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Running directly west from the capitol is State Street, at the western end of which lie the grounds of the university of Wisconsin, occupying a hilly wooded tract of 300 acres, and extending for a mile along the south shore of Lake Mendota. A large and handsome building of white granite was begun in 1908 directly opposite the Capitol to accommodate the department of education and the magnificent state library (about 450,000 volumes). Examples of Capitol in a sentence Senators met at the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C. to discuss new laws. But Sixtus had no appreciation of antiquity: the columns of Trajan and Antoninus were made to serve as pedestals for the statues of SS Peter and Paul; the Minerva of the Capitol was converted into "Christian Rome"; the Septizonium of Severus was demolished for its building materials. Many GOPers thought he made the offer to protect himself from Republican opponents on, 2. The resulting four tracks pleased Capitol, and they went ahead with the album. he had paraded the bust of Marius at his aunt's funeral; in 65 B.C., as curule aedile, he restored the trophies of Marius to their place on the Capitol; in 64 B.C., as president of the murder commission, he brought three of Sulla's executioners to trial, and in 63 B.C. Digestive Disease National Coalition. W Story) in the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution, of John Marshall (by Story) on the west terrace of the Capitol, of General Andrew Jackson (by Clark Mills) and, in Lafayette Square, of the Marquis de Lafayette (by Falguiere and Mercie), of the Comte de Rochambeau (by F. of Washington, occupied the city and burned the Capitol, the President's House, some of the public offices, and the Navy Yard. 6. Instead of this the mall extends from the Capitol to Washington Monument, which stands near the intersection of lines west from the Capitol and south from the White House. Among the principal buildings are the capitol, modelled after the National Capitol at Washington; the United States government building, the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, the Union Pacific depot, the high school, the Carnegie library, St Mary's cathedral (Roman Catholic), the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, the Masonic Temple and the Elks' clubhouse. The university, organized in 1847, and occupying the old State Capitol grounds, is an integral part of the public school system of the state, and is under the control of a board of regents, consisting of the governor, the superintendent of public instruction and eleven members, elected - one from each congressional district - by the General Assembly. 2. Currently, the mood on Capitol Hill seems very partisan, with each party criticizing the other's proposal. Lucius II., when called upon to renounce all his regalian rights, fell mortally wounded in an attempt to drive the autonomists by force from the Capitol (1145). Rome thus lay at his mercy, but he wasted time, and the Romans were able to occupy and provision the Capitol (though they had not sufficient forces to defend their walls) and to send their women and children to Veii. A second album for Capitol tried to turn back to her earlier sound, but Phair was unable to convince many of her old fans. Chest French designed the statue. 2, Missile attacks on the capital resumed at dawn. Short Example Sentence for Capitol . In the Capitol are the library (about 6000 volumes) and natural history collections of the Kansas Academy of Science, and the library (30,000 books, 94,000 pamphlets and 28,500 manuscripts) and collections of the Kansas State Historical Society, which publishes Kansas Historical Collections (1875 sqq.) The pre-show exhibit also includes a bronze replica of the 1964 sculpt of Abraham Lincoln's head, as well as a model of the U.S. Capitol building. The state capitol stands in a square 8 acres in extent, and has a central tower and dome 240 ft. Luku!u A Longitude E.ust of Capitol Pygmy Forest (from the races inhabiting it), the Aruwimi or Ituri Forest (from the rivers traversing it), the Stanley Forest (from its discoverer), or the Great Congo Forest.

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