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Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kyivan Rus was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and eventually into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Each ministry is in charge of other government sub-departments. This is a resource from the Resource Equity LandWise database of resources. Article 17-1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Technological substantiation of topographic, geodetic and cartographic activity shall be based upon utilization of modern information technologies and systems for creation of geodetic, topographic and cartographic materials, collection, processing, keeping, storage, control, renewal, research, transformation, mapping, release and tran. New elections in the spring allowed pro-West president Petro POROSHENKO to assume office on 7 June 2014. Unofficial English translation with 2001 publication date. During a working trip to the Luhansk region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the Joint Forces Operation. [8] Until adaptation of Constitution of Ukraine in 1996, the government of Ukraine was ruled by the 1978 Constitution of Ukraine (the Ukrainian SSR). During the latter part of the 18th century, most Ukrainian ethnographic territory was absorbed by the Russian Empire. 367-VII amending Law No. Heads of regional government (including Presidential representative of Ukraine in Crimea) are appointed by the President of Ukraine on the submission of the Cabinet of Ministers for the term of office of the Head of the State[11], The Verkhovna Rada (parliament) has five days to approve the Prime Minister after the President proposes a candidate. [24], Central offices of executive authority of, Other Central Offices (Agencies) of Executive Authority, Separate central offices (agencies) of Executive Authority, National commissions (regulatory agencies), Former and originally established ministries. The deputies enjoy parliamentary immunity and enjoy free housing, free transportation, and free medical services. Under the terms of Article 83 of Ukraine's Constitution a governing coalition needs to be formed by factions (rather than by individuals) that represent a majority of the parliament (Verkhovna Rada), a "coalition of parliamentary factions" (Ukrainian: Коаліція парламентських партій). Azarov out for now or out for good as prime minister? Normative legal acts of the Cabinet, ministries, and other central bodies of executive power are subject to registration. Members of the government (cabinet) are citizens of Ukraine, who have the right of vote, higher education, and possess the state language (Ukrainian language). [8] Also, the 1978 Constitution ruled that the President of Ukraine (an office created in 1991) is a head of state and a head of government (executive power) (Article 114-1). Ukraine is a unitary republic, not a federal state. The composition of Cabinet is determined by the Parliament of Ukraine on the petition of the Prime Minister of Ukraine (with exception of Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs, which candidates are proposed by the President). The … 20-rp/2010 dated 30 September 2010, Update: Return to 1996 Constitution strengthens president, raises legal questions, Ukrainian parliament reinstates 2004 Constitution, Rada dismisses Constitutional Court judges appointed from its quota, proposes acting president and congress of judges dismiss the rest, A New Government for Ukraine: One Female Minister and "Indispensable" Arsen Avakov, Rada with 255 votes backs appointment of Stefanyshyna as deputy PM for European Integration, Urusky appointed Ukraine's deputy PM, minister for strategic industrial sectors, Plagiarist and lover of expensive cars at public expense Scarlett became acting Minister of Education and Science, Ukraine's government appoints Olha Buslavets acting energy minister, Ukraine's parliament backs appointment of new environment minister, Ukraine's new culture minister vows to sell stake in Odesa Film Studio, The Presidential order of Ukraine 1085/2010 about the optimization of an executive power central bodies, Decree of the President of Ukraine № 1085 of 12.09.2010, Presidential decree #179/96 "General declaration about ministry and other government body of executive power", Law of Ukrainian SSR about the Council of Ministers of Ukrainian SSR, Law of Ukraine about the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Provisional Workers' and Peasants' Government of Ukraine, Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs, Special Communications and Protection of Information, Committee for Television and Radio-broadcasting,, Articles with Ukrainian-language sources (uk), Articles containing Ukrainian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, National Agency in Prevention of Corruption, National Council for Television and Radiobroadcasting (Ukraine) (, National Commission for State Regulation of Communication and Informatization, National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets, National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, Construction and Exploitation of Motorways, [Industrial] Construction [and Architecture], Construction of Heavy Industry Enterprises, Civil Housing (Urban and Rural) Construction, Construction of Metallurgical and Chemical Enterprises, on issues of Food Safety and Consumer Protection, on issues of Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadaster, Discovery, Search and Management of Assets, Council for the State Support of Cinematography, Guaranty Deposits of Physical Individuals Fund, Assistance of Youth Housing Development State Fund, Precious metals and Precious stones State Fund, Cooperation with international financial organizations and Attraction of international technical assistance, cooperation with the Russian Federation, state-participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Economic Cooperation and other regional associations, Health Rehabilitation of the ATO participants, This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 03:07. All materials featured on this site are is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, Volodymyr Zelenskyy inspected Shchastya checkpoint, which will open on November 10: It is important that people from the temporarily occupied territories see that Ukraine is modern, comfortable and safe, I am sure that due to the resilience of our heroes Donbas will be liberated - President during communication with the military in the JFO, President: Based on the state audit and economic development vectors, the National Economic Strategy until 2030 will be created, I am glad that we have such servicemen - President during a meeting with National Guard Vitaliy Markiv, Address by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the Verkhovna Rada on the Internal and External Situation of Ukraine, Working trip to the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, Volodymyr Zelenskyy: It is important for the action plan on achieving peace in Donbas to be considered by the advisors to the Normandy Four, President: Elections in Donbas are not an end in themselves, the most important thing is the de-occupation of territories, President started a working trip to Donbas, The meeting in the Normandy format should be held as soon as possible - Presidents of Ukraine and France, The fight against corruption in Ukraine is a fundamental position for the current government, and we will not deviate from this path - Andriy Yermak at a meeting with G7 ambassadors, The Ukrainian party in the TCG with the help of coordination mechanisms stopped shelling of Ukrainian positions near Vodyane and initiates an urgent meeting of the working group on security issues - adviser to the delegation of Ukraine in the TCG, During a working visit to Egypt, Deputy Head of the Office of the President Ihor Zhovkva held a series of meetings to intensify bilateral cooperation, Olena Zelenska visited the exhibition of Argentine photographers, Olena Zelenska met with women – ambassadors of foreign countries to Ukraine, Olena Zelenska visited the Istanbul Artist Residency created by a Ukrainian woman in Istanbul, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

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