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Annual rainfall differs across Iraqi Kurdistan, with some places seeing rainfall as low as 500 millimetres (20 in) in Erbil to as high as 900 millimetres (35 in) in places like Amadiya. The council also works closely with the Kurdistan Regional Government and private businesses in the Kurdistan Region to ensure that foreign investment reinforces the already enormous economic opportunities there. During World War I, the British and French divided Western Asia in the Sykes-Picot Agreement. While the KRG asserts that such contracts are legal under Iraqi law and the constitution, it is disputed. The region was inhabited by the northern branch of the Gutian/Hurrians around 2400 BC. There are many rivers running through the region, which is distinguished by its fertile lands, plentiful water, and picturesque nature. The KRG is a Parliamentary Democracy within the federated Republic of Iraq. [8][9] One of the ancient names of Kurdistan is Corduene.[10][11]. Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani recently accused the PKK of exploiting the peshmerga’s fight against the Islamic State group between 2014 and 2017 to seize territory in Iraq. The new constitution re-formed the Kurdistan Regional Government. The region was host to the Jarmo culture circa 7000 BC. It is further complicated by the staunch opposition of Turkey, which is concerned about the KRG’s potential to break away from Iraq (with possible consequences for Turkey’s own Kurdish minority). The campaign also included Arabization of Kirkuk, a program to drive Kurds and other ethnic groups out of the oil-rich city and replace them with Arab settlers from central and southern Iraq.[56]. This number is expected to grow to 50,000 or more by the end of the year if rates of new arrivals remain steady. Instead, it is rolling hills and plains vegetated by sclerophyll scrubland. However, relations have been improved since then, and Turkey now has the largest share of foreign investment in Kurdistan. XXIII. Due to Qasim's profound distrust of the Iraqi Army, which he purposely failed to adequately arm (in fact, Qasim implemented a policy of ammunition rationing), Qasim's government was not able to subdue the insurrection. The opening reception was held Friday, August 3rd and the exhibit is open to the public through September 2, 2012. She commended the government for the $10 million dollar grant that the Prime Minister has provided, but added that there are still many needs that have to be addressed. “The history and archaeology of the Kurdistan Region is extraordinarily rich, but very under-appreciated. During the Iran–Iraq War, the Iraqi government again implemented anti-Kurdish policies and a de facto civil war broke out. Any attack on them is an attack on the people of Kurdistan,” it said in a statement. The meeting was attended by representatives from all of the diplomatic offices located in Erbil, as well as the Head of UNAMI’s (United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq) local office and representatives of some other international aid organisations. 6. Among other cities in the climate table below, Soran, Shaqlawa and Halabja also experience lows which average below 0 °C (32 °F) in winter. As a result, the KDP began to agitate for regional autonomy. stân) is Persian for region. The Defense Post aims to publish a wide range of high-quality opinion and analysis from a diverse array of people – do you want to send us yours? The region was conquered by Arab Muslims in the mid 7th century AD as the invading forces conquered the Sassanian Empire, while Assyria was dissolved as a geo-political entity (although Assyrians remain in the area to this day), and the area made part of the Muslim Arab Rashidun, Umayyad, and later the Abbasid Caliphates, before becoming part of various Iranian, Turkic, and Mongol emirates. The provisional constitution of the KRG, called the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Kurdistan, was written in 1996 with the help of Dr. Mehrdad Izady. According to Bloomberg L.P., if it were a country, the KRG would rank 10th amongst countries with the largest reserves. The incursion, which lasted eight days, could have drawn the armed forces of Kurdistan into a broader regional war. The region was host to the Jarmo culture circa 7000 BC. “I would like to thank the Government of the Kurdistan Region, they have been always welcoming the refugees to the Region,” she said. [68], As of 2014, Iraqi Kurdistan is in dispute with the Federal Iraqi government on the issues of territorial control, export of oil and budget distribution and is functioning largely outside Baghdad's control. Moving forward, the biggest challenge for the KRG will be to provide its’ Peshmerga with sufficient resources and training to defend Iraqi Kurdistan against ISIS’ intention to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the region. The second and more extensive and widespread wave began from March 29, 1987 until April 23, 1989, when the Iraqi army under the command of Saddam Hussein & Ali Hassan al-Majid carried out a genocidal campaign against the Kurds, characterized by the following human rights violations: The widespread use of chemical weapons, the wholesale destruction of some 2,000 villages, and slaughter of around 50,000 rural Kurds, by the most conservative estimates. Iraq's 2005 Constitution recognises an autonomous Kurdistan region in the north of the country, run by the Kurdistan Regional Government. [14], Bird species include, the see-see partridge, Menetries's warbler, western jackdaw, Red-billed chough, hooded crow, European nightjar, rufous-tailed scrub robin, masked shrike and the pale rockfinch. The Baathist policies motivating those events are sometimes referred to as "internal colonialism",[53] described by Dr. Francis Kofi Abiew as a "Colonial 'Arabization'" program, including large-scale Kurdish deportations and forced Arab settlement in the region.[54]. This stalemate irritated powerful factions within the military and is said to be one of the main reasons behind the Ba'athist coup against Qasim in February 1963. [46] Despite this, the Iraqi government embarked on an Arabization program in the oil rich regions of Kirkuk and Khanaqin in the same period.[47]. At the same time, Iraq imposed an economic blockade over the region, reducing its oil and food supplies. Following the unexpected death of Arif, whereupon he was replaced by his brother, Abdul Rahman Arif, the Iraqi government launched a last-ditch effort to defeat the Kurds. The Great Zab and the Little Zab flow east-west in the region. They joined Ms Halepota in commending the KRG for its significant efforts. For more information on business opportunities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, please visit Ayal Frank Tel. [77], The 2017 Kurdistan Region independence referendum took place on September 25, with 92.73% voting in favor of independence. [61] In return, the Kurds under KDP enabled Saddam to establish an oil smuggling route through territory controlled by the KDP, with the active involvement of senior Barzani family members. There are also several smaller lakes, such as Darbandikhan Lake and Duhok Lake. The KRG building is part of the 16th Street Historic District which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Duhok has the hottest summers in the region, with highs averaging around 42 °C (108 °F). “KRI is the legitimate political entity of the people of Kurdistan and peshmerga are the defenders of the people and territories of Kurdistan.

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