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10. The EFF government will ensure the rapid development of South Africa’s productive forces in the mining industry by actively promoting the development of black industrial and manufacturing entrepreneurs, cooperatives and small and medium enterprises. The EFF government will raise an additional R100 billion annually through curbing illicit financial flows, including the expropriation of multinational companies which participate in tax avoidance and institute a stronger penalty regime with jail sentences for directors and executives. 6. 11. 29. This will ensure community and locally driven mining development. 21. - The EFF government will maximally build and support the cultivation and agro-processing of potatoes and tomatoes in the Namaqualand and Pixley regions and grapes in the Siyanda ZF Macau region in Northern Cape Province. 0000026860 00000 n Under the EFF government, minor offenses will not attract a criminal record. 14. 23. CONSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE AND DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION: 1. - JUSTICE SYSTEM AND CORRECTIONAL SERVICES. 22. �� The EFF government will appoint additional new warders at correctional services facilities as follows; 1 000 in the Eastern Cape, 700 in the Free State, 1 500 in Gauteng, 1 200 in KwaZulu-Natal, 500 in Limpopo, 600 in Mpumalanga, 700 in North West, 600 in the Northern Cape and 1 000 in the Western Cape. As such, the EFF government will force Anglo to rehabilitate the entire Namaqualand Coast and create sustainable jobs from mining rehabilitation. The EFF government, including state-owned companies, will abolish tenders and insource all security guards, cleaners, gardeners, drivers and general workers. 0000025998 00000 n 23. Under the EFF government, executives and directors involved in collusion to manipulate currency trading will face jail sentences. The EFF government will construct and maintain central abattoirs in every municipality to give access to the market on a durable and sustainable basis to producers of chicken, cattle, sheep, pig and sheep meat products. 1. 9. The EFF government will discontinue housing subsidies for ministers. 3. 9. The EFF government will protect and subsidise local agricultural production and marketing and will ensure that the country does not import what can be produced locally. %%EOF 4. The EFF government will issue a minimum of 50% of insurance licences to companies controlled and wholly owned by black people. trailer The EFF government will maximise agricultural productivity and massively invest in agro-processing in all nine provinces through the following initiatives: - The EFF government will maximally build and support the cultivation and agro-processing of citrus products in the Mopani region; the cultivation and agro-processing of tomatoes in Mopani and the cultivation and agro-processing of avocados, bananas and other products in the Vhembe region of Limpopo Province. �����Oh�ɳzک 6. 18. 2. Under the EFF government, a minimum of 50% of funds allocated to local government must be used solely to deliver services. 17. 12. - A state-owned roads construction company, - A state-owned food stocking company (to regulate the prices of basic foodstuffs and guarantee food security for all), and. teachers, nurses, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, geographers, chemists, architects, biologists, environmental scientists, psychologists, social workers, accountants, financial analysts, audiologists and speech therapists, dentists, dieticians and nutritionists, pharmacists, applications programmers, computer network professionals, database and network professionals, software developers, system administrators and analysts, geologists, meteorologists, etc. 12. *~�ږ�y�/�Shi��e����� ^�������@L�6�)x/�|AO*K��b� �j5�S�9�T�C�mB8�E�lLH��E��=��A� �� �. 2. 0000042237 00000 n 8. 25. The EFF government will introduce a free and user- friendly search engine to trace the billions of rands currently locked up in unclaimed insurance benefits, most of which belong to black people and the poor. They will undergo a training programme and mentorship in government departments and state-owned entities, and will be responsible for building houses, roads and schools; developing curricula; managing state-owned information technology systems, etc. The EFF government will work with religious leaders, churches and all religious institutions to promote the moral regeneration of society. �m��ܸ�g��R�Du����B���U���ӺӦ ^��D�}Y?�1�? The EFF government will close down all illegal money lenders. 16. %PDF-1.4 0000049088 00000 n The EFF government will employ graduates from institutions of higher learning in government entities, including state-owned entities, immediately after they have graduated. 24. 3. produce markets in each municipality for access by small-scale food producers, with a minimum of 50% access by women and the youth. 0000018056 00000 n 0000048243 00000 n The EFF government will allocate key shares in South Africa’s mineral and petroleum resources to the Sovereign Wealth Fund. <> 19. 19. 7. Community Policies are developed for the purpose of providing decent, safe, public-assisted rental housing. 0000048784 00000 n 15. The EFF government will re-introduce agricultural product marketing boards to ensure that farmers derive the most benefits from the sale of agricultural products while, at the same time, opening up market opportunities for emerging black farmers.

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