historical maps of maryland counties

After locating the place where your ancestor lived, note the jurisdictions which contained it and surrounded it, as well as the jurisdictions that it contained. Deeds before 1699 were lost, but there are five volumes of re-recorded deeds. SLIDES.image = document.images.SLIDESIMG; Formed in 1672 from part of Durham County and non-organized territory. Maryland Maps is usually a major source of substantial amounts of information and facts on family history. Film numbers for additional and more recent topographical maps are listed in the Locality Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under UNITED STATES - MAPS. Harford - 1858 - (fire) - Some records were destroyed. Complete index of every county, county equivalent, or other area relevant to the evolution of state and county boundaries; includes extinct and proposed counties, non-county areas, and provides cross references for name changes, and hyperlinks to corresponding entries from the Individual County Chronologies. SLIDES.update(); Carroll - Most early papers of the County Court have been lost. The Maryland D.O.T. This Historical Maryland Map Collection are from original copies. United States Census Bureau State and County Map from the US Census Bureau is a nationwide county map. Kent - 1720 (fire) - Some records were destroyed. Discover the past of Queen Anne's County on historical maps. Harford - 1858 - (fire) - Some records were destroyed. ,

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