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Such as a Pro-Hero asking Ochako to keep the Coil Villain attack quiet for a week to let things calm down. A pair of wonderful babies she could love and cherish for the rest of her life. ", "Yeah. Pieces of robot remains are tossed over the car I hide behind, and I flinch as they crash into the ground. ", Eri tilted her head in confusion. Sounds awesome right? "Mothra! was asked in shock by a young woman. We made it home alright. She smiled, happy to see him engaging more in their conversation. Mina tried to calm her friend down. They loved to spend time talking about heroes and what it would be like if they became strong like one, often trying to find out what quirks they would get when they were older. Of all the years that he had known him, the man did like to play his little subtle pranks now and then but he always did crack a small smile at his little jokes. With a dead mother, villainous father and two younger siblings he needs to fight for their future. ", "Oh! All Might stood there but remained cautious as the figure stepped out from the shadows into the sunlight where he could properly see their face. I'm not brave like he was, I'm... just me..." She averted her gaze from him, feeling guilty that she had stolen the title from someone who deserved it, like that kid who saved her in the first place. "That's right, I signed you both up for it. The thought of Hisashi made her want to break something. Ochako sighed in annoyance, predicting they weren't going to drop this anytime soon. She laid in her bed wearing her sleeping clothes, her hair still slightly damp from washing it. The two yelled together with smiles. Over the years, Izuku has learned some important secrets about people. Inko smiled at her baby boy, not noticing Izuku's pout. ", "Same here. Mitsuki should be in on time tomorrow. ", Izuku put his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner causing her to look him in the eye. A blond burly man stood on the cold stone of the park's pathway, his hands delved to seek the warmth of his trenchcoat's pockets as the morning wind blew from the sea behind him. But it's a very demanding job and they don't always get that many contracts. Good point. A mysterious new Hero saves your life last week AND a total babe gives you a grand tour of your new neighborhood today? She facepalmed in embarrassment, "Great... Now they'll think that I'm lazy..." She muttered before dragging her feet onto the carpeted ground. Oh, she would need to think up a second baby name now. Y'know? My Hero Academia is the creation of Kohei Horikoshi. She started. *There's EraserMic but it's not the focus of the story(Sorry, I suck at descriptions)(Mostly canon-storyline-compliant, but there are some major differences due to it being an AU). She was even more overjoyed to hear that they had been able to rank within the top 10 of all the participants of the entrance exam. Izuku was such a gentleman. If you took away the difference of hair and one's lack of freckles, the two would look identical in every way. Just friends." "No... it's *yawn* fine..." Izumi's expression showed a hint of concern as he rubbed Izuku's back. ", "I had fun with Ochako, too!" Neither of them said a thing as they just awkwardly smiled. What will happen now? It's a little AU too but nothing too major! The drone was able to stabilize its flight pattern before zooming on the 0-point robot's demise. She was disappointed their conversation had somehow led to her new friend being sad. The nerve of that man! What you did was the act of a hero ... and I'm glad the two of you made it." The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Ever since she'd met him earlier in the day, Izuku had been nothing but a total sweetheart and she really wanted to get to know him better. The faint light of the corridor shone on the various All Might posters that adorned Izuku's bedroom walls, His desk was littered with All Might figurines and his computer sat comfortably in the middle, though it appeared to have powered down. I'd like that. "My little Izuku and Itsuki" She said to herself, loving both names with all her heart. Izuku got tired of sitting around the house, so with little hesitancy, Izuku began to stroll the streets.What was suppose to be a calming walk turned into something that would change Izuku's life(?) Ochako? I can only stare back at her, not knowing what to say. "Oh, no! She seemed to be in her own sort of "gamer-mode", focused on getting the high score, which she did on almost every arcade cabinet they'd played so far. Hated that her husband, the man she had married, cared more about his finances than his own family. Izuku jumped up. After a few minutes, she saw the twins come out together in the cutest looking onesies ever. A lot. One green and black haired student, in particular, had paid special attention to a certain screen which contained the view of a familiar mop of green hair. Just as they prayed for a spark of hope, a savior to protect them...Then one came. "Thank you so much, Izuku! Bakudeku endgame. "I think I know the one you're talking about. "Oh no, Peanut. She was... well, she wasn't sure how to describe this feeling that she was currently experiencing. "Not that that's a bad thing! What's up?" "If you'd like, you can join us to watch it sometime. You're