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Enbridge has several new capacities and expansion projects, including construction of Northern Gateway, expansion of Alberta Clipper, renovation of Line 6, reversal of Line 9 and others. [66], "Enbridge 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014 Corporate Performance Data on Key Governance, Environmental, Social and Economic Subjects", "Enbridge Inc. - Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on Enbridge Inc", "Canadian Corporate Reports. Save time by adding this page to your list of favorites. They stretch from the far northeast corner of British Columbia to the southern tip of Texas, across to Florida and up into New England and the Atlantic provinces. It has an interest in the 2,986 kilometres (1,855 mi) Alliance Pipeline and the 560 kilometres (350 mi) Vector Pipeline. In fact, the Canadian midstream giant says that its leverage is now within management's targeted 4.5 to 5 times range. Read More. They noted that this was probably because of the 2010 Kalamazoo River spill. Line 3 Replacement: An economic windfall for small-town North Dakota, Fueling quality of life: The Enbridge Energy Dashboards, An interactive experience: Our North American assets map. Clean. [25] In 1991, 1.7 million gallons of oil ruptured from the pipeline in Grand Rapids, MN. NEXUS is a 50/50 joint venture between Enbridge and DTE Energy, : A joint venture with Spectra Energy Partners, NextEra Energy and Duke Energy, Sabal Trail is a new 517-mile interstate pipeline system delivering natural gas to the US southeast, and entered service in 2017. [11], In January 2017, Enbridge said it would acquire Midcoast Energy Partners for $170 million in cash. [48] Unusually heavy rainfall in the region, that caused the 2013 Alberta floods, may have caused "ground movement on the right-of way that may have impacted the pipeline. [35], On January 2, 2010, Enbridge's Line 2 ruptured near Neche, North Dakota, releasing about 3,784 barrels of crude oil, of which 2,237 barrels were recovered. [42] The National Transportation Safety Board said at $800 million, it was the costliest onshore spill cleanup in U.S. This page has been added to your list of favorites. Operations between Hardisty and Cheecham were restored on June 23 when Enbridge’s Athabasca pipeline (Line 19) was restarted. Natural gas is clean - probably cleaner than your kid’s bedroom. Enbridge’s Western Canadian natural gas assets connect one of the most vital and vibrant natural gas supply sources in North America—the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin—with growing North American markets. After the incident, supply concerns reportedly helped push "oil prices 2% higher in early trading to nearly $54 a barrel. Safety is not just a core value at Enbridge—it’s the foundation of everything we do. "[63], The Line 3 oil pipeline has also drawn resistance from climate justice organizers and Native communities in Minnesota. [29] According to Enbridge, roughly half the oil was recovered. Visit the investment center dashboard and view our latest events, filings and news releases. We're executing on a three-year strategic plan to refocus on our low-risk pipeline and utility assets, and to position our company for future success. [30] The same pipeline was struck by construction crews on February 2, 2007, in Rusk County, Wisconsin, spilling ~201,000 US gallons (760 m3) of crude, of which about 87,000 gallons were recovered. B. Spectra was formed in late 2006 as a spin-off from Duke Energy. Company Detail: Enbridge", "Enbridge Sells Interest In Colombian Pipeline", "Enbridge rekindles oil sands pipeline plan", "Deals of the day-Mergers and acquisitions", "Chippewas must pay energy giant's legal bills in lost court battle", "Enbridge to Buy Spectra Energy in $28 Billion Deal", "Enbridge and Spectra Energy Complete Merger", "Take a Pipe On The East Side? Click to remove it from your list. [25], Using data from Enbridge's own reports, the Polaris Institute calculated that 804 spills occurred on Enbridge pipelines between 1999 and 2010. Learn more about the ongoing tax revenue, local and regional economic stimulation, community investments, and workforce salary provided by Enbridge in your area. The letter questions, "If there were a standoff between, on the one side, environmentalists and/or native people (who claim the spot at which the Grand River is crossed by this pipeline) and, on the other side, Enbridge, Inc., would officers of the HPS be able to be truly impartial? Spectra, headquartered in Houston, Texas, operated in three key areas of the natural gas industry: transmission and storage, distribution, and gathering and processing. [4][6] In 1950, it was expanded through Gretna, Manitoba, to Superior, Wisconsin, in the United States. "It's a bad combination." We exist to fuel people's quality of life. Roughly one third of the line is in Canada and two thirds in the U.S.