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Clarke instantly responded to Lexa's anger with her own aggression. Clarke was forced to tilt her head back because the commander towered over her so greatly. Lexa sighed in relief and snaked her arms across Clarke's back. ", Clarke chuckled and guessed, "Makes for difficult travel." "I own looser pants," Lexa informed, "But they are in Polis because I haven't been in a rut in five years.". Gradually her scan ended with the armory, which triggered a thought. "Costia dies, and you give up." Monty's constant faith in her eased the blow to her heart. She was still basking in the after effects of the orgasm. Soon they were seated together at a quiet meal. He moved in closer and insisted, "You're forgiven. Together, they reached for the thick membrane that was a part of what made Lexa a ruusen Alpha. She took a step forward for each of his steps backwards into the home. "Did it help with your pain?" "I really said that.". She sighed and went to the nearly dying fire. "Can wait a few minutes," Lexa cut off. She savored the build up in Lexa, and she knew it was close. "Have you seen Lincoln or Indra yet?" "Stay on the horse," she ordered Raven. With her hand, she tried scrubbing the blush off her face. "We'll be slow and keep it private for now." Clarke smirked at his unspoken challenge. Abby knew what her daughter had done to save their people and even the grounders. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. The first smell of food made Clarke's stomach happily rumble. I cannot be yours when I am already my people's. Her heart thrummed against her heavy chest. She slowed when a grounder came towards them. "You're not coming with us. Clarke hoped it was a better sign than how it sounded to her. She looked into glossy blue eyes that burned into her spirit. Raven asked. "Why are you going?" He had impatiently waited at the gates for the group to arrive from Mount Weather. She went to the left and again continued looking for Ryder. Lexa clawed the underside of the sofa. He was at a loss and wondered if there was a way to free Clarke. She smiled, devilishly at the commander's glare. She took a deep breath and argued, "That is not the answer." 12/4/2018 c11 swtid77 "Os," Anya replied. "I think we'll need your help.". She was relieved and thankful that Jasper had managed to get the suite for Maya in time. After her ride with Anya, she had limped to the training field and found the commander practicing with various warriors. She stiffened when a snarl filled her ear. "But you have to leave for the night." clexa runaways karolina dean clarke griffin lexa the 100 lexa kom trikru lexa x clarke clarke x lexa clexa fanfiction clexa fanfic clexa au clexa family clexa kids marvels runaways karolina x nico nico minoru deanoru lucy in the sky l.s.d. "Further north." She relaxed when Lexa's own hand brushed against hers. However, she softened inwardly at the slight smile from Clarke. Beautiful Clexa moments A Business of the Heart: very very cute. She countered Lexa's growl with a threatening glare. However, Lexa ignored a seat and stood opposite from Clarke, behind the other chair. For a second, Raven stared oddly at the general. She was overwhelmed by what she smelled around the Skaikru leader. Clarke was relieved but asked, "Where can we take our horses?" She realized he was after Maya and hastily inserted herself between Maya and the warrior. Clarke's scent continued singing to Lexa, and the agonizing throb between her legs pulsed harder. To emphasize her point, she gently tugged on Lexa's hard cock. "She took me to this plateau that overlooked the mountain range." The darkness under Lexa's eyes were telling. The walk up to Lexa's tent was slow due to Raven's injury. She shook away the fuzziness in her head and heard Octavia call out something else but it was in Trigedasleng. Copyright: I do not own The 100 or certain characters but the plot is all mine. brownbbg: "If we can," she hastily added. She turned her head sidelong. She nodded at Lexa then hastened across the short distance in the busy room. "And Maya?" For the third time, Ryder had Clarke's gun pointed at him. She indicated her body, which was different from anything Clarke knew. "Abby may be a great doctor, but she sucks at the chancellor part." She slid her hand up and down the solid length of Lexa's cock. