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Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris and the DCSD COVID-19 Task Force presented a tentative schedule and plan to start phasing back into face-to-face learning during a Sept. 14 DeKalb County Board of Education meeting. During the meeting, Watson-Harris and the COVID-19 Task Force presented the safety precautions that will be in place when students and teachers return to the building, which are available here. Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours? Framework for Safe, Efficient and Equitable Return to School Chart . Maintain Edgenuity coursework and login daily if assigned. It is based on the most up-to-date public health recommendations given the evidence to date. Last year’s pacing guide will be assessed to determine which standards per content and grade level were not taught during the COVID-19 school closure. Attendance will be taken daily using Go Guardian which allows attendance to be time stamped digitally. Google meet can be utilized during small group settings to provide informal feedback and instructional feedback. Kirstie Young and her husband have a 6th grader at DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts and a 10th grader at Tucker High School. Skyward Student Database Management system is utilized for 2-way email communication among parents, teachers, and students. (TEAM rubric, Walk-Through Tool, CLASS rubric). This plan was developed using information from Center For Disease Control, Tennessee Department of Education, State and Local Health Departments and local Health Care professionals. II. The district says its phase plan is conservative and gradual because the safety and well-being of students and staff remain the priority. Students will be given daily and/or weekly due dates and are responsible for completing those assignments in a timely manner. Custodians will make sure soap dispensers are filled daily. An unexcused absence for remote learners means lack of work being submitted. If the COVID-19 cases in DeKalb County continue declining, DeKalb County School District officials anticipate starting the phased reopening of schools by … GMail is used as a 2-way communication between parents, students and teachers. If attendance policies are not followed, parents and/or legal guardians will receive notice to appear before the truancy review and support team. Service times for special education students will be the same for traditional and remote learners. Attendance will be taken daily using Go Guardian which allows attendance to be time stamped digitally. Students will also receive report cards at the end of each grading period and earn credit. Parents with questions related to their student’s individualized education plan may contact Shea Hennessee at or call 615-215-2106. -If you are not equipped with Internet access for your child’s Chromebook, DTC has provided wi-fi usage at the following 5 locations. School Messenger all calls to students in both English and Spanish. Services will be provided by certified Special Education instructors and instructional materials will be aligned to approved, adopted, researched and/or evidence based in order to continue meeting the individual needs of the learner. DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The DeKalb County School District is giving parents a look into what the next portions of its phased reopening plan will look like for students. The district released an online guide to … DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Steven Morales, of Brookhaven, is one of 80 DeKalb County School District parents who pitched in to pay for six billboards with the hashtag "OpenOurSchools." Participation is voluntary. DeKalb County School District’s Parent Digital University YouTube video for parents to learn how to navigate the multiple learning platforms available. From Oct. 19 to Nov. 6, teachers and staff would work five days in the schools while students do one day of face-to-face learning per week, three days of remote learning and one day of independent learning, according to the presentation. Reopening Framework. -Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours? If it is determined that students can’t be in school buildings, will remote learning look the same as it did in the spring? If the school district is closed, students will shift to remote instruction immediately. The Youngs plan to keep their sons in the virtual learning platform, but Kirste worries one day a week in school will be hard for other students and teachers to manage. : All absences are unexcused, unless a doctor note is provided or the school administrator chooses to excuse an absence due to an extenuating circumstance. Parents could decide at four-and-a-half-week benchmarks whether to let their students go back to the building or take them out of the building. Family trips/vacations are not excusable. The district will supply hand sanitizer in classrooms and buses. -Contact your child’s school for any questions or concerns. As information becomes available, we will continue to update our community and as information and guidance from health authorities continues to evolve, we will adjust our planning as needed. Download the FOX 5 Atlanta app for breaking news and weather alerts. Depending on the intensity needed to close the gaps, resources will be utilized to address gaps that include items such as or not limited to: Edgenuity, IRead, SRA, Lexia. Parents will have the option of continuing virtual learning, and the district will continue to communicate with families as we move forward in the phases,” Superintendent Watson-Harris told the board. The student will be contacted within 24 hours if the teacher has not been in contact with the student. -Students are discouraged from sharing materials and supplies during the pandemic without sanitization. Administrators will LEA all in-person and remote IEP meetings. The Director of Schools