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The Act does not apply to radioactive ore while it is being mined or treated. The EPA or another public authority (either voluntarily or on a direction from the EPA) can also carry out a clean up. Enter your email address below. It is an offence under this Act to use vehicles on restricted land in wilful contravention of a direction given by the occupier of that land. The EPA must comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW), which regulates the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information. EPA officers and the staff of certain other public authorities have been authorised to issue penalty notices. “We’re sending a strong message that laws created to protect the environment, and in particular vulnerable species like the koala, must be adhered to,” Ms Moore said. For details of how Harvest may access personal information, please refer to Harvest’s Privacy Policy. PIN penalties are much lower than prosecution penalties. Your contribution to the site may be edited, removed or not published if we consider it inappropriate (refer to Moderation Policy). We are not responsible for your communications or dealings, including payment and delivery of goods or services, with a third party found via our website. By continuing to access or use our site after those revisions become effective, you agree and will comply to the revised terms. Thank you, your account has been created. binding agreement with the EPA to undertake tasks to rectify the problems Tier 1 offences are the most serious offences and cover certain disposals of waste, leaks, spillages and other escapes, and ozone depleting emissions. Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2014 No 65 [NSW] The Legislature of New South Wales enacts: 1 Name of Act This Act is the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2014. Under each Act name, there are links to the full text of the Act (from the NSW legislation website) and, where available, further information relevant to the operation of the Act and Regulations made under that Act. development of a site that would require a licence), premises based activities and non-premises based activities. to others. One of the giant trees allegedly felled illegally by the state-owned Forestry Corp in the Wild Cattle Creek State Forest earlier this year.Credit:Dailan Pugh/NEFA. the EPA will choose the approach which seems likely to produce the best They are intended to help users obtain data that is appropriately representative for the purposes of the sampling and the media being sampled, and to carry out the subsequent analysis and interpretation of the collected data. Any material that the user downloads through the site is done at their own risk and are responsible for any damages to their computer system or loss of data. The Environmental Protection Authority commenced the action in the Land and Environment Court for the timber group's actions in core koala habitat in Wild Cattle Creek State Forest, near Coffs Harbour in 2018. The 'This week' column on the Home page now has direct links to as made legislation. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has produced new guidelines for sampling undertaken in the assessment of contaminated land. Environment Court. The following offences were introduced by this Act. A drone image showing pockets of logged woodland within the Lower Bucca State Forest, another region of northern NSW where the EPA has been at odds with Forestry Corp operations. Return to search results Clear search. The Act sets out a number of orders that the court can make where an offence is proved. The EPA is one agency that will administer the implementation of NEPMs in NSW. Creating an account helps us stay in touch about environmental initiatives that matter to you. If the EPA suspects that you are causing pesticide pollution, you will Once finalised and released, the new sampling design guidelines will replace the current sampling design guidelines dated 1995. We are seeking feedback on the guidelines until 5.00pm Sunday 29 November 2020, After Monday 30 November 2020 feedback on the guidelines will be reviewed, A report on the consultation outcomes will be released to the public, The guidelines will be finalised and released to the public. It aims to, Under the Act, all pesticide users in NSW must, Under Part 2, Division 2 of the Pesticides Act, it is an offence to use a pesticide North East Forest Alliance spokesman Dailan Pughnsaid the prosecutions and the stop-work order were the first such actions in northern NSW, and appear to signal a more aggressive stance by the watchdog. Information that in some way identifies you may be gathered when you use this site, the EPA website or send us an email. Its functions include advising the Minister on the administration of the Act and measures to prevent or minimise the dangers arising from radiation. evidence comes to light that indicates the PIN was wrongly issued, EPA can View whole Act Statutory instruments Turn history notes on Legislative history Search Act Results: match 0 of 0 provisions. Tier 2 offences carry a maximum penalty of $1 million for corporations and $250,000 for individuals, and for continuing offences, further daily penalties of up to $120,000 and $60,000 respectively. The EPA regulates the on-road transport of dangerous goods while SafeWork NSW regulates activities prior to transport, including correct classification, packaging and labelling. These Terms apply to all visitors and users of this site. Proceedings for all other offences may be dealt with before a local court or the Land and Environment Court. #) characters. Codes of practice guide pesticide users in ensuring they minimise risks See Pesticide use in NSW and Working with pesticides for information about the correct use of pesticides. The Act provides for the appointment of authorised officers and enforcement officers to investigate compliance with environment protection legislation. 0 hits in page: First Last . Have a read and tell us what you think. Name of Act … legislation; see, injures or is likely to injure another person, damages or is likely to damage another person's property, harms a plant or animal other than the target pest, a particular case of pesticide use is likely to pose a threat to human The NSW environmental watchdog has begun five prosecutions against state-owned Forestry Corp for allegedly felling trees in protected areas in northern NSW, drawing praise from conservationists. The new Act promotes the strategic and integrated management, use and development of the coastal environment … Summary | Full text | Regulation, Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 1985 Under each Act name, there are links to the full text of the Act (from the NSW legislation website) and, where available, further information relevant to the operation of the Act and Regulations made under that Act. Before you submit this information we will take reasonable steps to inform you of: If you send us an email, we will record your email address for the purpose of responding to you. If proceedings are brought in a local court, the maximum penalty that can be imposed is $110,000. Prevention notices can be issued where an activity is being carried out in an environmentally unsatisfactory manner. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (the EPA) must comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. If information is sought by a third party under the GIPA Act that affects your research, business, commercial, professional or financial interests or your personal information, we will seek your views if you are likely to have concerns about the disclosure of the information before making any decision about releasing the information. You must understand and agree that, without limitation: We may terminate or suspend access to your site and/or account immediately, without prior notice, including without limitation if you breach the Terms. “We have strict procedures in place to protect wildlife, and if they are disregarded it can put these animals under threat,” EPA's Acting Chief Executive Officer Jacqueleine Moore said in a statement. The activities listed in Schedule 1 to the Act (broadly, activities with potentially significant environmental impacts) require a licence.

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