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It’s not hard to get to Uenoshi station, but you need to pay attention to the train schedule as there are only a few that go there. Iga-ryu Ninja Museum sells original ninja goods that cannot be found anywhere else. Iga Ueno is most famous for ninja. During my recent visit to @mantrakoodam_cghearth, As Diwali is round the corner, I stepped out of my, Chasing sunset at @icchennai. The discount is of 256 yen. Reading the information is interesting, but being shown is so fun! Cambodia Travel Tips and Advice – Guide and Best Things to See, Planning Travel to China Guide – Tips For Budget Travel and Bucketlist, Travel Australia Tips and Guide to The Land Down Under, Travel Canada Tips – Itineraries and Bucketlist For Canada, Travel Cuba Tips – How to Travel Cuba Better, Travel to Myanmar Tips – Cheap Travel, Itineraries and Infographics, Ultimate Travel Japan Guide – Here’s Everything You Need to Know, Horizon Unknown – Cheap Travel, Rich Experiences, Throwing shuriken’s (throwing stars) was so fun, Watching the ninja performance was extremely entertaining, Learning about the ways of the ninja in many different forms, Sharing this post to social media helps others discover Iga Ueno and why they should visit. At 700 Yen ($6.30 USD) the museum of the ninja in Iga is well worth the price tag. With their help, you will transform into a ninja in just 10 minutes! As these people banded together, a group began to distill the arts of espionage and strategy into ninjutsu. There are many different discount tickets, depending on how you want to spend your time at the village. In the middle of the Hall, a 300-inch 3-sided multiple-screen TV is set up, showing the actual activities during the festival. Also, you can visit the city to explore Iga Castle. Check the detail and update your settings here. We went to Iga-Ueno in September 2016. You Need Energy to Become a Ninja - Eat at Kyuan. The Iga school of ninjutsu (art of stealth), based in the former Ueno City, used to be one of Japan's two leading ninja schools during the feudal era (the Koka school in neighboring Shiga Prefecture was the other). Javascript is disabled in your web browser. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. They were great at conveying humor through their acting. printable PDF file! Poompuhar Beach is a, Mauritius launched the new Mauritius Now campaign, Now PIO and OCI cardholders can travel to India, SeaPlane services would be coming to India, United Airlines will test digital health pass for UK-US flights, Due to rising demand, Vistara to operate more flights to London and Goa, Japan to cover half of the travel expenses, Shops at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka, Japan. If you’re interested in ninja, you should visit one of Japan’s oldest ninja villages in Iga Ueno. Now that we’ve been there, we became more than just fans, we got so inspired and well, you should too! It’s pretty incredible to keep in mind there is no concrete at all used in the castle construction. To be honest, I had little intention of visiting a museum specifically about ninjas and their history throughout ancient Japan. The ninjas of the Iga clan have been masters of ninjutsu, the ninja techniques, for hundreds of years. Please enable JavaScript in your browser by accessing your browser settings. Don’t worry, the staff will always be there to assist you. Our guide explained how ninjas can forecast the weather and time of day by using the shape of a cats eye. Because Iga is far from any big city you might be hungry after your trip here. Toppings are squid and ginger. Get directions. Subscribe below to receive monthly tips, deals and news all about travel! Passage showing that the Iga no Mono (ninja) were also called Iga Doshin or Iga Gumi, they resided in Ekoda and North Tama. Entry is charged at 5US$ and you get to learn about the history of Iga Ueno. Also saving you around 700 Yen ($6.30 USD) while you’re at it. Have You Seen The Top 3 Views in Japan Yet? Joao really wanted to visit a ninja village. They could change their faces, their body forms, and disguise themselves as totally different people. You won’t only find the famous castles such as Hikone Castle or Himeji Castle, but a lot of other interesting ones such as Azuchi Castle Ruins or Takeda Castle in the Sky. Enjoy A Super Satisfying Ninja Show At The Iga Ninja Museum! You’re very welcome. They were also trained to read the stars to understand their location. “” Hands down my favorite activity at Igaryu’s ninja village. It is completely made from wood. There are 2 in Japan, one in Iga-Ueno and one in Koka, as far as I know.The one in Iga-Ueno is quite close to my father’s place (around 40 minutes drive), so we chose it. As with many Japanese “hill” castles, you get a stunning few from the top floor. We use cookies to improve our contents. There’s also a guided tour that even though it doesn’t last very long, it gives even more lessons about the second silent warriors’ lifestyle. Ninjutsu (ninja techniques) will soon cease to exist. The true art of ninjutsu is no longer practiced. Iga City was formed in the year 2004 along with the merger of surrounding towns, villages and the city of Ueno. We warmly recommend you stop for lunch at Kyuan. 2. Iga Ueno is also the birthplace of one of Japan's greatest poets, Basho Matsuo, who lived during the early Edo Period. For the ninja experience of wearing a ninja costume and shuriken throwing, there are discount tickets available at Danjiri Hall. On the video screen in the Mini Theater, one can watch to see how they infiltrated undetected by anyone, and escaped as well. Ninjas used this technique to escape invaders and keep valuables safe and concealed. Iga Ueno Castle is probably the hardest of all structures to miss inside the ninja village complex. Always have your phone and internet connection with you But the ninja village is not the only thing you can find there. This city, home to the ninja museum and Iga castle, is around 2 hours south-east from Kyoto and is a great day trip from the city.

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