peep show season 9 episode 1

Armstrong said: "on the run of doing those two pilots we really created the show in the way that you couldn't if you hadn't tried it out." Mark sees it as his final opportunity to reignite his relationship with Dobby, while Jez think it will be a chance to improve his relationship with Elena. He uses it to chase away a group of children who had been harassing and kicking him in the street during the previous night. With David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Franc Ashman, Paterson Joseph. Jez is horrified by Sarah's return, so he walks out of the flat and asks Mark to tell her that their fling is over. After seeing Mark drinking on TV, Johnson makes Mark go to an alcoholics support group, where Mark has to tell the group that he is an alcoholic, then give details of his drinking. Jez calls Hans to assist with the eviction. Jez takes a job as a cleaner at the gym in order to try to get back with her. He is angry with them for not making progress. Jez briefly appears to be having some success with his music career with Super Hans. David Mitchell and Robert Webb play two dysfunctional flatmates who reveal all their inner thoughts - whether dark, stupid or embarrassing. In the last episode, Mark plans to propose to Sophie but changes his mind upon realising that they have nothing in common. He reads her emails, which include her thoughts about him and Jeff. Written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain,[1] the series explores the lives of Mark Corrigan (Mitchell) and Jeremy "Jez" Usbourne (Webb). Hildegardjah. Mark is filmed drinking beer in a park in a television report about nuisance drinkers while he and Jez are spying on Sophie and Jeff. Mark and April have sex in the café's toilet. Mark tracks down April (whom he had unsuccessfully tried to seduce by returning to his alma mater, Dartmouth University, and pretending to be a History student years earlier, in Series 2, Episode 4), at a book signing. Mark is a history-loving office worker who is attracted to his colleague Sophie. Sophie leaves on a business trip to Frankfurt, leaving Mark to consider a fling with a woman whom he recently met at his school reunion. At the beginning of the series, Mark is attracted to his colleague Sophie (Olivia Colman), and Jez tries to break through into the music business. View production, box office, & company info. Mark falls for a shy, attractive student in a shoe shop and makes an ill-judged visit to his old university, Dartmouth, where she studies. The job does not go well, and his attempts to sign up his and Super Hans's band fails badly and ends up with him being fired from the band. [10] In the same year, The Guardian ranked it 9th on its list of the 100 best TV shows of the 21st century. Mark fails to ask Dobby out and she finally moves on. Mark's life is falling apart, as Sophie plans to move in with Jeff. Dobby returns to attend the wedding and brings Gregory, her American boyfriend. Mark admits to Johnson that he has feelings for him, but that he is 85% sure that he is straight. While the court case is ongoing Jez and Carla meet in a café and he is attracted to her, which makes him decide to vote not guilty. Gregory finds out that Mark was following Dobby's movements on her phone and punches him. Jez has a fling with Mark's sister, while Mark falls in love with Suze. Jez turns 40 and Mark is throwing a party for him. This episode had me laughing and cringing throughout, continuing from the previous episode quite a while back Mark and Jeremy still have the ability to create such a tense but hilarious atmosphere. Jez is delighted by that, because he just wanted a fling. Mark, although conflicted about becoming a father, is worried that Jeff is becoming a potential rival dad. Jez is sleeping in Hans' bath, until he evicts him from the flat. Suze becomes Michelle's lodger. Mark is sacked from his job as a waiter at Gail's Mexican restaurant after trying to urinate in the food in revenge against an obnoxious customer. Peep Show. Jez and Gail get into a rowing boat and Gail accidentally falls into the water. She leaves him and Jez later has relationships with Michelle, Elena and Zahra. In order to avoid spending time with Sophie, Mark joins a gym. Episodes. He tells Jez about Nancy, and Jez then becomes desperate to get back together with her. Mark sees a therapist, and nearly succeeds in having sex with Sophie, but this chance is ruined by Jez's apparent drug overdose. Super Hans ends up leaving for Macedonia to open a moped hire business and leaves Mark and Jez right back where they always end up due to their bad choices, with Mark losing his newest relationship and job, while Jez remains stuck in a rut with no prospects.

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