody, Alex, Patience and Donna work together to kill several attacking monsters. Before she fell from Heaven, she was the commander of Castiel's garrison, and their interactions onscreen give the sense that they were friends, or as close to friends as angels could be before she fell. Some fans see Dean as coded as bisexual in the show's text. They compare scars, and flirt, and Kaia seems to be a person the ever-stoic Claire feels comfortable being vulnerable around. Charlie Bradbury a lesbian geek girl who becomes a hunter, is the only queer character to appear in multiple episodes, along with Crowley whose sexuality is probably best described as "complicated." At Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2012 when asked if Crowley was gay he said "I don’t think he cares. Claire and Kaia staring at each other |supernatural - YouTube He just likes making people uncomfortable. Naomi is an angel who is sort of a bad guy; Crowley is a demon who is sort of a good guy. For example both of Raphael's vessels may have identified as female, or nonbinary. Even if Dorothy were to return in future episodes, Charlie was killed in season ten, so the pair would still be left a loose end. When they believe they have cured her of lycanthropy, she and Sam spend a night together. Yeah, I had some girlfriends. While Dorothy has never stated a preference, Charlie has always been open about her sexuality, so it's easy enough to assume the two had at least a conversation about a relationship. 7 Claire & Kaia. This term refers to the concept that a TV show may intentionally imply a homoerotic tension between two characters with no intention of it being realized, purely to attract or satisfy viewers, particularly queer ones. At the point when the episode "My Heart Will Go On" takes place, they are each other's only love interests, aside from their late spouses. Supernatural gave us characters with superb chemistry that never had a chance to get together. A one-stop shop for all things video games. ", ‘Supernatural’s’ Robbie Thompson on Felicia Day and the Return of Charlie, "Well, You Are Kind of Butch": The Bisexuality of Dean Winchester, Pink and Satiny: An Exploration of Dean Winchester’s Bisexuality, Supernatural Fans Take Show to Task for 'Queer Baiting', Supernatural Needs to Admit Dean Is Bisexual, "The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean": Supernatural, Queer Readings, and the Romance of Incestuous Fan Fiction, from "Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures", Volume I, 2008, Supernatural Is the Best Gay Romance on TV That Isn't Actually Gay. The boys meet Madison on a hunt for a werewolf and discover that, unbeknownst to Madison, she is a werewolf herself. RELATED: Supernatural: The Strongest Angels, Ranked. In 11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, Crowley engages in an orgy while possessing the woman Marnie, waiting till after it was done to kill everyone in the house and call his demon minions to pick him up. For a list of these occurenacens see They're Brothers.

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