military planes over pittsburgh today

Pittsburgh is always the guinea pig when it comes to big government testing stuff out. I came on here to see if anyone knew what might cause planes to … 3. Several once-classified documents have helped to shed light on the B-25’s mysterious flight, but its final resting place is still unknown. The official document used to illustrate your article clearly states this. So the mystery of what really happened — how a decorated WWII combat pilot could misjudge the amount of fuel in his plane — will never be solved. Community curated front page of Pittsburgh's place on the internet. Aircrew and maintainers from the 911th integrated with 445th Airmen to get hands-on training. The planes were directly above my house all night and I really wished I was a good photographer and had a good camera because the shots would be great. It is approximately 45.5 miles (73.2 km) long. They usually start up around 4 and end around 9. To see more pages from the report, please refer to this PDF. It would not pass the first set of Locks and the dam at Emsworth. I'm over on the far west side of Pittsburgh, and they were especially loud. Documenting Pittsburgh’s “Watering Holes”, Tic Toc, the Arcade Bakery, & Kaufmann’s Department Store, Why Tell Your Story? Who knows why all the secrecy but the plane had to have been removed early on. The Mystery of Pittsburgh’s “Ghost Bomber” TB-25N serial number 44-29125 did NOT refuel at Selfridge AFB. The planes were directly above my house all night and I really wished I was a good photographer and had a good camera because the shots would be great. Others cling to cover-up myths that range from the plane carrying Soviet agents to Las Vegas show girls destined to entertain senators in Washington, D.C. By Staff Sgt. Over the past decade here have been at least 115 planes—and they look alarming. Usually lasts 30-60 minutes. I watched these all day. The fountain runs on treated city water and the fourth river is really just 50 feet of sand and gravel on top of rock. Jean Ingraham and Staff Sgt. the wreckage was loaded onto a barge by the military. Illustration of the B-25 bomber over the Monongahela River. Got a few pics. For more information, contact the Detre Library & Archives at the Heinz History Center. Darrell Sydnor, 445th Airlift Wing Public Affairs When Maj. Dotson realized their fuel wouldn’t last, he instead asked to land at Allegheny County Airport. Yes there is an actual Wisconsin River its headwaters come out of a lake in Northern Wisconsin and empties into tbe Mississippi River near Praraie Du Chein Wisconsin. Downtown, the North Side, the South Side — all those long, flat areas on either side of the river that became the bedrock of industry, hearth and tradition — weren’t divined by good planning, but built on sand. Many believe the highly polluted Mon River corroded the aluminum exterior of the aircraft decades ago, only the steel engines and landing gear remaining. I cannot find a Wisconsin River South of Pittsburgh. The mai The 911th Airlift Wing has announced that some of its aircraft will fly over hospitals and areas across Western Pennsylvania on Monday. The actual name of this “river” is AQUIFER” WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- A C-17 Globemaster III assigned to the 911th Airlift Wing, Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania takes off from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, June 14, 2018. Two men, Capt. The AP describes:. Wiconisco Creek is a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Schuylkill and Dauphin counties, Pennsylvania, in the United States. I seem to remember hearing rumors that it was recovered and taken through J@L Steel in Hazelwood. There is no way the plane could have sank into the Wisconsin River. You gotta figure the shape and design of the plan probably help the currents drag it. It's typical to see them a few times a day at much higher altitudes but recently they are really low and really frequent. (No windows open or anything: had the A/C going., 1. Courtesy of the B-25 Recovery Group. Does anyone know why over the past 48 hours or so there have been a lot of extremely frequent low fly overs of somewhat large military airplanes? Picture shows props turning. You could probably submit this to those guys. It’s a shame the show fact or faked isn’t still on. Not really a big deal. If he was dead stick, the props should have been feathered and not turning. The two aircraft will fly over hospitals in the Pittsburgh area, starting around 12:18 p.m. If anyone has a camera and wants to get a unique shot from my roof, let me know. That would be cool, but it’s not true. I have tried to give my dads story but nobody seems to want to here. There was a C-17 last week (two weeks ago?? He saw this land also saw it recovered that night. The lane is used for planes approaching PIT but they're rarely as loud as they were this evening. But however, I agree with the currents, it’s probably down here in Wheeling somewhere by now. / Published July 19, 2018, A C-17 Globemaster III assigned to the 911th Airlift Wing, Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania takes off from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, June 14, 2018. Blue Angels, Thunderbirds will fly over Pa. this week to honor health care workers, show national unity Updated Apr 28, 2020; Posted Apr 27, 2020 … Of course it was recovered. I am doing an upcoming podcast on this story. Conspiracy theories abound. Military units around the country have begun posting times and routes for health care and essential worker tribute flyovers. 