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I do like the time loop theory but leading up to the end (last 5 min) I assumed all the flash-sideways was how their lives turned out (seemingly better and still connected) and they were all going to the island-where they belong. She establishes that all women who conceive on the island will die (explaining why Claire – pregnant at the time of the crash – could give birth to baby Aaron). Shutting off the light blocked these properties, which made Richard sprout a gray hair (implying he was no longer immortal) and made the Man in Black (disguised as John Locke) able to be killed. © 2010 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Locke isn't the only survivor who has been miraculously healed by arriving on the island, though; Rose (L Scott Caldwell) finds herself cured of cancer, while Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is no longer infertile. I read an ending on DarkUFO once that theorized that the island was a UFO that was floating in the ocean and had grown over with vegetation for millennia. Benjamin Linus, for example, still felt guilt over the deaths of Danielle Rousseau and Alex. As soon as I finished I started reading all the different theories that people have had that include Purgatory other after-life theories they were all dead the whole time, and Vincent was God and all these other crazy theories. The Mystery: "I hear them out there in the jungle – they whisper..." says a harrowed Rousseau to an unconvinced Sayid. A subreddit for the fans and critics of the show Lost. During a pre-season online game named The Lost Experience, a Dharma Initiative orientation video explained how the numbers were actually the Valenzetti Equation - a sequence of numbers which accurately predict when the world will end. There they serve as that island's first protectors and their job is to train someone from the local population to take over the job as protector, just as (what became known as) the Egyptian gods and goddesses did on Earth's island. For me the actual ending explanation is solid and the purgatory/dead the whole time ones are mumbo jumbo but as to other little side thoeries like jack becomes the new smoke monster are ones i find interesting and debatable. Intriguingly, the more attentive of fans would have noticed how the numbers are scattered throughout the lives of the show's many characters (one of the many reasons Lost benefits from a re-watch). NEW YORK (CBS) "Lost" ended its six-season run on Sunday night, and in true form, many were left scratching their heads after the credits began to roll. Their group live in the Barracks (former home to the Dharma Initiative) while another group resides in a hidden ancient temple. Desmond suffers mental time-shifts while travelling from the island to the freighter due to the time differences between the two. Everything the characters needed in order to reunite and let go of these issues was in the sideways, even those things didn't exist in the "real" timeline. I wished the arc of Walt being special would have blossomed more but it sounds like his real life puberty minimized his characters intentions. Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Is there any other theories that you have? The Nursing Theories Explained Trap. Before too long, however, both Sayid and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) hear these whispers for themselves, usually pre-empting a visit from the Others or other island phenomena (Shannon sees Walt shortly after hearing them). 0. Flash forward to the final season; The Man in Black takes the form of the deceased John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), successfully manipulating others under his guise to perform actions that, unbeknownst to them, have cataclysmic consequences. The passengers on board experience what is described as "a heightened case of cabin fever", some becoming suicidal. He knew that turning the light back on after Locke/MIB's death was necessary to protecting the island, but that he'd die doing it. Other people who appear to suffer a form of sickness throughout the series include many passengers of Charles Widmore's freighter (including Zoe Bell's Regina) as well as survivors Claire and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) - the latter of which is resurrected by the island when he dies from a gunshot wound in season six. Lindelof was in for rehabilitation after working on Tomorrowland. You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. I hoped Desmond was actually jumping between two realities (one island / one non island) and in beating the smoke monster, they could save Locke in the sideways world and lived the life they wanted to/should of. it was done well. ‘LOST’ Finale Explained By Evangeline Lilly More Than Eight Years After It Aired Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 by Ben Pearson The last episode of LOST … Together, congregated in a church, they can move on from the purgatorial setting to... well, as Jack's dad puts it, to "whatever comes next". Okay I know I'm pretty late to the party but I just now finished watching Lost for the first time. Explanation: Dharma was founded by two scientists, Gerald and Karen DeGroot, in the Seventies and the initiative was depicted as a "large-scale communal research compound" where scientists could converge to research many subjects, including parapsychology, electromagnetism and zoology (which can explain the much-maligned presence of a polar bear on the island back in the show's Pilot). Fifteen years on, here are some of the key mysteries introduced over Lost's six seasons and how - at least as far as we can work out - they were resolved: WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ALL SIX SEASONS. The Mystery: The oft-referred to sickness is mentioned by Rousseau on countless occasions, claiming it consumed her expedition – including her husband – upon their arrival on the island. During its journey, the ship lands on the island when it is swept away by a colossal tidal wave, which explains its jungle location. Explanation: Despite no clear reason as to why this occurred, It is strongly suggested that pregnant women were able to survive right up until an oft-mentioned "incident" which occurred on the island in the Seventies and caused a strong electromagnetic pulse to immerse the island. Many females volunteer themselves for her research but they all end up dying seven months into their pregnancy. The plane crash, the smoke monster, the island – it was all real. Often described as the island's "security system", the Monster is a mass of black smoke whose appearance is always anticipated by a hallucinatory vision of a dead person from a character's past (perhaps due to the monster's ability to scan the memories of those it encounters). In our 'Lost' Finale Explanation we address the questions that left fans confused and/or upset by how 'Lost' ended its run. I just watched an interview with JJ Abrams and he said his favorite Theory, even though not true, was the Purgatory Theory. Explanation: No clear answer is provided as to what the numbers could actually be, but there are a few explanations if you delve deep enough. Christian told Jack that everyone in the sideways died at different times and places. Best Lost ending theories Okay I know I'm pretty late to the party but I just now finished watching Lost for the first time. The US television drama Lost first aired in the United States on September 22, 2004 with the most expensive pilot in TV history. So Locke died at Ben's hands and Shannon was shot by Ana Lucia, as we saw during the show, but the other deaths may have happened years later (or centuries, in Ben and Hurley's case, as they were the new immortal island protectors - their exchange outside the church, in which Hurley told Ben "You're a good No. Be in the know. A sickness also manifests in the show's fourth season on the freighter located near the island.

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