resilience simple sentence

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme: This cream promises radiance, moisture and anti-wrinkle properties all in one. resiliency. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. But Yirol is a symbol of the extraordinary, 15. Challenging some tenets of the resilience thesis, this article seeks to broaden the discussion of welfare-state retrenchment. A resilient individual will not be hurt by insults. These need to be integrated with insight into the resilience of ecosystems. Surprisingly, the stubborn little boy … His greatest strengths are his determination Written off again and again, he has proved phenomenal in, 28. program cyclamen is part of sensible counter-terrorist resilience planning and dovetails into the existing emergency planning arrangements. Both ICRI and the Mauritius event served as reminders to look beyond sectoral issues in MPA planning toward overall social and ecological resilience. If you are looking for products that will minimize age spots, increase your skin's resilience, and provide deep hydration, L'Oreal Age Perfect may be the skin care line for you. (ext) Aptitude à s’adapter, à réussir à vivre et à se développer positivement en dépit de circonstances défavorables et de stress. resilience definition: 1. the ability to be happy, successful, etc. . Of primary importance for high quality, is the need for error resilience (in the presence of packet loss) in the bitstream. 108+1 sentence examples: 1. 3. 2. A woman 's emotional resilience can vary wildly with the circumstances she finds herself in. 16. The Baby-G takes the toughness of the G-Shock and adds a touch of feminine resilience that promises style class, and attitude. Yet I think Rand underestimated the resilience of Western civilization. Skill, experience and the natural beauty and, 23. Children are often very resilient. Learn more. The earthquake destroyed thousands of people's lives but I was struck by the incredible resilience of the survivors I met. (fr-rég|?e.zi.lj? . sentence examples. résilience (f), Étymologie - antonyme - synonyme - homonyme - expression de résilience. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Learning how to build resilience or real security into your life. They demonstrate great resilience, battling against considerable odds. try its best to collect and create good sentences. Resilient in a sentence. The wise business will use these good times to invest in measures to improve resilience. People also experience improvement in posture, breathing, strength, flexibility, resilience to stress, and a host of other beneficial effects. Brussels: Chemicals was the only sector to show, 24. With a selection of both men's and women's watches, Coutura is both contemporary and elegant, combining the resilience of a sports watch with the style of a fashion watch. Wiktionaire le dictionnaire libre et gratuit. 3. For this joint I used a polyurethane resin glue for maximum strength and resilience. For several years, critics of Britain's private finance initiative have been puzzled by its extraordinary resilience. The ball did not rebound as it used to; the resilience was petering out. Visit: UK Online UK Resilience This is the website of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office. discreet with a sympathetic nature and emotional resilience, able to cope with change and work under pressure. resilience. Estee Lauder Resilience Life Extreme: This anti-aging foundation offer is medium-coverage and provides lift and hydration for the face and neck. Lone parents have to be self-reliant, resilient and inventive. Despite a cancer diagnosis, Mary would remain resilient and fight until the very end. It excludes the required minimum margin of solvency but, in the UK, it includes the resilience reserve. The economy of Rochester is a prime example of that resiliency. Visit: UK Online UK Resilience This is the website of the civil Contingencies secretariat in the Cabinet Office. It may, however, be maintained that an ultimate analysis would go deeper, and resolve all phenomena of elastic resilience into consequences of the kinetic stability of steady motional states, so that only motions, but not strains, would remain.

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