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Like Pakistan's hidden cash economy, the military burden of the country is also largely hidden, it is at least five times what is reported, since the military controls almost half the formal economy and possibly 75% of the informal one. Pakistan is surrounded by enemies especially bilegerant India. Resolve all outstanding issue with Afghanistan, India and Iran (this will reduce defense spending) Perhaps Pakistan position is even worse than India in this particular statics. Considering its size, Pakistan real GDP should have been 650 Billions US$ and real military spending should be 16 Billions US$. @Angry Pitbull, This should be doubled, if not tripled. Now we know the reason the for 13 times (and more) IMF bailouts !! What do you expect when you have enemy neighbours, @Rizwan, they don’t include paramilitary or BSF in their defence budget, @raj, shooting two indian jets and India shooting its own helicopter proved Pakistan’s parity equation is working, @RAja Raman, with modi in power - maybe it would have been better the other way round - would have saved two Indian jets at the very least. America is spending 700 billion dollars in military but in return America is getting US dollars as defacto trading currency. 700 billion dollars = 700 billion pieces of paper. Disturbing !! @Brothers, are you sure its 18%? How many? Military expenditure (% of GDP) in Pakistan was 4.03 as of 2018. Pakistan military spending recently jumped up to 11% of its GDP and given the security challenges, Pakistan defense needed much more... Also, our most of spending goes to R&D. Freedom is priceless. This says it all. I think this report mentions 4%. @referee , India's actual current defence budget is 1.53% (45 Billion USD) with remaining going for the Defence pensions. It is confronted by a virulently hostile China which keeps provoking India at every opportunity. In the 60s, Pakistan Army’s budget as a percentage of total expenditures hovered around 30pc. Pakistan Zindabad. It is is 3.2 percent of PKR 34 trillion GDP. Week civil governments and lack of clear policy on anything will result in failure of society and nation. @Gordon D. Walker, Good observation sir !!! Despite the increase from last year, India's military burden was the lowest since the 1960s and made up for 2.4pc of its GDP. Palestine doesn't spend a penny on military. The defence budget has increased by 11.9% in the fiscal year 2020-21. As a percentage of GDP, India has easily one of the lowest military expenditures. This first list is a list of countries by military expenditure share of GDP—more specifically, a … Kindly explain. Focus on Health care, potable water @referee , Libya, Syria and Iraq countries just a few countries that did not spend properly in a well equipped professional army. A short sighted policy of increasing burden will cripple the economy. Modi is a war monger. However, if compared with the 2019-20 revised spending, which was Rs.1, 227 billion, the growth would be 5%. @Satya Jeet, "Slowly and Steadily military spending is going to spend itself to Economic Bankruptcy." Gordon D. Walker I wonder how it "sums it up all"? Since 2009, Pakistan's military spending has increased every year, the report stated, adding that between 2009 and 2018 the spending increased by 73pc. 4. I think it would be worth it for India to spend that extra 1%. Look at Libya and other countries. 1. India spends ($66.5bn) while most of it goes to pension of retired soldiers and salaries of captured pilots. "Since 2009, Pakistan's military spending has increased every year" Hopefully next time we will be in top 10. Next year increase by at least 20 %, the year after 30%, then 40% 50%. If you can find the answer, you will understand what we gain from spending on military. Ltd. ( for Dawn. Results in real-time: Who will become the next US president. "The military spending of 2018 made up for four per cent of Pakistan's gross domestic product". Rest are pension and salaries. Please Stop this. Losers are India & Pakistan as they have to feed billions and their economy size is not enough. @Brothers, According to the report, India's military spending, which rose by 3.1pc between 2017-18, was "largely motivated by tensions and rivalry with Pakistan and China". We are under attack from multiple proxies, again including proxies funded by India, Afghanistan and NDS. "Despite the increase from last year, India's military burden was the lowest since the 1960s and made up for 2.4pc of its GDP" A poor country like Pakistan, should focus on education and health of public rather than earmarking huge budget for forces. Enough said!!!! @Javed, yeah but the question always is, who can afford. America is different class all together as it is a war and weapon drivin economy. Proud that we are in the top 20 militaries of the world. @Gordon D. Walker, Great idea. There was no Modi in 2009. but the befitting response given to India recently worth spending what ever amount Pakistan has to... America is spending nearly 700 billion dollars in military but in return America is getting US dollars as defacto trading currency. Despite the increase from last year, India's military burden was the lowest since 1960s and made up for 2.4 per cent of its GDP. According to the report, India's military spending, which rose by 3.1pc between 2017-18, was "largely motivated by tensions and rivalry with Pakistan and China". Whatever it takes. 2. @ALIG, Indian military is under the control of cilivilan leadership, not the other way. All because of PMIK when previous governments failed, I wonder with IMF loan , can Pakistan spend on education, health, poverty reduction etc. Wish we could do more for our armed forces. If the PPP wins the GB elections and forms the government, it would be Bilawal’s single biggest political achievement. Unfortunately, Pakistan GDP is going through its worst time and comparing military spending with current GDP is higher. Pragmatic and defensive. All most all countries do business with American dollars fearing from American military and America federal reserves print these dollars as per their wish. India and Pakistan also need to stop spending large amount of money in defense. Much of what needs to be done is in the realm of governance; hence, its impact may play out over a longer period. Pakistan should spend more. They don’t just employ soldiers but who lot of expertise including countries best researcher. @Asad, how does the military control formal or informal economy? Pakistan military spending/defense budget for 2018 was $11.38B, a 0.75% decline from 2017. Pvt. @Brothers, Cannot tell the difference between GDP and percentage of annual budget? @RationalBabu , but these indigenous plane did knocked out two Indians advanced ones! Pakistan GDP is 305 Billions US$ and India GDP is 2600 Billions US$. @Gordon D. Walker, great advice from someone sitting in comfort on other side of the planet! Everyone wake up. No spending? @ALIG, if you calculate only 1 billion $ expend on salary part. BEING incarcerated anywhere is not a pleasant experience. Defence is also an employer and a industry itself. No wonder, it is going to IMF and other countries such as Saudi, UAE, ectc., asking for money. Good job, who cares about poor Pakistanies? They lost half the country in 1971 and in 1999 they had to go to Clinton and do a Monica to save their behinds. @Brothers, We are proud of having 4th generation indigenous fighter planes. Ab, kya hoga Kaliya? The Sipri report ranked Pakistan among the top 10 countries with the highest "military burden" — described as a "state’s military expenditure as a share of GDP". @Gaz, For the three you have mentioned (Libya, Syria and Iraq) I can name 50 whose spending is low on military but high on development, and they are doing just fine. @aslam khan, "What a waste if there was peace." Military spending is one thing and having perks by military officers is another thing. Canada. This most likely does not include the land allotments and land grabs by the military brass. There is a reason officers in Pakistan are rich. Can they export made in Pakistan weapons and cover 50% of their future expense? Put disputes on a back burner, engage in trade and commerce is best recipe for South Asia. @Ghazanfar Ali, And how will you increase GDP in a short frame of time? Expensive expressways are not the answer to transport woes. pakistan spend 18% of its GDP and India spend 2.5%.

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