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Base Touma Valkyrie Cai vs Stephanie Gorgeouspalace You think the hidden world is the only realm that is a higher dimension? Gilgamesh: There are various lines about Misaka Mikoto's lightning being ligh speed in OT1 and OT3 umm because the Magic Gods can do the same lol?Smaller or larger is defined by maths my dude.Math manipulation kek. Speed equalized Speed equal S (top fighters) Tier: Kanzaki, Silvia, Brunhild, Carissa, Coronzon Because of that, the instant the spear leaves Othinus' hands the world (universe) is blown to pieces.

I know that you get this a lot but you literally mention Suggsverse in almost every post you make despite it having nothing to do with the topic. First the concept manipulation. For example, Cú Chulainn from Celtic mythology’s spear did not possess that ability and he was ultimately killed when his own spear was thrown back at him. fought Molecule Man who could vape several billion dimensions with a single blast etc. But it seems like Beyonder shitstomps. Beyonder is overrated and doesn´t deserve the credit where people try to wank him.

Dr Strange “takes one step back” too and can still no sell existence erasure and he’s less than an ant compared to Beyonder.

Kakine was able to crush people to the ground, like they have a foot on their back... Battle takes place here (No people or cars around) R1: 616 Mags Vs. Pre-headshot Badass white hair character: Looking at some of his fight scenes, I think his physical durability would be up to Wall level... Will probably end in the exactly same way every battle i have done. Touma has the Imagine Breaker @coolguy18: Hes a walking talking multiverse. They have full knowledge on what the other can do, but no real prep time. The following is the quote relevant for the matter: 10 meters apart All Might in his prime, Accelerator post-nerf, pre-wings, and Blast. Some time ago I posted a draft for a verse specific esper power ability page, for explaining how they work to regular users as well as summarizing the minor abilities it grants on profiles.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. Could post-headshot Accelerator protect his choker from Magneto? Standard Equipment: Fairy Othinus Absolute foolishness, but the tables turn when it becomes there favorite character. They're starting 10 meters apart. Limber Ditto (i.e. Girl in the dress' real... Mikoto Misaka vs (Game) Pikachu "Lance of the All-Father"): The spiritual item desired by the Magic God Othinus in order for her to remake the world. Lola Stuart is the Archbishop of the Church of England and the head of Necessarius, its magic division.

The Biohacer SS novel coming with the Accelerator anime already has 4 chapters out. Complete physical erasure, non-corporeal erasure, conceptual erasure, platonic conceptual erasure, boundless omni-backed erasure, ect. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing: Fiamma has Index Controller and WW3 Gabriel, Astro in Hand is restricted. He erased both the entity Death and the actual concept of death across the whole multiverse. Just because Othinus can't reach the highest point of her verse, does that mean is immedietly fodder in marvel? Base Touma He would 'kindly' ask her to put... A.A.A Misaka should be "As before, At least 8-C, likely higher, with regular weapons, Low 5-B with Liquid-Proof Railgun" Right now all you’re doing is blindly defending a character you admit to having little to no knowledge on and trying to downplay an ability that Othinus doesnt even have an answer to. Name: Maidono Hoshimi, Girl in the Santa Outfit.

A fragment of infinity is still infinite. Plus these magical gods and even Aiwass where having problems with fodders.

@benclevername: Thank you !! This isn't headcanon, he stated just that in Secret Wars II #2. Acc with... My last thread didn't go anywhere, so Imma try a new thing. Othinus's power is like, several hundreds of degrees far conceptually deeper than Beyonder, which Beyonder has no feats of answering to.

Everything goes as normal except for the teeny tiny bit where the wandering hobo decide to intervene. This is based on her being able to react and intercept the same orbital satellite laser that Fiamma's holy right reacted to, giving him Lightspeed reaction. Speed equalized no Imposter) Take SBA And you fucking ignored it and started talking shit. Round 2: Dragon Shell Touma vs. Base Shiki w/ katana Shizuri Mugino You keep repeating the same shit again and again. I didnt want to do this but seeing as how people love to spam the fuck out of muh Infinite Dimensional without giving proof and context why those dimensions should be taken as higher infinities,I cannot control myself.Magic Gods can manipulate Mathematics in their multiverse.They can make 1+1=3,and it works like simple law manipulation,meaning all other laws and formulas of maths remain the same. -In character. R1 Aleister is 7-A