really good at this game! She released the hug, only to see a pair of adorable smiling twins pulling her back into another one. The loud blond teacher's words rang in his ear as it's features surged a sudden realization of familiarity. "What am I talking about?! She took slow, hesitant breaths to control herself and placed the phone down gently. Izuku offered bashfully. Ochako grinned. She got cute nods from both the twins. If there was one thing the boys loved the most, it was going to the park and acting out scenes were All Might saves the day, usually taking with them some other toys to act as the villain. "Alright, do both of you have your lunches?". Ochako Uraraka had come in flying on what appears to be the remnants of a scrapped robot to save the day like an angel from the heavens. He yelled out with glee. "Oh, I'm so happy you two had a good time.". She nodded in agreeance, "That sounds like a good idea." A real hero wouldn't abandon those in need!". That one word…. Both got onto the couch and waited impatiently, as was evident by their bouncing. ", Inko smiled at her son. Oh. Plus, it does sound kinda cute. "Apparently, he only just recently appeared. The round ended with Eri winning for the second time in a row. The figure was a tall teenage male, he had presumed that he stood at about under 180 cm. "Alright, good. Mystified. "A hero is no braver than an ordinary person." He stared at her. "Oh! "Yes. The rapid footsteps of Izuku Midoriya were heard across the wasteland of robotic corpses and scraps. His mask had what looked like a pair of rabbit ears.". "Izuku. The doctor stopped his movement and nodded to the emotional woman. Inko walked over next to her son as Eri pulled his new friend over to the arcade cabinet. Was that too much?! ", Well that's the end of chapter one of "Blood Brothers" I hope you all enjoyed it so far, I'm sorry if I went overboard but I think that it went well. First Fanfiction. As Inventor tries to crawl away, he's stopped by my brother who picks him up by the collar and dangles him in the air with one hand. Nothing could make her feel upset, even the fact that her husband didn't show up at the hospital to see the scans with her. I hope you bought her dinner before asking if you can hold her hand like that!". "I've never thought about it that way before. 'I should've been more alert…. She replied. Making it to the front entrance, Inko stopped her boys once more before they went in. Izuku tilted his head in confusion. She reached into her purse and pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to him. I didn't mean to spoil our fun. And tease her relentlessly. "Wha-", "I wanted to thank you for saving my brother." She couldn't help but giggle at his formalness again. They finally change the subject, and they bring that up. I lock eyes with him, "CALL FOR HIM! "Oh, really? "O-oh! What about you, Ochako? The filter that only sees the good is ripped apart, and Izuku runs away after the realisation, his quirk force-manifesting in the process for his survival. The boys were antsy all morning, trying to finish their breakfast as soon as possible and packing up their bags as quickly as they could. The green haired boy's resolved diminished and expression fell deeper into the pit of desperation and failure every time he saw another worthless scrapped robot, the uninhabited metal skyscrapers loomed a shadow over the boy's frantic dilemma as he had no way of passing if everyone else took his chances away from him. And your family, too. I'm sorry, Hon. "Mom, brother, I'm home!" "Smaaaashhhhhhh!" And so for years she changed growing further away from the person she used to be. It was perfect up until he turned four and Izuku did not develop an element and suddenly his fairy tale story took a turn for the worst. "Not so fast!" First Boku no Hero Academia story! Toru said. "Though, I think it's kinda cute when you stutter." Toru said. "What do we do then?" "My folks work really hard. Inventor yells loudly as he makes waste of the city in his giant robot suit. "Ah, welcome home, sweetie." "Oh! "Well, girls. As if time had stopped around them. It was a fair skinned 4 year old boy having spiky green hair that had black shadows with blue eyes and three whisker marks on both cheeks wearing a black shirt, green shorts, and white shoes. She hated this. Grabbing Eri and pushing her behind him. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. That being said, he might have a soft spot for problem children. Aunt Mitsuki should be in by her usual time and Eri really wants to see you again. "His Mom suggested he show me around, since I'm new to the area. The block of stone and metal flew at the crowd with amazing speeds, only giving them a second to process the end. The slightly older brother smiled back. Rated T for some cursing in the future. While she would usually scold them for not closing the door upon entering, she would let it slip this time. 'Red shoes...?' "It's me Inko." It's embarrassing." It just kinda happened. The putrid and pungent smell of burnt oil hung heavily in the air as the black fumes of smoke clouded his narrowed vision as he squinted his eyes in a vain attempt to see what was in front of him, only to find the same sight reminding him of the heavy pressure that weighed on his body and mind.

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