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Winchester Supernatural Supernatural Quotes My Crazy Jensen Ackles On Set It Cast Pie Fandoms Feelings. Cargo. Other. Castiel: It's a special group for people who do not play sports. Funny Height Challenge Pictures. i'll share some Dean's wisdom too :D Your girlfriend is past her expiration date and we're crazy. As he eats he looks around the room and notices all the pie. Have you tried bacon? Mason Romero: So? Castiel: And then... Sleep until the cows come home. Sam Winchester: The Internet is more than just naked people. Sam Winchester: Uh, it's really not. He agrees that was the case, till he saw the pie. Jack: Castiel's right. In a later episode, Dean relives a memory with his mom, and she offers to make him pie. Favorite Quotes. He tells her to put a rain check on the pie as he leaves. Donatello Redfield: What? Club. It became one of the more lighthearted parts of his character, and would be joked about by fans, and mentioned in many fics. Dean Winchester: And the wife. Dean's love of pie, was first shown in the season 1 episode, Scarecrow. He said you were, uh, really happy. Dean Winchester: That's not the... Never mind. Nobody bought it. And for the longest time, I blamed Dad. And I'm good with who I am. Mary Winchester: Even as a baby. Here are just twelve of his famous one-liners, enjoy! Photos. Would we be better off? He did forget the pie. Dean Winchester (to Sam): We've been through some tough times. It's 24th of January and this One shot is for The one and only pie loving, burger eating, Impala driving, ;Winchester, Dean Winchester Add to library 168 Discussion 9 Supernatural Imagines © 2020 Scattered Quotes | ABOUT | PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS AND CONDITIONS | DMCA | AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER. See, that one I knew. Photography. Dean calls when he goes to get the pie, and Sam sarcastically replies that he's never forgotten the pie. When Dean is tied to a tree for a sacrifice, he yells that he hopes the pie was worth it. But here's the problem. Kim Manners. I like bacon. Character But you're not standing alone. Pie Status of Relationship DeanPie is the cargoship between Dean Winchester and Pie from the Supernatural fandom. Sam Winchester: No. 1. Type (?) Imagine the lives you could save. Jack: Was he always like this? In Supernatural Pie is often used as a metaphor for a normal life, something that Dean doesn't have exactly. Who does that make us? I'm a Prophet of the Lord, but he... Jack's probably the most powerful being in the universe. Dean tells her that it's incredible. Donatello Redfield: I suppose the first question we must ask ourselves is, what is a soul? Dean Winchester: Maybe you're not his type. Dean Winchester: So, what's the verdict? Jack Kline: I'm trying different foods for the snake. Canonical? When Sam comes back with the food, there is no pie. One of the facets of Dean's character that most fans picked up on was his never ending love of pie. It's your..uh..grief counselors..we've come to hug!

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