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[303] They have a child, Niccolò, born in 2007. Delrio (Pd): "Studi la Carta, non-sia un pupazzo", "Governo, lo strappo di Sgarbi: "Penso malissimo di Di Maio. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. [229] The app aimed to notify users at risk of carrying the virus as early as possible, even when they were asymptomatic. [230] The opposition harshly criticized the app, accusing the government of establishing an Orwell-like Big Brother;[231] in the first weeks the app was downloaded by more than four million people. In the Czech Republic -- the European country with the worst outbreak per-capita -- the government plans to approve more stringent distancing rules. Guidance Standards for Hospitality Reopening. [77][78], The coalition of the two populist parties which Conte led was also known as Government of Change,[79] thanks to a document that summarized the electoral programmes of the two parties, which was called "Contract for the Government of Change". Il "Financial Times" lo stronca: un novellino", "Special Address by Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy", "Bret interviews Italian Prime Minister Conte", "Giuseppe Conte, Nyt: "Nel cv studi alla New York University che non-risultano all'ateneo". [269] The main topics of the summit included global trade, climate change, taxing technology companies,[270] but also Iran nuclear deal,[271] and 2019 Amazon wildfires. [11][12], Despite having started his political career as a technocratic prime minister, appointed to implement the government's program of M5S and League, during the final months of his first cabinet and especially during his second one, Conte became an increasingly influential and popular figure in Italian politics. [192], In late January, the government banned all flights from and to China, becoming the first European country to adopt this measure. Besides M5S and League, Conte received two votes from independent deputies and one vote from Vittorio Sgarbi, a notable and controversial member of Forza Italia who has always heavily criticised the M5S, but decided to support the cabinet in respect of Salvini and with the hope that a M5S government could lead toward their failure. Costa Deliziosa, which offers one-week cruises with stops in Trieste, Katakolon, Athens, Heraklion, and Bari, will complete its currently underway cruise on November 7 in Trieste. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam on Saturday warned of a situation similar to before the nationwide lockdown began in March. [310][311][312], On 21 May 2018, when Conte was proposed to President Mattarella as candidate for prime minister,[57] The New York Times questioned his summer stays at New York University (NYU) listed in his official curriculum vitae[38] in an article asserting that a NYU spokeswoman could not find Conte in university "records as either a student or faculty member". Di Maio: "Fatto storico, saremo leali su contrappesi". [36] Conte is currently professor of private law at the University of Florence and at LUISS of Rome. [6][7], On 20 August 2019, Conte offered to resign as Prime Minister when the League filed a motion of no confidence in the coalition government. [212] While on the following day, Conte announced further restrictions within the nationwide lockdown, by halting all non-essential production, industries and businesses in Italy,[213] following the rise in the number of new cases and deaths in the previous days. The two populist, euroskeptic parties secured the most votes in the March 2018 election, but the coalition fell apart this month over disagreements on key policies. Marche a destra. [200], On 8 March 2020, Prime Minister Conte extended the quarantine to all of Lombardy and 14 other northern provinces, putting more than a quarter of the national population under lockdown. However, travels across regions were still limited. [157] On the following day, the new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez accepted the disputed migrant ship. Conte: proroga inevitabile, virus circola, Italy closes nightclubs as coronavirus cases rise among young, Covid, nuovo record contagi: oltre 8 mila. [22] In July 2020, to answer the coronavirus recession, Conte and the other European leaders approved the Next Generation EU package, by which Italy would receive 209 billion Euros in grants and loans from the European Recovery Fund. Morti raddoppiano, Il cdm proroga lo stato d'emergenza al 31 gennaio. [123] With the 2020 financial bill, the government introduced a bill which provided prison for "great tax dodgers". [243] On 13 October, the Council of Ministers approved a new decree concerning further restrictions for bars and restaurants as well as the mandatory use of protection mask outdoors. [60][61] In the traditional statement after the appointment, Conte said that he would be the "defense lawyer of Italian people". [124], In September 2019, at the head of his second government, Conte launched the so-called "Green New Deal", named after the analogous US proposed legislation that aimed to address climate change and economic inequality. Ecco come è fallita la trattativa su Savona", "L'ora più buia di Mattarella: la scelta obbligata di difendere l'interesse nazionale dopo il no dei partiti alla soluzione Giorgetti per l'Economia", "Governo, firme e tweet di solidarietà a Mattarella. [94], In August 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Salvini announced a motion of no confidence against Conte, after growing tensions within the majority. [66] On 28 May, the Democratic Party (PD) announced that it would abstain from voting the confidence to Cottarelli while the M5S and the center-right parties Forza Italia (FI), Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the League announced their vote against. All'Italia 36 in più rispetto alla proposta di maggio: 82 a fondo perduto e 127 di prestiti. [309] In addition to his native Italian, Conte also speaks English. [202][203] This measure was described as the largest lockdown in human history. [227], On 1 June, the Ministry of Health launched the Immuni app for smartphone,[228] a contact-tracing app, designed to help authorities manage the so-called "Phase 2" of the coronavirus crisis. Does each member state want to go its own way? [159], On 24 September 2018, the Council of Ministers approved the so-called "Salvini decree", which contained a series of hardline measures that will see the Italian government abolish key forms of protection for migrants and make it easier for them to be deported. Photographer: Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images. [195] Regional train services suspended the stops in the most affected areas – with trains not stopping at Codogno, Maleo and Casalpusterlengo stations. In an hour-long speech at the Italian Senate on Tuesday afternoon, Conte launched a scathing attack on Salvini, the country's Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, who is thought to be vying for his job. [138], On 13 May, the Council of Ministers approved the so-called "Relaunch decree", with a budget of nearly €55 billion. From 13 to 21 June, Prime Minister Conte organized a conference called Progettiamo il Rilancio (English: We Design the Relaunch), better known as "estates general", in Villa Doria Pamphili in Rome, with the aim of "forging a coherent and well-funded plan for Italy's economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis". [191] As of October 2020[update], more than 800,000 coronavirus cases and 40,000 deaths were confirmed, affecting mainly Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont. [286][287], During an interview in 2018, Conte said he used to vote for the Democratic Party before approaching the M5S during the late 2010s. [289], In his inaugural speech at the Senate on 5 June 2018,[290][291] in response to attacks on government political forces accused of being populist and anti-establishment, Conte replied that "if populism is the attitude of the ruling class to listen to the people's needs [...] and if anti-establishment means aiming at introducing a new system able to remove old privileges and encrusted power, well, these political forces deserve both these epithets". [223], On 18 May, the lockdown officially ended and the government allowed the re-openings of bars, restaurants, barbers and gyms. [221], On 26 April, the Prime Minister announced the so-called "Phase 2", that would start from May 4. Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned on Tuesday, effectively averting a no-confidence vote tabled by the far-right League party's leader Matteo Salvini.

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