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Management is production oriented based on high quality and quantity. Worked P Walls setting was a great job with great co workers and good benefits. Rate your employer to help people make better career decisions. The pay is low, but the hours are good. 179. Ratings by category. Worked P Walls assembiling sheet rock on the frames. Fast pace hard work but fun at the same time just watch your back at all times cause you never know when something is going to happen. I learned a lot with building houses and using power tools but the conditions were just lacking, not at all unsafe or hazardous, just low paying for the hard work it demanded. I was a general employee for the first year, then became a tam lead, then moved to being an utility/trainer. Discover the current jobs and careers available at Clayton Homes corporate, our home building facilities, and our retail home centers. It was not an easy job, but fulfilling in many ways. ... Clayton Homes Reviews by Job Title. This job is not for the weak. Our community is ready to answer. You work in an enclosed building with only exhaust fans, very hot during the summer. Our community is ready to answer. Rate your employer to help people make better career decisions. 121. Great Benefits, Good pay, consistent hours and good people. Strict attendance policy, but not hard to accomplish. The company made a lot of great changes and made the plant more ergonomically sutiable for its employees. Fast paced, intense work environment, but good people and good pay for the area. © 2020 CMH Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I learned something new all the time and what It really takes to work as a team. 2. Most managers seem to be disconnected on how long things take to build and rely more on their paperwork than the actual time it takes to build thee homes but over all it is a positive place to work. Clayton homes is a good opportunity for hard working people that need a job asap. Good place to work if you dont have a family, It's a good job just don't get paid enough money to deal with that. How long is the interview process? Management could be better and advancement is based on popularity. Drama filled enviroment, office staff very likable,warehouse people a little more difficult,point system is a little impossible . Find your next dream job at Clayton Homes. If you need structure this job will work for you. You are basically locked in once you clock in, you can't leave or even go to your car until you clock out. 5. Good place to work, everyone is really friendly and helpful. Based on 553 reviews. the vacation given when they want us to take it and has nothing to do with time worked. It's a good place to work butt I need to get more money I would love to stay with a job and move up in it but it don't seem like you would do anything like that it seems like you upset they're stuck in one spot maybe nothing, One break in the morning and lunch time no more breaks not state law, The people are nice but that don't pay the bills. All. The training is adequate. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Clayton Homes. Good place to work if you dont have a family, It's a good job just don't get paid enough money to deal with that. It's hard work, but the pay is ok if you don't have kids. 3.5. We’re constantly seeking ambitious candidates who are eager to learn and looking to build a career with us. But although the learning curve can be steep, once you finally get it down its a pretty easy job, and it can be very rewarding. Ask a Question. team profit sharing, alot of paid vacation. Strict attendance policy, but not hard to accomplish. The bosses are all pretty cool but the pay isnt really worth it until you get in to a supervising position. What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Clayton Homes? Just always be on time and don't miss work and you will be fine. Overrides your action to maintain your team , Micro Manage, I was very fooled by this. The company was ok but still needed improvement in certain areas such as management, safety, and conditions. ... Clayton Homes Employee Reviews in Bonham, TX. Great pay, Great benefits and mostly great people. Supervisors don't communicate with employees. Bonham, TX 22 reviews. See more Clayton Homes reviews by location. The work is strenuous and repetitive. It gives you a great start into the construction world. Only 2 weeks within me being there, it was terrible, and everyone there was telling me I was fine and that I was faking the limp, but my ankle and foot were swollen, and bruised, I couldn’t even wear a shoe and they wouldn’t take me to the dr till a day or two later. The work is hard but the days go by quickly and I love the people I work with.

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