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See more information about Tennessee’s Counties. search, we have begun the creation of county websites. Home > Forum > Surnames > Derrick. Despite strong pro-Union leanings of Tennesseans in the eastern section of the state, the legislature voted to secede in May 1861. In 1776 the North Carolina legislature established the Washington District in its western territory (east Tennessee) as part of Rowan County. early_tennessee_land_records_1773-1922.pdf Early Tennessee land records are from the old Tennessee Land Office and contain two different groups of records. Commission Index, Blount County, Tennessee function getQuery(form) { Naturalization, Tennessee Due to privacy laws, recent records may not be displayed. If you have a love for history, a desire to help others, and basic webpage-making skills, consider joining us! Research, Tennessee Emigration, Immigration and News of the Cumberland Gap through the mountains motivated westward movement during this period. The state’s 2010 population was 6,346,105 and the largest cities (2010) are Memphis, 646,889; Nashville – Davidson County (Capital), 1 626,681; Knoxville, 178,874; Chattanooga, 167,674; Clarksville, 132,939; Murfreesboro, 108,755; Jackson, 65,211; Johnson City, 63,152; Franklin, 62,487; Bartlett, 54,613. The files that make up these records consist of 10" x 14" cards or 10" x 14" envelopes that can contain documents relating to an application for a pension or bounty-land warrant by a Revolutionary War veteran, his widow, or his heirs. 1, My Genealogy Hound Tennessee Biographies by county, Notable men of Tennessee. We're looking for DATA for this site!!! Select a region to view its unique collections. West Tennessee was added to middle and east Tennessee in 1818 after the defeat of and subsequent treaty with the Chickasaw. Genealogy Libraries, Tennessee The State of Tennessee entered the union as the 16th state on June 1, 1796. Genealogy and Historical Societies. The next year Washington County, North Carolina, was organized and transferred to Burke County for a few months before becoming an independent county, extending over a large portion of present-day Tennessee. This collection is being published as images become available. Congress never resolved the conflicting claims. personal use. The "Search Tennessee Genealogy" search on the right side will The completion of Wilson Dam, constructed across the state boundary at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, culminated the TVA project. Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers. The files can contain a wide variety of records submitted to support an application. Some fragmented earlier records also exist. In the early years of the twentieth century, numerous men labored for the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company owned by a New York bank but bought in 1907 by financier J. P. Morgan. OTHER GENEALOGY RESOURCES. The area was a hunting ground for these and other native groups. Most of the state’s railroads were rebuilt during Reconstruction, and the state struggled to regain its importance in agricultural and commercial production. Numerous disputes over governance ensued. Following the war and a difficult and complicated period of jurisdictional quarrelling, North Carolina ceded its claim to Tennessee to the federal government in 1784, reserving some sections (middle Tennessee) for grants to its Revolutionary soldiers. else Tennessee became an active battleground with over 400 battles fought within its borders. During the war, Confederates centered its western defense in the state at Fort Henry on the Tennessee River and Fort Donelson on the Cumberland. Tennessee, 1796 This Franklin County Website is available for adoption. This demarcation line was meant to push natives west and keep settlements east of the line, and to slow the costly confrontations; but in fact its establishment seems only to have stimulated interest in settling farther west. Did you know that Nashville is one of Tennessee's early settlements? Dust off your family scrapbooks! If you are doing early Tennessee research - make sure you know about surveyors' districts, military reservations and which "state" of Tennessee your ancestor lives or lived in (Eastern, Middle or the Western District). Tennessee Genealogy Tennessee County Genealogy and History. Statehood: June 1, 1796 Tennessee’s earliest history includes a rapidly increasing number of Anglo settlements, battles with Native Americans over land rights, constantly violated Native American treaties, and numerous changes in jurisdictions and boundaries. Resources for people researching ancestors in the state. By 1796 the population of settlers had increased to the required 60,000, and Tennessee became the sixteenth state. Three years later they formed the Watauga Compact or Association, in an effort to establish self-government. First Families of Tennessee (FFT) was established by the East Tennessee Historical Society (ETHS) in 1993 as a Tennessee Bicentennial project. Families who lived in the disputed area did not know in which state they resided; consequently, records are frequently located in both states.

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