A dude who keeps getting more hax Speed equalized. Again, everything is new to him. Touch The 2 fighters are Misaka Mikoto and Link

Numbers: 1 (Wok) Powers and Abilities: Telekinesis, Limited Stealth Mastery and Limited Air Manipulation... Hope this works this time VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He erased both the entity Death and the actual concept of death across the whole multiverse. As the head of Necessarius Lola is a very cunning magician who manipulates events to keep the United Kingdom safe and on top of other factions.
She has done as many good deeds as bad, and her mysterious nature leads her to be at odds with some of her more moral subordinates.

It would always hit its target once thrown, could not be shot down or destroyed mid-flight, it would always return to its owner's hands once the target is pierced and it is said that it could destroy the symbols of human power.
"Destroying" like breaking a Universe apart, is very different from erasing a Universe. @coolguy18: Yes. Also, false universe equivalence. 4 He succeeded so amazingly that once he did it, Pre-Retcon Molecule Man came up to the Beyonder, holding a flower in his hand, and said that not even he was capable of killing a flower. Mikoto has the AAA.

So yeah. Beyonder stomps with no difficulty.

How many times do I have to exolain this to you lol? Prove that then. Both are 5B versions (LPSaD Fiamma and Archer Gilgamesh) Touma Kamijou vs Aoi Hayanose

Flaming sword however, Touma was fucked up so hard that he would have legit died of Aleister didn't intervened. Who stomps and why? Seriously ? Does that make them fodder? Dr Strange “takes one step back” too and can still no sell existence erasure and he’s less than an ant compared to Beyonder. And she didn't destroy or recreate the entire verse because she can't even enter or manipulate the hidden world, which is a phase outside of "the world" I might add. Then why the hell do they still affect every other low dimensional phases hm? Inconclusive: In character And it was refering more to the blasting rod, which is the spell that increases the AP of his attacks tenfold to what his opponent thinks. Stop spamming "Muh, infinite dimensuns"it's getting cringey at this point. Coolguy Bascially just quotes every thing from vs, arguing with him is pointless and would take your comments out of context, don't know the difference between powerscaling and feats and even lies. IN THE NOVEL, ALEISTER JUST SHOWED UP, AND THE NEXT THING THAT HAPPENED, WAS THE MAGIC GODS COMPLAINING ABOUT ALEISTER WRECKING THEIR WORLD LMFAO. Beyonder only erases concepts of a physical multiverse from what i've heard. Othinus. It's a recurring thing with Beyonder threads sadly. I already explainss this to you tons of times, so I won't bother repearing. As the head of Necessarius Lola is a very cunning magician who manipulates events to keep the United Kingdom safe and on top of other factions. Girl in the Dress Oho, you underestimate the World of phases boy. Not much to be said cuz I suck at saying things, let the battle be Also, btw, your argument is horrible eww.

SBA, speed equal, Touma with IB. Aleister Crowley SBA Izzard, Rimuru Tempest(EOS) Vs Othinus

The theme behind Secret Wars II is that you have this all-powerful being who tries to understand himself and fit in with the rest of Earth. Both are High 7-A Vs

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Gufadgarn Both 10-B Makes sense, given that he pretty much was his multiverse. Perhaps ID would not work, but perhaps that'd be Tomochika's chance to be useful kek. Speed equalized. -La Persona Superiore a Dio Fiamma. VS Battles. 3. So given the new tiering system, and the inevitable downgrade of Toaru, I've decided to propose some new tiers for the characters that I think are going to be affected by these changes. What you copy pasted was from the scene of Aleister blasting the mimenic predator, using the big bang bomb attack, AND THAT WAS THE ONLY SCENARIO IN THE NOVELS WHERE IT WAS SHOWN HE USED THAT ATTACK . but that doesn't mean any shit if Othinus turns any damage Beyonder throws to 0, or manipulate fate and probability that anything Beyonder does will fail 100% LOL. I amuse myself. Pre retcon, he was an entire reality in human form.

Idk, both seems to have similar personality and both have prosthetic members so it fits phases can be muniplated over one another and deactivated. Limited Causality Manipulation, because: Plus, his erasing feat was never stated nor implied to be on a conceptual level here.

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