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. There was nothing good in Cage's heart, only selfish needs. "Jok, Klark," Lexa growled between clenched teeth. Chapter 1"Mom," Clarke rasped. Clarke weighed her mother's words. "Because it really sounds like another war. "I have been down this path and it put Costia in an early grave!" Lexa's single word thundered in her ears. Closer to daylight, the nightmares attacked her and jerked her awake with a low cry. "Once you lay down," she softly compromised. Lexa turned until she was able to sprawl along the sofa's length. She hastily climbed out of bed and gathered her wits. Wick checked. "Will you be staying long?". Bellamy stepped in front of his friend. She growled hard and bared her teeth when heat swelled up into her chest. Clarke had a slight smile. "Just act natural," Clarke offered. However, her dark eyes slotted at the familiar scene before her. Lexa doubted her answer would free Clarke from the guilt, but it would make it easier. "Just promise me you'll try to sleep. "Two or three nights," Clarke replied. She huffed and emphasized, "It was." "Heda," Ryder called, "Klark kom Skaikru hir." With a shrug, Clarke walked down the street with searching eyes. She blinked against the formed tears in her eyes. Once she was sure everybody was ready to travel, she led the group out of the room. "It is Lexa's decision. It would also give her a chance to have warriors hunt down Cage Wallace. She noticed Raven's strain from the walk up to the tent. Lexa blinked and cut her eyes to the beautiful features above her. "Bring them in," Lexa ordered. She went directly to the commander, who stood near the grounder warriors. After Abby was in bed, Clarke slipped into the small bathroom of their quarters. Anya barred her teeth and growled low. Clarke was surprised by the amount of pressure she could apply. Bellamy wished he could break through Clarke's guilt. Lexa clenched her jaw when her Alpha happily preened at the news. She reached behind and fingered her handgun. She bit her lower lip because it was obvious that Lexa was thicker than male humans. ", Lexa gave a soft chuff and started sitting up. "I tried to be the good guy. Lexa turned on her heels to the right and looked at the entrance to the room. Crime bosses and Clexa. Very much, she silently added. Stephanie Brown: Loving the way everyone is ties together, Victoria Bravery: The imagery is v gud am loving it. She softened at seeing the resolve in Clarke's eyes. Deep in her spirit, she knew Lexa would hold her until the end of their time. And Dante Wallace was dead at her feet. "No… no you're right." Anya grumbled at the look and merely stated, "We are not savages, and you are a guest.". All she needed was Lexa. "Anya is kidding." "Maybe there are no good guys.". But the pain, it drilled into her gut and made her heart work more. Clarke is an Alpha, and Clarke is pregnant. "I understand." Clarke remained quiet, but she looked from Lexa to the commander's former mentor. Lexa made no further comment and went into the back of the home. Comments: 113 Kudos: 775 Bookmarks: 76 … Clarke had only stayed by the training field for twenty minutes before she left with both concern and dismay. She lowered her head to Clarke. Like every Indian girl who had a dream to go to New York for further studies, my dream came true when from 200 students I was selected for the scholarship to study at New York University. Lexa focused on Clarke. She tried not worrying about compatibility issues. ", "They're the Blue Ridge Mountains," Lexa answered. Raven narrowed her eyes. "Beja, Leksa." "If you stay any longer," Lexa murmured huskily, "I will mate you." She hoped Anya survived Lexa's earful about it. ", Jasper nodded. Clarke turned to Raven and suggested, "You should sit.". Forum. "I need to find out where we stand with the grounders… now that the war is over.". "And I am not your weakness.". ", Abby swallowed and saw the pain burrowed deep in Clarke. They were different races with different anatomy and needs. Lexa tore the kiss to an end and lifted her head slightly, for distance. She started slowing down, nearly certain Lexa was done. She nuzzled Clarke's cheek and deeply inhaled Clarke's distinct scent. Unable to add item to List. She swallowed down her next growl at the passion in Clarke's eyes. Earlier, she was positive that she would have lost her mom. "It's okay to enjoy this." Such thoughts made her consider Clarke's leg. Love the story line just wish it had been a little longer, Victoria Bravery: Raven peered up at Anya and realized just how much taller the general was compared to her. She hesitated, for a heartbeat. "Goch emo kom maun op.". She lost her angry features when she smelled a distraught air from Clarke. She cupped her hands against Lexa's flushed cheek. Also referring to a blooming flower symbolizing love, my parents named me Rose. A very soft growl shook in the back of her throat. "Better? "I know," Lexa assured. For just a second, she wanted to speak to Clarke, alone. And Clarke fears true peace goes against the grounders' very DNA, including Lexa. "I tried," Clarke confessed. "Can we leave in an hour? Not your typical love drama. "Wanheda," Clarke cut in. Her mind was less fuzzy than the start of her rut days ago. Eventually Clarke collapsed in her bed without any light.

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