and SAVE Act Coordinator  holds Question and Answer sessions on the local radio station for parents to call in and ask about reopening and remote learning. -Parents should conduct the self screening protocol prior to leaving home by taking their child’s temperature and asking. Some board members said they’ve had a lot of pressure to reopen but worry that reopening will cause too much stress on teachers and cleaning staff. The two weeks are for teachers to prepare for the return of students, according to district officials. Everything funnelled through Google Classroom. Please see the High Quality Instructional Chart attached. It does not, however, constitute medical advice and it will need to be adapted in real time as the epidemic evolves. A decision will be made regarding a school building closure to allow for sanitization, based on the information provided by the reporting party as to time, exposure to others etc., applying those facts to Health Department guidance. Staff and teachers will communicate vital information to the adults who will support a student the following day. And like many parents, they believe putting off in-class instruction--even in the COVID-19 pandemic-- is harmful to long-term academic success. This will enable students who are learning remotely time to visit a hotspot if needed in order to download lessons to complete. Student assignments will be graded as applicable. This framework provides a roadmap for schools across DeKalb County to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We are asking that our parents contact their child's school weekdays between 9:00 and 2:00 prior to July 22 if it is their desire for their child to participate in remote learning. This will enable administrators to monitor class assignments. The district has one high school with two guidance counselors assigned to specific grade levels. Services will be provided by    certified ELL instructors and  instructional materials will be aligned, approved, adopted, researched and/or evidence based in order to continue meeting the individual needs of the learner. ❏ Take notes on paper or in a doc during the meeting. VI. To receive credit and attendance for the courses for this school year, students are expected to complete the assignments. According to these data, there are greater than 100 cases per 100,000 residents for a 14-day period. Table of Contents. Grades will be posted on Skyward.Small group Google Meets will be used to differentiate instruction and provide feedback. Teachers will access daily reports in order to take attendance. Student database used for grades, class schedule and communication, 2 way communication app that enables the district, teachers and parents to communicate with each other. Clever:  Clever is the district’s Single Sign On (SSO) Dashboard that is used by students and staff to access digital curriculum/resource sites. A spiral review of previous grade level material will be integrated into daily classwork and practice. If the teachers don't feel comfortable, I don't think they're going to be as effective as they could be," Young added. Administrators will monitor responsibilities for both traditional and remote learners. Remote Learning:  Remote refers to the way instruction will take place if classes cannot be held on campus. MUST use the school email address to login in order to ensure Go Guardian information to record attendance. Students will be equipped for online and remote learning at any time. IV. school year and address student engagement, classroom climate, online learning platforms such as, but not limited to the   Google Classroom suite or any personal curriculum requests made by the teachers. Recognizing those concerns, we plan to provide instruction on our school campuses, and we will be offering remote learning as an option for families this school year. Date of after school start To Be Determined. Students will be expected to complete grade level assignments within the specified time frame. Any student receiving IEP services who is considering moving to a remote learning plan should notify their child’s special education teacher to plan and develop expectations related to daily participation in learning activities, accommodations, and intervention. Students must be willing to complete all assignments in accordance with the deadlines established by the online instructor. -Yes. In the event of a district-wide closure and all students are remote learning, the social emotional program called Shmoop Heartbeat will be implemented for students. Communication is posted with both Spanish and English translations. All guidance counselors within the district are available between 8am-3pm each day for traditional and remote learners. ESL teachers are responsible for his/her own lessons daily that will be in collaboration with classroom teachers and the student’s ILP. Mid-term progress reports and report cards will follow the district schedule. The 9th-10th grade guidance counselor will ensure there are no gaps in classes, that students have alignment to student course plans, and post secondary goals identified by the Major Clarity data. Classroom schedules should be designed to maximize academic instruction with few or no interruptions. Chromebook is the device that will be distributed to each DeKalb County student in grades PreK-12 prior to or at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. "In terms of cleaning the schools, that's not necessarily been laid out. ❏ Mute yourself by clicking on the bottom of the screen. ❏ Unmute yourself when you want to talk, then mute again. This eliminates the need for a user to remember multiple usernames and passwords. They will keep track of warning signs for specific students and make referrals to the Guidance Counselors. Masks/face coverings are required. Those with elevated temperatures or who fail the screening questions are asked to return home.

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