[23][24], Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline was responsible for the largest ever inland oil spill in the United States. [9] The same year, it announced the Alberta Clipper pipeline project from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, to connect oil sands production area with the existing network. [4][5][6] In the same year, the company built its first oil pipeline from Leduc to Regina, Saskatchewan. Fueling quality of life: The Enbridge Energy Dashboards. We are also one of the largest offshore natural gas transporters in the Gulf of Mexico. Basically, Enbridge got this metric under control at just the right time. [55], On July 17, 2012, a group calling itself "We are the Kalamazoo" protested against Enbridge's response to the Kalamazoo spill and its plans to construct the line 6B pipeline. [3], The company was initially incorporated by Imperial Oil as Interprovincial Pipe Line Company (IPL) on April 30, 1949, after Canada's first major oil discovery, in 1947, at Leduc, Alberta. Enbridge also gathers, processes, and transports natural gas. [37], In the July 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill, a leaking pipeline spilled more than 1,000,000 US gallons (3,800 m3) of oil sands crude oil into Talmadge Creek leading to the Kalamazoo River in southwest Michigan on July 26, near Marshall, Michigan. 's Natural Gas Supply Could be Reduced as Much as 50% This Winter", "First Nations Northern Gateway Protest Set To Take Place At Enbridge Shareholder Meeting", "Enbridge oilsands pipeline protested outside Canadian Oil and Gas Export Summit", "Enbridge Energy officials respond to 'We are the Kalamazoo' oil spill protest at Capitol", "Enbridge Clashes With Homeowners Over Eminent Domain", "Enbridge executives address local homeowner opposition", "Protestors gather at site of Kalamazoo River oil spill in opposition of tar sands oil, fracking", "Enbridge Pipeline Protesters Close Ontario Highway", "Group protests Enbridge donations to Hamilton police - Hamilton - CBC News", "Enbridge protesters evicted, arrested | Toronto Star", "Minnesota regulators to decide this week on Enbridge Line 3", "Americans Finding Themselves Powerless to Stop Pipeline Companies From Taking Their Land", "Enbridge buys into Dakota Access Pipeline, Sandpiper future unclear",, Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from December 2012, Articles with dead external links from February 2014, Articles with dead external links from November 2018, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 July 2020, at 16:48. It burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel. Enbridge’s natural gas pipelines connect North America’s most prolific natural gas supply basins to the continent’s largest demand centers—New York, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle—and to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and Mexico export markets as well. The company put $19 billion aside for growth projects to see them through the next several years. [31][32], In April 2007, roughly 6,227 barrels (990.0 m3) of crude oil spilled into a field downstream of an Enbridge pumping station near Glenavon, Saskatchewan. in Chicago. Most of the spilled oil was contained within berms but about 1% of the oil, about 40 barrels (6.4 m3), sprayed into the air and coated nearby snow and trees. Vector Pipeline: Enbridge has an ownership interest in the 348-mile Vector Pipeline, which connects with Alliance Pipeline and other pipelines near Chicago, and delivers natural gas to local distribution and end-user customers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ontario; Vector also facilitates the delivery of NEXUS gas to the Union Gas Dawn Hub. Got questions? [4] To operate the United States portion of the pipeline, the Lakehead Pipe Line Company (now Enbridge Energy Partners) was created. [4] In 1986, through a series of stakes exchanges, IPL gained control of Home Oil and in 1988, it changed its name to Interhome Energy Inc.[4][7] In 1991, it changed its name to Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc.[7], In 1992, Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc. was acquired by Interprovincial Pipe Line System Inc., which changed its name to IPL Energy Inc. in 1994, after the acquisition of Consumers' Gas (now Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.) and diversification into the gas distribution business. Application for Natural Gas Service Service & Installation Information. Stretching from Fort Nelson to the Canada/US border, at Huntingdon-Sumas, the BC Pipeline transports about 60 percent of the natural gas produced in British Columbia, and supplies about 50 percent of natural gas demand in the American states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. In southern Ontario, Thorold Fire and Emergency Services comes up with new ways to educate residents. On your next visit, you'll find a shortcut to this page in the main menu. DCP Midstream gathers, compresses, treats, processes, transports, stores, and sells natural gas. Read More. McGill Digital Archive. Enbridge Inc. is a Canadian multinational energy transportation company based in Calgary, Alberta. Enbridge is a major player in the Gulf of Mexico, handling more than 40% of total offshore gas production and more than 50% of deepwater gas production in the Gulf. Save time by adding this page to your list of favorites. The BC Pipeline is in the midst of a multibillion dollar expansion program, driven by prolific natural gas supplies in the region. Expansions are underway at both the T-North and the T-South systems. On January 1, 2007, an Enbridge pipeline that runs from Superior, Wisconsin to near Whitewater, Wisconsin cracked open and spilled ~50,000 US gallons (190 m3) of crude oil onto farmland and into a drainage ditch. [56], On September 14, 2012, WLNS-TV reported clashes between Enbridge and landowners over eminent domain. In 1953, the pipeline was expanded to Sarnia, Ontario, and in 1956 to Toronto and Buffalo, New York.

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