riverdale season 1 episode 1 script

I mean it. Meanwhile, the local authorities bought Penelope and Clifford Blossom back to the shores of Sweetwater River upon retrieving their daughter Cheryl. Eventually, there will be a reckoning... ARCHIE (confused): Huh? JOSIE: Read my glossed lips, Justin Gingerlake: Not. BETTY: That's a lot of pressure. That is was a town of shadows and secrets now. Archie, with his guitar, experimenting with a new song. [Coach Clayton turns and notices Archie by himself on another part of the field] [Veronica’s mom, Hermione, sits in the waiting area. Archie’s trying to catch-up to Ms. Grundy, who walks ahead of him, through the students going to class --] Kill! Episode 1.07 "Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place" This episode is written by Aaron Allen. [Moose is distracted by a girl, whom he gives "call me" hand gesture and then rushes off to follow the two.] KEVIN (laughs): I love a good closet case. The two lock eyes, then Archie walks over to Pop Tate at the counter] VERONICA: Me, too. I -- ALICE: You’ve accomplished so much, I just don’t want anything jeopardizing that. [Betty is overjoyed at Archie agreeing to go to the dance with her and Veronica. I was like Cheryl -- I was worse than Cheryl. ARCHIE: So what was the highlight? SERIES PREMIERE — As a new school year begins, the town of Riverdale is reeling from the tragic death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom. ARCHIE: Yeah, that's the plan. I think you should pursue your music, but not with me. [EXT. Their relationship meant everything to Polly, but nothing to Jason. BETTY: So he says to me, “Don't rush this time, Betty. Now, a reversal of fortune considering that she is seeking employment from him. And you know what else? [She opens the bag, which is filled with money] ARCHIE: Six minutes, twenty seconds. RIVERDALE HIGH - MUSIC CLASSROOM - AFTERNOON] UNSEEN MALE TEEN (V.O. Who has red hair, yes, but is nothing like Jason Blossom. What does your heart say? ARCHIE: Hey, nice outfits! HERMIONE: Oh, Hiram...what have you done? [Establishing. POP’S CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE DINER - EVENING] ARCHIE: I'm working on it, Veronica. VERONICA: -- so what’s the social scene like here? BETTY: What? THE LODGE APARTMENT - NIGHT] MS. GRUNDY: ...of course. BETTY: Is that so impossible to imagine? As Captain of the Water Polo Team? Out of my way I just need you to be smart, okay? Before Betty can get too upset, she’s rescued by -- Kevin] [END OF EPISODE]. Are you doing something with that? [Both Betty and Kevin stop and stare at Veronica], [INT. Veronica then becomes acquainted with Smithers, whom she has never met. COACH CLAYTON: Yeah, bigger commitment, yep. Does that make you, what, Mr. Popular Football God now? coffee, newyork, bff. ARCHIE: From where? CHERYL: Go ahead, Betty. He recounts the tragic events of the past summer: the fateful morning of July 4th, when a boating trip was undertaken by the Blossom twins, Cheryl and Jason Blossom, and how it mysteriously led to the latter's death, initially believed to be caused by drowning. It was two. But, open to all. [Betty looks at Archie pleadfully], [INT. [Kevin stops and puts an arm around Betty's shoulders] The car service phoned in and dropped off a missing bag. With anyone? As hot and as smart as you are, you should be the Queen Bey of this drab hive. [EXT. Coach Clayton stopped by the shoppe earlier that day to talk with Pops. [The ENTIRE TOWN, all our characters, have gathered. to her] I have a plan -- However, according to Kevin, Archie has to be told what he wants, like most millennial straight guys. Hermione wastes little time in seeking out employment, starting with Fred Andrews at Andrews Construction. ARCHIE: Ms. Grundy? "Riverdale" follows Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath its wholesome facade. © 2000-2020 Forever Dreaming. [A Male Teenager’s VOICE-OVER narrates] It would've gone a long way with Jughead. Until I’ve got things more figured out, you’re the only person I’m telling, okay? And from what you've been showing us, well, I want you to fill it. ARCHIE: I’ll try-out, at least. We’ll have to tell them we knew each other, that we even dated for a little while, until I -- MS. GRUNDY (a beat, then): With what, Archie? This episode is written by Aaron Allen. ANDREWS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY - DAY] Because we understand that there are about 6 billion people who do not speak English, we've added something special. [Kevin trips over himself when walking backwards] He immediately notices Archie sudden increase in stature and build, suspecting that he may be taking performance-enhancing drugs, but as Archie explains, he worked on his father's construction site the entire summer. ARCHIE: You’re so perfect, I’ve never be good enough for you...I’ll never be good enough for you... MS. GRUNDY: It depends. BETTY: You don't even like reading poetry. 9. Roni, hey, what is it? I can’t very well have Hermione Lodge, the wife of Hiram Lodge, on trial for fraud and embezzlement, balancing my books. One week later, the Blossom family buried an empty casket, and Jason's death was ruled an accident. Store-fronts, local businesses. The name of our town is Riverdale. That the world around us had changed, maybe forever... [EXT. [BIRD'S EYE-VIEW of an American SMALL TOWN.] HERMIONE: And now, a reversal of fortune. And you know what else? Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes. Take a deeper look inside. I hope in those last moments he suffered. KEVIN: Oh my God, Jason -- he was shot. Much like Betty, Polly also had a bright future ahead of her. [As Archie turns and backs away from them to go down another hallway...] VERONICA: I’ll getting an Uber. The night of the semi-formal has finally arrived, and as previously agreed upon, Archie, Betty, and Veronica attend the event together. Kill! [INT. [INT. People, different ages, sizes, races, walking...] [Two dark-haired beauties -- HERMIONE LODGE (pearls, always) and her teenage daughter VERONICA -- climb out of the car, look up at the Pembrooke’s ornate facade...]

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