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Registration, Fishing vessel, Keyword: 50 CFR Part 229 - AUTHORIZATION FOR COMMERCIAL FISHERIES UNDER THE MARINE MAMMAL PROTECTION ACT OF 1972. The 2019 legislative amendments to the Fisheries Act were part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to review environmental and regulatory processes. (b) the extent of the elements referred to in paragraph (a).". The request must be submitted to the Minister in writing and include. When the applicant is a company, the full legal registered name of the company and the company's representative must be identified. Applications for Authorization under Paragraph 35(2)(b) of the Fisheries Act Regulations. (c) the fish species that are present and an estimate of the abundance of those species; and This Credit shall be deemed to be automatically extended for one year from the present or any future expiration date hereof, unless 30 days before any such date we give you written notice that we elect not to consider this Credit renewed for any such additional period. Fish and fish habitat as defined by the  Fisheries Act, subsection 2(1): (a) the Minister has reasonable grounds to believe that the conditions established by the Minister in the authorization have not been or will not be met; (b) the Minister has reasonable grounds to believe that the authorization was obtained by fraudulent or improper means or by the misrepresentation of a material fact; (c) the Minister becomes aware of new information that demonstrates that the death of fish or the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat is or will be significantly greater than anticipated by the Minister at the time of issuance of the authorization; or. (3) Despite subsection (2), the Minister may suspend an authorization, in whole or in part, without giving the authorization holder an opportunity to make written representations if the suspension is required to prevent the imminent death of fish or the imminent harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat. 3). "13 A quantitative and detailed description of the death of fish referred to in subsection 9(2) after the measures and standards referred to in paragraph 10(a) are implemented. Financial Institution: {Name and Address} This information is required to provide background about the proposed changes to the previously authorized work, undertaking or activity. 10% cattails, 80% grass, 10% sedge), predominant vegetation (e.g. The applicant must provide their full legal name and primary mailing address and if possible a valid email address. All applications must be made in writing to the Minister and sent to one of the DFO regional offices. construction, operation, maintenance and closure). When all of the above mentioned conditions have been met, the time limit can be restarted. The applicant must provide the dates and duration for carrying on the proposed work, undertaking or activity. Confirmation of receipt Detailed description of the likely effects of the cancellation on fish and fish habitat. (d) the authorization holder has not paid a fine imposed on them under the Act. Marginal note:Subsection (2) applies again. In the event of an inconsistency between this guide and the Acts or their Regulations, legislation will prevail. 1. (7) The time limit referred to in subsection (2) or (4) starts over as soon as all of the following conditions have been met: (a) all information or documents in support of the proposed amendments have been received, in the case referred to in paragraph (5)(a); (b) the Minister receives a request in writing that the processing of the request be resumed, in the case referred to in paragraph 5(b); (c) the information or documents referred to in paragraph (5)(c) have been obtained or amended; (d) the consultation referred to in paragraph (5)(d) has been conducted; (e) the decision has been made or the conditions have been met, in the case referred to in paragraph (5)(e). SOR/2013-191 [Repealed, SOR/2019-286, s. 11] - 2019-08-28 . If the information and documents supporting the original application - and now necessary for the change request - have become obsolete, the holder of the authorisation must provide updates. Contingency measures are planned secondary measures which will be implemented by the applicant if the planned avoidance and mitigation measures do not meet their objectives. Note: Technical drawings and specifications may be referenced in the resulting authorization. Engineering specifications should be stamped and approved by an accredited engineer where appropriate. (f) a detailed description of any adverse effects on fish and fish habitat that could result from the implementation of the plan; The applicant’s cost estimate will be used to determine the monetary value of the letter of credit or another equivalent form of financial guarantee (see section 4.3 of this guide). Fisheries Ordinance, 1982 (Ordinance No. The applicant must provide comprehensive information about all of the best available measures and standards that are proposed to avoid the death of fish or to mitigate the extent of their death or to avoid or mitigate the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat. Marginal note:Suspension in urgent situations. The description must include quantitative and/or qualitative information about the fish species and fish habitat likely to be affected. The Minister has 90 days from the date that the notice is given that an application is complete, to render his or her decision. Section 3 and schedule 2 of the Regulations set out the information requirements to be submitted by an applicant when they are applying for an authorization to carry on a work, undertaking or activity in response to emergency situations. "4 A description of the location of the proposed work, undertaking or activity, including its geographic coordinates and the name of any water sources and water bodies that are likely to be affected.". When the applicant is a company, the full legal registered name of the company and the company’s representative must be identified. Marginal note:Required information and documents, 2 (1) The Minister may, on application, issue the authorization referred to in paragraph 34.4(2)(b) or 35(2)(b) of the Act. "4 (6) The time limit referred to in subsection (3) or (5) ceases to apply if 2013-1129 2013-10-24. Any correspondence from DFO should be directed to the company representative listed below, as well as forwarded to the NEB. (e) an Act of Parliament, a regulation made under an Act of Parliament or a land claims agreement provides that a decision be made or that conditions be met before the authorization can be amended, suspended or cancelled.

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