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"Mockery isn't the product of a sound mind, Klark.". The brunette casually flicked her fingers at Indra. "She said gritting her teeth, finally coming to the inevitable conclusion as she watched the grounder prisoners coming out of the door. "Of course," she murmured, "something smaller. "I did what I had to for my people, Clarke." The next clan leader to arrive was Kane. "Can't wait, Lexa. Lexa interrupted Clarke's movement. "Get on my back.". Trees growing next to bricks and stones stacked against metal. Lexa asked, genuine curiosity in her voice. "Come. Your review has been posted. No one on the arc has ever seen an alpha or omega that wasn't under the effects of the implant, to the point that almost none of the residents of the arc even know what alphas and omegas are. "We'll make sure she is here the next time the coalition is called to assemble." "Yes My Heda." Not on the ground. Her voice trailed off, as she wondered how she was going to teach Clarke to ride. I don't want you wetting yourself again because you get so riled up you can't even control your bladder!" Now was not the time. Lexa ordered sternly, throwing Clarke directly into subspace causing Clarke to whimper and hold tight to her alpha's leg , bowing her head in submission. "Come on, we don't have time to argue." The sky girl was now standing behind the door waiting for Lexa to place herself by her side. Lexa!" "Uugh mmmph!" She was a leader of thousands and could not place her priority before those who depended on her and thus, willing herself to stay strong, she looked into Clarke's blue, cold eyes and whispered. "Mhmm so cute!" Lexa warned feeling Clarke flush with even more arousal. Lincoln, Octavia, Indra and some others were there. They both bled to death in front of me. Lexa said decisively. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (12), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (6), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Maya Vie/Ontari/Original Female Character, These Emotions in my Head, These Thoughts on my Heart, couldn't decide how much I wanted to change, the focus is on their bond more than their interactions, and you can just picture the shenanigans that will happen, probably season 4 but I never watched just heard about it so don't actually know, My inspiration just takes me places sometimes, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, This gets really filthy I'm not gonna lie, Might be based on some real life experiences, or at least she's alive with the intent of surviving the story, Clarke Griffin/Lexa/Original Female Character(s). "Oh I had almost forgotten!" "My Heda, I've been waiting for you, there are some matters we must address!" ", "I accept your proposition, Clarke of the sky people. I do not have all day." Did you just threaten me?" 'And she wants to see Costia. "I don't think so." The blonde ran back to help the brunette. She closed her eyes and whispered. "Heda." ", Lexa knew why she put this condition. However, she was not scared to sacrifice some, if needed, to save many. "Titus!" She is steady and strong. The ponies are smaller and will be easier for her in her training.". The compass on your wrist will always point you to them, no matter where they are. She clasped the hand gently and squeezed. You still try every now and then. For 10 years she has been madly in love with both of them. I want to stay by my alpha's side! Clarke them sniffed around. Bellamy spoke, not ready to leave Clarke's side. And I hurt, Lexa! She wasn't able to calculate the time, not anymore, it was cold, she was cold, and afraid Lexa was too, she wanted to stop but she knew she was close to Ton DC. Indra barked. Immediately the questioning look was replaced by a look of understanding, but that lasted only for a very brief moment. "Now we feast!" She briefly closed her eyes, enjoying the brief moment of respite, basking in the gentle warmth of his nickering. Clarke Griffin/Lexa; Clarke Griffin; Lexa (The 100) Raven Reyes; Finn Collins; Octavia Blake; Wells Jaha; Anya (The 100) Costia (The 100) Lincoln (The 100) Alternate Universe; Lesbian Sex; Explicit Sexual Content; Explicit Language; Bisexual Clarke Griffin; Modern Setting Clarke Griffin/Lexa; Summary. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Clarke threw her head back and speed up her fingers movement at her slit. She was standing next to a paddock that contained four horses of varying shades of color and temperament. "I need to look at your leg, can you relax for a bit?". A hollow forming the corner of a triangle. "Wait," Shouted Clarke. She knew Clarke thought the same of Lexa, despite knowing her ways, that Lexa would have done the same thing- put her heart before her head. "M- more!" I will ride one of these," she gestured at the horses, "monsters," she said with ill-concealed grace. Clarke shut the little entrance and started running away with the commander. "Call together the coalition, and ready Clarke's chains and collar and a brand of my symbol." Clarke pulled away from Lexa's mouth, licked her lips a little and smiled warmly as Lexa moved forward to recapture them, eyes closed and lost in the feeling. But those were all her internal feelings. Lexa asked taking Clarke's hands in her own as they stood in front of the coalition. "Mhmm but heda , I am your obedient slave!" Not that one!" The blonde had been reduced almost to tears when Lexa had lost her stoic calm and snapped at Clarke the third time the saddle had shifted and slid to the ground with a resounding thump. "You don't need to suffer more than you already are, that's all, if you relax I'll be able to have a better look at your wound," Clarke knelt and gently took Lexa's leg, laying it on her knee. