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That’s more than I can say for some of … But I do make sure I cleanse (with Argan oils) and moisturise (from the Sisleÿa‘s range) daily to keep my skin soft and hydrated. Former actress and model Lum May Yee likes … A large painting with a colourful flower motif catches your attention the moment you walk into the apartment. At 41, the mother of a gregarious toddler and who's expecting her second child looks just as stunning today as she did over a decade ago when gracing fashion magazine covers and local cinema screens. Share. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. My in-laws, who live right above me, were great throughout my treatment: they took care of the kids and made me soups. Modelling and acting were all about preparing yourself for a certain role. The global pandemic has alerted families that it i, In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities, Happy Halloween! What you allow into your life (and inbox) is your choice. She wears little make-up (“because I run around with the kids a lot.”), but a bright lip colour tends to make her feel happy and look less tired. MY: Life is a journey of experiences and choices that you make, and I am in a very good place in my life. What was the chemotherapy like and how did you get through it? Use this calculator to help you find your most fertile days. I also learnt who my true friends were. This video is unavailable. To me, that’s what life should be about. I run around with the kids a lot, so I don’t use very much make-up, but a bright lipstick always makes me feel happy and less tired! Although I couldn’t do much with them, just having the boys around made me feel much better. Films presented at Cannes. The 39-year-old businesswoman, who distributes American jewellery label M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, says: “I don’t like the dark and dingy feel. Jojo Struys, Lum May Yee, Chicken Rice War. No one does it better, not even Cher Horowitz, I’m afraid. Do you have a go-to mantra for times when things are not going your way? MY: My day starts with taking my older son to school, followed by a quick grocery run, if necessary, then back home to check my emails quickly before I feed, bathe and put my baby down for a nap. Life is too short to live with “what if’s”. © 2019 WEAR OH WHERE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WOW@WEAROHWHERE.COM. Menstrual periods are different from woman to woman and month to month. mums do, she exuberantly scrolls through the photo album on her phone to show off her adorable kids to me as we make our way to the shoot location at Seviin at Tangs. Visit the bright art-filled home of former actress and model Lum May Yee. We debunk some myths. May Yee Lum is an actress, known for Jiyuan qiaohe (2000) and 12 Storeys (1997). 12 STOREYS 1997 Un Certain Regard Actor . Photos: The Straits Times. You learn to juggle and do what is most important for the day. Her modelling days may be behind her now, but I think as she shuttles between the playground and her career, May Yee is a bigger role model than she knows. The song was composed and originally released by Singaporean Kevin Matthews from his Watchmen’s Democracy album (1993) bycanary is located at Tangs (Level 2). 12 STOREYS 1997 Un Certain Regard Actor . What’s your state of mind and being like after 40? — from 12 Storeys. This entry was posted in Singapore Singers and tagged May Yee Lum, One and Only, singapore. As for work, I am still managing the brands of jewellery that we carry, and I’m always looking out for new and interesting brands, but I’m taking a break from designing until I can find more time for it. Former actress and model Lum May Yee with her husband Steven Lam and their 18-month-old son, Aiden, in their three-room condominium in Bukit Timah. You feel like death, especially the first eight or nine days after a dose. With more sunlight coming in, I think the house looks more lively.”. Does the size of your TV screen affect its performance? What’s a typical day for you like these days? Lum May Yee. Join the tribe here. Skip navigation Sign in. I couldn’t eat, had very bad stomach cramps and you have no energy at all. Family Robinson Band – You Do It Once, You Do It Twice (1973). There’s no better time than now, as we celebrate Singapore’s big 50 this month, to re-launch this meaningful (and frankly, quite awesome) series, simply because there are more WoW Women doing great things on our little island than ever before. This article was first published in 2012. Remember that slicked-back pixie crop and green bandeau top you coveted like crazy? The doctors initially thought it was a fibroid but the lump turned out to be cancerous. I have a very supportive husband, who encouraged me to take a year off to work from home so I can focus on the kids. My husband would put the boys to sleep and ferry me to treatments, and my mum would come over every day. I had a girlfriend who I wasn’t terribly close to but every day she would bring over bottles of Kangen water (ionised alkaline water) and my best friend did the school runs for me. May Yee started out as model in Singapore and became hugely popular, and still is for that matter.That led to a role in Erik Khoo's film 12 storeys, which in turn made her a real star.She even sang one of the songs on the soundtrack, My One And Only, to great critical acclaim. That morning, we meet at Tangs because the stylish mum needed to tend to her other baby — bycanary. Dinner service is the craziest with feeding and baths — and sometimes a meltdown from fatigue. I try to exercise a few times a week and have a glass of wine to unwind when the kids are asleep. The walls in her three-room condominium in Bukit Timah are mostly in white, and she had the false ceiling taken out to allow for more light. What were some initiatives that you took that you feel helped in the recovery process? With the new baby, I had to choose between work and the kids. Well, I’ve enjoyed writing these stories, too. Change ). ( Log Out /  Former model and actress Lum May Yee married into the Canary Diamond family seven years ago and has increasingly taken … “I don’t have to worry when Aiden or the dogs roll and climb around. I have two amazing boys who make me smile and strife to be a better person every day, and I am grateful to have this time with them. I have gone back on a pre-dominantly plant based diet, I eat as healthily as I can, and I avoid processed food. She is sincere and engaging to her customers, and she’s a perfectionist at work. And it hurts. She is now a businesswoman who distributes American jewellery label M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza, while Mr Lam is director of home-grown jeweller The Canary Diamond Company.

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