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The falls have frequently been cited at different heights, ranging from estimates of 100-150 feet, to a more specific measurement of 101 feet obtained by some of the first extreme kayakers who sought to conquer the falls. Stevenson, WA, is a nice little town with some good places to eat. The site of the slide is fairly close to the trail, and the falls can be partially seen through the trees from a few spots along the trail, so once the Forest Service deems the area stable its possible they may construct a new viewpoint. There may be variance within the range specified where the flow will be better or worse, but visiting at any time in the range specified (if available) will generally present the waterfall in its best light. Both of these sections have metal cables attached to the rock wall for handrails. The rocky dirt trial is well marked, but has some difficult parts along the way. The closest towns are Cascade Locks, OR (3 miles east) and Stevenson, WA (6.5 miles east across into Washington). This was once a spur trail leading from approximately milepoint 1.5 on Eagle Creek Trail (#440) to a small overlook that provided a partially obscured view of Metlako Falls.Metlako Waterfall is a 100-150 foot plunge waterfall, the tallest waterfall along Eagle Crek. For smaller waterfalls, this figure will generally not differ much from the Average Width measurement, but for broader waterfalls - especially those that feature a crest that isn't constricted - this figure can at times be consideraby larger. Fires not allowed within 200 feet of trail. Metlako Falls is the Official name of this waterfall. NOTICE: The spur trail to the Metlako Falls Overlook is closed as of January 2017. The Tallest Drop figure represents the height of the largest single drop within a multi-stepped waterfall. My favorite place to eat is the Cascade Locks Ale House. Hood River, OR 97031 Metlako Falls is on the Eagle Creek trail. To learn more about the rating systems which we employ and how they work. Stream between two tiers of a waterfall is counted in its overall height regardless of whether or not that section of the stream would be legitimately considered a waterfall on its own right, were it to be isolated. If you were looking for a GREAT photography guide for Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington areas) - I can highly recommend Mark Metternich. On the upside, the dynamic forces that are still at play in Eagle Creek are natural and help create salmon habitat (as collapsed material forms shoals), pollinator and wildflower havens (as wildfires open up canopies), and food for wildlife (as woody crevices create habitat and re-emerging vegetation creates ground-level food). (541) 308-1700 These ads help to pay our bills. Waterfalls with only one drop will have the total height of the waterfall repeated here. The falls will be passed about 1.6 miles in along the trail, but as the former viewpoint no longer exists, there are no clear views of the falls any longer. The closest city is Portland, OR (45 miles west). Geologists who visited the site found it was unstable and was an active slide, so the ground could collapse at any moment under anyone who approaches the former site of the overlook. There are five primary Categories of falls in this system: Plunge, Horsetail, Steep Cascades, Shallow Cascades, and Rapids. Metlako Falls is the final major waterfall along Eagle Creek. While plumb uses eight distnct forms, we wanted further granularity and opted to break down the hierarchy twofold: first based on the overall pitch of the waterfall, and then based on what shape the fall takes as it makes its descent. I have taken workshops with Mark in the past and he has been hosting workshops in the Pacific Northwest for many years. The Overlook has collapsed into the gorge and there is no safe spot to view the falls. Forest Service Home | | | Recreation Customer Service Standards | |, Plug-Ins | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Important Notices | Information Quality,, Drones prohibited in wilderness and select recreation sites, - interagency trip planning. Elevation:   310 feet (stay to the left) and you will walk right to the visitor’s viewpoint. TTY (541) 386-8758 It can get cold in spring and fall, and winters are usually wet and very cold. Camping - click on the campground below for directions, Eagle Creek campground (currently closed due to the 2017 Eagle Creek fire), Ainsworth State Park (currently closed due to the 2017 Eagle Creek fire), Lodging - click on the lodging below for a TripAdvisor review, Best Western Plus Columbia River Inn(509) 427-7700735 Wa Na Pa St, Cascade Locks, OR, Skamania Lodge(866) 571-06051131 SW Skamania Lodge Way, Stevenson, WA, Columbia Gorge Riverside Lodge(509) 427-56503200 SW Cascade Ave, Stevenson, WA. If the watercourse is not known to have an officially or colloquially recognized name, this field is left blank. A short, un-signed spur trail will take you to a viewpoint of the falls. Cell service is available once you get back to the parking lot. Special Note: There are 2 sections along the trail that are VERY narrow, wet, slick, and dangerous. This information may be changed at any given time to ensure accuracy. We often utilize Google Earth to measure the width (where imagery is of sufficient quality and resolution to allow it. 902 Wasco Avenue, Eastwind Laundry at 225 2nd St., Stevenson, WA. The vast majority of waterfalls featured on this website will technically be truly perennial waterfalls (those that flow all year long), but some may see their flow dwindle greatly in the late summer months. A phased reopening of the trail is being worked on. I use Verizon, and there is NO cell service at this location. It is nice place with good food and friendly folks. Once on the trail to Metlako Falls, walk down the short trail for about 75ft. The watershed which a waterfall occurs within, if it is specified, will be based on the ultimate distributary watercourse to the ocean. The closest city is Portland, OR (45 miles west). This was once a spur trail leading from approximately milepoint 1.5 on Eagle Creek Trail (#440) to a small overlook that provided a partially obscured view of Metlako Falls. USGS Map:   Tanner Butte 7 1/2". Also Friends of the Columbia Gorge has a listing of hikes in the Columbia Gorge that are open and closed @ Trail Alerts.

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