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[2] However, this was not always the case: one of Lord Stanley's original conditions was that each team could, at their own expense, add a ring to the Cup to commemorate their victory. When the Ottawa Hockey Club won the cup in 1905 they had a little too much ‘fun’ to drink and decided to try out some soccer skills. For the rest of you, here’s some new knowledge for you to dole out next time you converse about the chalice. The lockout was controversial among many fans, who questioned whether the NHL had exclusive control over the Cup. [17] The first professional competition came one month later during the Wanderers' two-game, total goals challenge series, which they won 17 goals to 5.[18]. When Kings President Business Operations Luc Robitaille won the Cup as a member of the Detroit Red Wings in 2002, he said the feeling was surreal, like nothing else he had ever experienced. Tradition is a huge part of the Cup’s appeal, too. The challenge games (where the Cup could change leagues) are to be decided either in a one-game affair, a two-game total goals affair, or a best of three series, to the benefit of both teams involved. Charlotte's son John later had his name engraved as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning, making them the only mother-son combination to win the Stanley Cup.[46]. L'inscription améliore votre expérience TCE avec la possibilité d'enregistrer des éléments dans votre liste de lecture personnelle et d'accéder à la carte interactive. The Stanley Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. The first version, the Presentation Cup, was created in 1963 by Montreal silversmith Carl Petersen, and is the one currently awarded to the champions of the playoffs and used for promotions. If you follow ice hockey, then you’ll probably have heard of the Stanley Cup. The 1980-81 Islanders are the Ilanders and the 1971-72 Boston Bruins are Bqstqn Bruins. [5] Arthur and Algernon persuaded their father to donate a trophy to be "an outward and visible sign of the hockey championship". In 1892, Stanley gave Canada a treasured national icon, the Stanley Cup , known originally as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. First formed in 1917, the National Hockey League (NHL) brought the era of inter-league competition to an end by 1926. This came just a year after Lord Stanley passed away in 1908. [25] In 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans became the first American team to win the Cup. [37] On February 7, 2006, a settlement was reached in which the trophy could be awarded to non-NHL teams should the league not operate for a season. What a lot of people don’t think about is the history behind the Cup. True hockey fans will be the first to say that their sport has the best trophy. The Stanley Cup is the Super Bowl of hockey, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself who Stanley is? Despite their best intentions, 11 engraving errors have made their way onto the Cup. The names of players between 1928-29 and 1953-54 are at the Hockey Hall of Fame. In March 1907, the Wanderers challenged the Thistles to a rematch. Unlike the trophies awarded by the other three major professional sports leagues of North America, a new Stanley Cup is not made each year; Cup winners keep it until a new champion is crowned. Rules are more strick for players than non-players. [5], As the prestige of winning the Cup grew, so did the need to attract top players. Or how many women have their names on the Cup? Selon la Gazette de Montréal, « Les flûtes en fer blanc, les poumons puissants et la cohue générale prédominent. In 1909, the cup had become so special to The 1907 Montreal Wanderers became the first club to record their name on the bowl's interior surface, and the first champion to include 20 members names of their team. Frederick Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston, After Frederick Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston, was appointed by Queen Victoria as Governor General of Canada on June 11, 1888, he and his family became highly enthusiastic about ice hockey. C'est un sportif qui aime la chasse, les chevaux de course et la pêche. While the Stanley Cup has always stood as a symbol of hockey excellence, its appearance has changed over the years. This agreement shall remain in force so long as the League continues to be the world's leading professional hockey league as determined by its playing caliber, and in the event of dissolution or other termination of the National Hockey League, the Stanley Cup shall revert to the custody of the trustees. [40], A close-up view of the engraving for the 2001 champion Colorado Avalanche, Since 1958, the Cup has undergone several minor alterations. However, the NHL will also consider other reasons on a case-by-case basis. If one of the existing trustees resigns or drops out, the remaining trustee shall nominate a substitute. While we would want to think that the official engravers — there have only been four in the history of the Cup — are perfect, some names have been inscribed incorrectly. While Montreal fans may not forget about the Cup, but two Montreal teams sure did. , ce qui ne faisait probablement pas partie des intentions de son donateur. It was returned anonymously. Le 11 juin 1888, Frederick Stanley, Lord Stanley de Preston, est nommé Gouverneur général du Canada par la Reine Victoria. La famille Stanley, qui assiste pour la première fois à un match de hockey au cours du Carnaval d'hiver de Montréal de 1889, est conquise. Bowman then waltzed across the Joe Louis Arena ice with hockey’s Holy Grail before announcing his retirement from the coaching ranks and skating off into the sunset. Since Pritchard took over Cup-keeping duties in 1991, the Cup has been able to have some summer fun in a pool on at least three occasions. Henri Richard, brother of Maurice Richard, has his name on the Cup 11 times as a player. Clubs engraved their team names, usually in the form "TEAM NAME" "YEAR WON", on that one ring until it was full in 1902. Ironically, Lord Stanley … La victoire est remportée par Montréal par le compte de 3 à 1. Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association, Traditions and anecdotes associated with the Stanley Cup, List of NHL franchise post-season droughts, List of National Hockey League playoff appearance streaks. The Canadiens hold the record for most wins as a team, having won the Cup a remarkable 24 times. It was quickly recovered, but took another swim two years later. Even team names are not safe. The speedy centre suffered a career-ending broken leg on the ice in 1937. Only nine months after winning the Cup, in March 1906, the Montreal Wanderers pushed through a resolution at the annual meeting of the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA) that would allow professional players to play alongside amateurs. He purchased the trophy for 10 Guineas ($50.00 at that time) to be presented to "the championship hockey club of the Dominion of Canada." [30] This lasted three seasons as the PCHA and the WCHL later merged to form the Western Hockey League (WHL) in 1924. He says there is one thing that could surpass the pride he felt that day in the summer of 2002 when he brought the Cup to Southern California for a daylong visit. [10] Naturally, the Ottawa Generals were upset by the decision because there had been no challenge games scheduled and because the trustees failed to convey the rules on how the Cup was to be awarded prior to the start of the season. When handling the Cup, these men always wear white gloves.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thehockeywriters_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',669,'0','0'])); Of course, that is not to say that others wear the gloves, or that the Cup has always remained under the eye of its supervisors. Thanks to Lord Stanley’s love and encouragement of sports in Canada, the cup bears his name and is the most highly sought after trophy in all of hockey. There is a second version of the Stanley Cup that remains in the Hall of Fame, which never travels, and is used for display purposes only at the Hall; this Cup is perfect and has no misspellings.[45]. If the two competing clubs cannot agree to a referee, the trustees will appoint one, and the two teams shall cover the expenses equally.

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