4. I'll try to get a picture from my porch (on mt wash) when I hear one coming again. I didn't go outside to see them, and it didn't even occur to me that they could be military planes. Especially if the plane crashed oncoming or adjacent to the river’s flow, but i’m not sure how likely the plane crashing adjacent to the river’a flow I see even possible, depending on the size of the river. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Despite extensive research, sonar scanners, and remote-controlled cameras, the Recovery Group found no evidence of the plane during several attempts. On Jan. 31, 1956, Maj. William Dotson and five crew and passengers were flying over Pittsburgh on a routine training flight from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada to pick up a cargo of airplane parts at Olmstead Air Force Base in Harrisburg, Pa.  During the cross-country flight, the plane refueled at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and again at Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan. Will upload. I always heard crazy things about the rivers that run under the rivers its kinda wild to think about. I would love to see something come out of it. And we wonder why we can’t find a missing Malaysian Airliner in a big ocean! Sixty years ago, at the height of our nation’s Cold War frenzy, an American military plane crashed into an icy Pittsburgh river, sparking one of our city’s most interesting – and enduring – unsolved mysteries. Found nothing. I heard 3 different jets over Highland Park today over the last 50 minutes. Or drifted elsewhere in the Ohio River by now. C’mon. I have not had any luck getting a response from the Recovery Group, however if anyone has stories, comments, or interesting angles to this story please feel free to reach out to me directly, Nobody has mentioned that steel mills in the vicinity were mysteriously closed the night of the crash. The come in land, speed down the runway and take back off. The Wisconsin River is not an actual river as we know it, but is what geologists refer to as the Wisconsin Glacial Flow. In the ensuing hours, a Coast Guard cutter – the Forsythia – snagged a wing of the submerged plane while dragging its anchor. I can send you a pick of my view, and next time they are doing something like this, come on over. Upvote for knowing--and using--the correct airport identifiers! Then they set up another training scenario and do it again. I'm genuinely intrigued as to why you say this. After the turn it went even slower.. The Heinz Passover Ad Campain’t By about 798,000 B.C., they had advanced into Pennsylvania, moving through cycles of advance and retreat every 100,000 years or so. )...I think it was the White house advanced party in town a few days before POTUS. Eugene, It would be fascinating to hear more about your Dad’s testimony. Legend has it that the Point State Park fountain draws from its estruary. Enter your email address to receive the latest blogs from the History Center directly in your inbox. It’s located over 250 miles East of Pittsburgh. ), Yes, practice and air drills. Share news, events, and thoughts with/about the Pittsburgh community. As his B-25 Mitchell bomber glided silently over the Homestead High Level Bridge (today’s Homestead Grays Bridge), Dotson made a wheels-up splash landing into the Monongahela River near the Glenwood Bridge in Hays. Oh well, its just an artists representation. The planes are scheduled to be here through October. I didn't see them, mainly because I didn't bother to try, but they woke the younger cat from a sound sleep. In more recent years, a team of volunteers known as the B-25 Recovery Group worked with the Heinz History Center with the hopes of locating the lost plane. If Rachel, or anyone else would like to contribute to the story, please reach out to me Thanks! Sixty years ago, at the height of our nation’s Cold War frenzy, an American military plane crashed into an icy Pittsburgh river, sparking one of our city’s most interesting – … At the time my brother related the story, my father expressed doubt that the crash ever happened, but agreed that if that if the older trucker’s story was true, it would explain why the wreckage was never found. I really don’t know if this has anything to do with this story or not but I know a place of employment that I have worked had a huge metal building and then had another huge metal building built inside of that one,that had an airplane that was tore completely down for investigation this place is in Washington County Pennsylvania again I don’t know if it has anything to do with it or not, but it may just add to the mystery.

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