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Article by Kirrily Graham. Music and swimming lessons are currently being added to this long list. Her story is even the stuff of films, two now actually; last year's biopic Noble and Ciarín Scott's documentary, In A House that Ceased to Be, released this week. “There’s a scene in the film where I sing a song in a bar and afterwards the barman told me Christina used to sing in that same bar 20 years ago. The story of Christina Noble, whose memories of her poverty-ridden childhood in Dublin inspired her to help thousands of children in Vietnam, is now the subject of a major movie. "You need help, long term, proper help. The musician was apparently searched by … Affectionately known as ‘Mama Tina’, Christina has become one of the most inspirational Irish female crusaders of our time. Christina Noble, center with baby, surrounded by children she has rescued from abandonment. In 1997, Christina expanded CNCF’s operations into Mongolia, where it put in place prison education programmes, healthcare projects, sponsorship schemes for children and revolving loan systems. By Sharon Ní Chonchúir, ContributorJune / July 2015. Whittling Christina’s eventful life down to a manageable screenplay was the colossal task facing Deirdre’s husband Stephen. Christina Noble emerged from a tough upbringing and a turbulent marriage to start a foundation that works with children in southeast Asia. The Emmy award-winning actress, 41, was previously married to actor Johnathan Schaech but they split in 2007. This is where she met and married her husband and had three children, Helenita, Nicolas and Androula. Christina Noble had a traumatic childhood in the Dublin slums in the 1950s. As an adult, she has used her own harsh experience to transform the lives of impoverished children around the world This is a well kept secret that needs to be shared, particularly with those in need of such inspiration. She fell pregnant and had a son, Tomas who was forcibly given up for adoption. I think her story is also important for those who are down on their luck. I just didn’t realize it.”, It was the combination of Christina’s story and the strength and warmth of her character that intrigued Deirdre. At the age of 18, she went to England and soon got married. Deirdre portrays Christina as she embarks on her new life in Vietnam, and it’s a role she clearly loved playing. Above the children was a white light and the word ‘Vietnam.’”, At that time, Christina wouldn’t have been able to find Vietnam on a map but 18 years later, in 1989 after her marriage ended, she decided to visit the country. 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The CNCF aims to set the children up for life, as Christina believes that childhood is the pathway to your future, the foundation of life, and that’s why she calls her organisation a foundation and not a charity. “He was injured in a boxing match and was left with permanent ringing of the ears. At the age of 18, she went to England and soon got married. years after she had her dream, Christina realised her prophetic vision. BRAVO! I had anticipated someone akin to Mother Teresa dressed in a simple cotton sari, but the woman who greets me in the foyer of Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel is wearing a fluorescent pink fluffy jacket, and her peroxide blonde hair is pulled back off her face into a messy bun. I read it every day for four months and listened to recordings of her voice using my headphones so I could get her accent.”. Noble, which opened across the U.S. on May 8 to good reviews, won the Panavision Spirit Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and prizes at Dallas, Nashville, San Diego and Newport Beach. ", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. She spent four years in an industrial school run by nuns in the west of Ireland, eventually escaping to Dublin, where she slept rough in a hole in the ground she dug for herself in Phoenix Park. “My mother was from the country and was very particular. She had just returned from New York where she had been given the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Award. Those incarcerated need to see Christina’s story of success inspite of what seem insurmountable odds, as a source of hope and inspiration that they can turn their own lives around and perhaps make a difference in their own world. She’s not fuckin’ dead.’ And I blew up her nose. She said: "You could say that wasn't fair to the people on the platform but at that time you're not thinking like that anymore.". Christina Noble in Vietnam with some of the children in her care in an undated photograph. She tells me of growing up in the Dublin tenements of the 1940s. Philanthropist & Children's rights activist. Deirdre plays the older Christina, and Sarah Greene, the Cork-born actress best known for her recurring role as Sarah in the television series Vikings, plays her as a young woman. Noble also stars Brendan Boyle (who plays John Bates, the valet in Downton Abbey) as Gerry Shaw, the businessman who helps Christina fund her project, and Liam Cunningham (best known as Ser Davos Seaworth, the former smuggler in Game of Thrones) as Christina’s father. Questioning: According to onlookers, a paparazzo got a little too close for comfort while the musician and his actress wife were at a birthday party, Backed up: The star, who wed Christina back in February was subjected to a search. She is now the subject of a new movie called "Noble" starring Deirdre O'Kane. It shows us how she set up the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and how it runs various shelters, medical centers, educational scholarships, and other schemes that have transformed the lives of approximately one million children in Vietnam and, since 1997, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, too. “Everywhere I go, I get people to join me in a song.”, The young Christina also found solace in her faith. Refresh and try again. I felt it was divined.”, Getting permission was merely the beginning of the process. And he came and put me under his wing. The rest of us just live in it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Christina Noble is the founder and driving force behind the Christina Noble Foundation. Freedom, art, computing. “I loved God and Jesus so much. O’Kane was struck by Christina’s story many years ago. The comments below have not been moderated. Published: 07:31 GMT, 14 October 2013 | Updated: 14:18 GMT, 14 October 2013. “Christina has had her trust in people shaken a lot, but I knew we were the right people to make the film. It shows us how she set up the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and how it runs various shelters, medical centers, educational scholarships, and other schemes that have transformed the lives of approximately one million children in Vietnam and, since 1997, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, too. According to an onlooker, Martyn was out attending a birthday party with actress Christina and their two-year-old daughter Sadie when the alleged incident happened. It's the easiest thing in the world. I didn’t know that. You can sleep with your wife but can't play tennis with her, boffins scare us with graphs then change... Airport beers are STILL on! One of the girls had a look in her eyes imploring me to take her to safety. “I used to cry and cry at the thought of Jesus being crucified,” she says. The young actors playing the childhood and teenage versions of Noble capably lay the groundwork for O’Kane to build upon. Two thousand. "I never thought about killing myself, I just thought, 'How can I sleep forever and not experience this anymore? That sort of thing kept happening throughout filming – there were so many people who had stories about Christina and what she’d done.”. Christina Noble, one of Ireland's most beloved charity founders, has opened up about her extraordinary life and her recovery from depression. I was exasperated at this stage and almost without thinking about it, I said I wanted to make a film about Christina. Sunday June 20 2004, 1.00am, The Sunday Times. “It was chaotic and constantly felt as though the wheels were going to come off the entire film because there is no infrastructure there,” says Deirdre. They're competing with the best of them.

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