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "I don't know why this is necessary. Moisture glittered in Clarke's eyes. Titus urged. The brunette arched an eyebrow at the blonde, waiting for her to approach with Runyon. Lexa remained quiet as she watched Clarke contemplating something. She growled low in her throat, feeling the rumble tremble in her chest. Ready to go?" I am a leader, I can't feel anything." She made a part of Lexa come out not even Lexa knew existed. "I'm fine , just a little weak." Indra raised an eyebrow at the uncharacteristic dejection in her Heda's voice. Clarke said irritated. "Well spoken, Clarke of the sky people. Lexa rested a calming hand onto Clarke's head soothing her. She ached and burned, but each time Clarke hastily drew back with wet, bruised lips. AN: I was devastated after watching the latest "the 100" episode. There was nothing she could do to help the Heda with this particular issue, but perhaps she could help her teach Clarke to ride the horses. "What's wrong with my mom?" Lexa nodded. Lexa quickly stood by Clarke's side kissing the redness of her cheek. She had felt Lexa's gaze ripple across her skin, leaving behind a trail of goose bumps. She sighed under her breath. "Clarke, wait." Some chemistry happens too. Her eyes fluttered shut, and she felt the weariness settle into her bones. From Jessica: Glad you liked it, not sure if that will return or not :? She eyed the Heda, noting the flushed cheeks and sparking eyes. So Lexa decides to teach her how to ride something...smaller. While walking to the door her last words were, "It made me understand how you felt when you broke the alliance, Commander. Lexa and her General stepped through the doors with their swords held high, ready to strike at any one who dared to harm Clarke. They are extremely intelligent, and they know their way through these woods as well as any warrior. "Because I have my armor on," Lexa said, "There are many zippers to unzip, and buttons to unbutton, it would take some time.". Lexa placed a hand on Clarke's head and pushed down to force the weaker omega to her knees. Lexa dismissed Indra who bowed and left. "No it didn't. Lexa paused to gesture towards Clarke. Lexa explained as she sat down at her throne. Heda meant Commander and Lexa was indeed a commander of 50 states at one point in time. Using Heda because Clarke was the commander of all 50 states now. Until the they find her. "In return, we will not attack you." Lexa sighed quietly and patted the big gray, leaning her shoulder into the bottom of the horse's shoulder as the gray turned its head and snuffled at her hair, casually blowing air in her face. That moment when Clarke was too close, the air too hot and their lips about to meet. "Good, follow me." "You kinky little slut!" Lexa barked grabbing at her sword. "Good girl. She cared about each and every life when it came down to her people. Clarke pleaded. You never tell the wise woman, but you think she knows as she teaches you to read the big dusty tomes you’ve been caring for for years. She felt the warmth in her belly grow as she remembered gazing at the pink lips, remembering how they felt against hers; the silk plumpness that fit perfectly against her own. "Are you ready for the ceremony?" "Mhmm Lexaa don't tease me like that unless you are going to knot me again!" Lexa immediately began to run her hands calming over Clarke's back and side accompanied with calming pheromones. There is no reason to be afraid.". But sometimes…sometimes Clarke looked at her like she was waiting, expecting Lexa to not step away, to not let go of her. Not if you had honored our alliance and treated my people like yours." "You Clarke kom Skai kru , will forever be my beloved omega and my slave. She flicked her gaze over at Runyon who eyed her for a brief moment, and then made a point of turning her large back to the commander and swished her tail at her. Lexa asked cautiously. The Woods Family are wild and epic. Lexa asked the coalition to a silent response. "Oh , my little slut omega likes it when I call her a dirty , kinky little slut?" "Uugh! Come." "Yes girl, your mother will be fine." Titus insisted. The blonde carried her to an empty cage. Allow them to come. The third of a triangle, formed in the absence of the shape. "Oh Clarke! The Clextia ABO fic one person in particular asked me for. "Ok. Fine. Indra refrained from rolling her eyes. It was indeed the most sacred of all the locations within the capital. "Thank you." Nikita 228,642 views. The commander unzipped it, she had only a bra under it, now she regretted not putting that stupid shirt this morning just because she was feeling hot. Lexa offered as she headed off to her closet to grab Clarke some clothes.

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