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Trigger locks are not required for transport, but some provinces require that you have a permit on-hand if you are transporting a long gun outside of hunting season. Fireworks mistaken for a shots fired call result in a police dog and homeowner’s dog suffering significant injuries. Investigation lead to the location of the vehicle involved, where the suspects were subsequently arrested without incident. Fort Vermilion, Alberta – On June 12, 2020 at approximately 7:19 p.m., Fort Vermilion RCMP were dispatched to a 9-1-1 call from victims who had a firearm pointed at them. Ty Cardinal (21) of Fort Vermilion, has been charged with: • Dangerous Operation – Sect. Ontario / Quebec More information can be found here. Fort Vermilion RCMP along with the Mackenzie County Enhanced Unit, continue to investigate the incident at this time. Saskatchewan I called Action movers late in the day not even expecting an answer...I caught them on the drive home, and had a big favour to have some furniture picked up and delivered the next afternoon. These guns must be unloaded for transport, and have a secure locking device attached to each gun. call the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000; or send an Application for an Authorization to Transport Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Firearms (form RCMP 5490) to the CFP of the province/territory where the firearm is located. They were unbelievably careful with my new furniture, used pads on the floor to keep it from getting dirty, we’re careful of the walls and were able to manoeuvre through the narrows of my building very well and were pleasant, cheerful, and VERY professional through the whole delivery. All reports are written by police media departments. An Authorization to Transport must be obtained by phoning 1-800-731-4000 before you move. There are different rules for businesses. If you own a restricted or prohibited firearm and are moving to a new address, you must obtain an Authorization to transport. Then, you must communicate your change of address to the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as soon as you can prior to your move. Should you have information relating to this or any other crime, please contact the Fort Vermilion RCMP detachment at 780-927-3255. Manitoba Non-restricted firearms, such as rifles and other long guns, must be unloaded during transportation. We recently hired Action Movers to move our one bedroom apartment across town and they were great! If no moving company in your area is licensed as such, or you are not employing a company to take care of your move, you will have to transport your guns to your new residence on your own. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Any automatic firearms must have the bolts removed. Movers were very courteous, I highly recommend these guys. Here are the rules for displaying firearms in your home: Ammunition cannot be displayed with, or accessible to, the firearms. Great value in what you pay for, especially if you want something done right and have valuable items to be moved. Alberta + National (Main) Contact the CFP within 30 days if your address changes. I would recommend action movers to anyone looking for movers and I will be sure to call them for my next one hands down! Contact the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) for more information. Any class of firearm must be locked in a trunk or lockable compartment similar, whether in a lockable storage case or not. They had my current address still on file which was nice. Old school investigation reunites veteran’s daughter with her dad’s dogtags, Man dies in collision after allegedly stealing vehicle; “collided with the rear of a parked tractor trailer”, Man charged with firearm offences following threats complaint: Nova Scotia. 320.13(1) of the Criminal Code, • Pointing a firearm – Sect. If you are moving across provincial lines be sure to phone the Provincial Firearms Office in your destination province. The victims were travelling in their vehicle on Highway 697, when they were passed by a vehicle driving dangerously. It was the easiest move we've ever had and I am so glad we hired professional movers. June 13, 2020 If you are in a remote wilderness area and cannot lock your non-restricted firearms inside your vehicle, unload them and put them out of sight. Firearms legislation changed in 2014, and some of the rules surrounding non-restricted firearms were made less. Lock the firearms in a sturdy, non-transparent container; Remove the bolts or bolt carriers from any automatic firearms (if removable). Store the ammunition separately or lock it up. The RCMP are quietly adding more guns to the list of 1,500 banned by the federal government earlier this month. If, during your move, your guns will be left unattended in a vehicle there are rules governing this as well. How to Help Your Employees Get Ready For An Office Relocation. For automatic firearms, also remove the bolts or bolt carriers (if removable) and lock them in a separate room that is difficult to break into. Replica and antique firearms, according to the CFP's regulations, can only be transported in a locked trunk or equivalent lockable compartment. Keep your firearms license and any paperwork pertaining to your non-restricted firearm with you as you are transporting it. Storing, transporting and displaying firearms. They won the 2018 Top Choice Award for their excellence in the pursuit of top customer satisfaction in their city and that equals to hundreds of great service reviews! Sometimes CaPR staff create report titles. It can be stored in the same locked container as the firearms. You are moving to a new home and have a firearms licence? Antique guns must be transported void of ammunition. Will recommend them to everyone I know. Ignorance of the legislation is often the reason firearms owners are penalized – an outcome easily avoided through education. Federal legislation dictates that for transportation restricted and prohibited firearms must follow certain guidelines. Gun safety is of chief concern in Canada, and depending on the offence(s) those found non compliant can find themselves facing not only confiscation of their licenses and firearms but also years of jail time and hefty fines. 2 hours late, multiple smoke breaks, broke my couch, 9 hours for a one bedroom to one bedroom in new west, and dropped my dresser spilling everything out of it. Atlantic Canada If you have an opaque, locking gun cabinet or case it is acceptable to transport your firearms locked away in this fashion. Efficient, hard-working and kind people! Worst move ever! Fort Vermilion, Alberta – On June 12, 2020 at approximately 7:19 p.m., Fort Vermilion RCMP were dispatched to a 9-1-1 call from victims who had a firearm pointed at them. If the vehicle does not have a trunk or lockable compartment, put firearms and firearm containers out of sight inside the vehicle and lock the vehicle. Top notch moving company in Vancouver. Copyright © 2020 Canada Police Report - Published in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and read around the world. For automatic firearms, also remove the bolts or bolt carriers (if removable) and lock them in a separate room that is difficult to break into. 87 of the Criminal Code, • Unauthorized possession of a firearm – Sect. Lastly, be sure to update your licensing information with your new address. Attach secure locking devices to the firearms; Securely attach them to something that cannot be moved. In accordance with the Firearms Act, the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) oversees firearms licences and registration, maintains national firearm safety training standards, assists law enforcement agencies and aims to enhance public safety.Firearms in Canada continue to be regulated by the Firearms Act and Part III of the Criminal Code. In Canada,  all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you are moving across provincial lines be sure to phone the Provincial Firearms Office in your destination province. The suspect vehicle then pointed a firearm out the window at the victims. Failure to comply with both federal and provincial gun legislation packs big punishment. Non-restricted firearms must be unloaded during transportation. Tanya the coordinator was super helpful and the movers Evan and Brad were super professional and just super fast did not waste a single minute. If you are moving to Canada from the US and are a firearms owner, there are steps you must take before you move your guns into the country. 88(1) of the Criminal Code, • Using imitation firearm in commission of offence – Sect. The RCMP made a decision to seize the firearms without a warrant. Attach a secure locking device so the firearms cannot be fired. Attach a secure locking device, such as a trigger lock or cable lock (or remove the bolt) so the firearms cannot be fired; Lock the firearms in a cabinet, container or room that is difficult to break into.

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