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Nightjet trains are omnipresent in Austria. These sleeping cars are the real deal, so don't expect showers or air-conditioning -- but the chic wooden paneling and vintage air surely makes up for this. On board, there's a restaurant car and you can opt for the economy seat, a double sleeper, single sleeper or a double/single sleeper with private bathroom. There are two trains that depart London nightly and both split to take passengers to their various destinations. The restaurant car is kitted out in rich red curtains and seating, which is an experience. As you might expect for a journey of this length, there's a restaurant car -- and for added excitement it switches halfway through the journey. New Train From Cairo To Matrouh (Not available) Train No 773 - 774 "Beds" In summer (In June till September) Prices for train 773 - 774 included dinner and breakfast. Orient Express exhibit: Height of glamor, romance on rails. "Fan carriages are adequately cool, ventilated via open windows.". Cabin Price For sleeping Train. There's a premium cabin option, which gives you maximum privacy and access to a shower. As the train pulls out of the station, you slowly drift off to sleep. East Japan Railway Company's Shiki-shima train has three suite models. Cars on the Tren Al Andalus were built between 1928 and 1930, and designed for use by British royalty for traveling between Calais, France, and the French Riviera, according to the website. This Orient Express is actually made up of two different train services. On the plus side, the night train is a true retro rail ride, from the ancient sleeper cabins, to the midnight border stops (the route also crosses briefly into Bosnia and Herzegovina). Compartment for 3 persons; individual beds are available for booking*. You didn't think we'd compile a list of European night trains without including the most famous sleeper service of them all? "So when I did my first Interrail a couple of years later, I splurged on paying for a proper bed in the sleeper -- and I have never really looked back.". the most comfortable way to travel on the ÖBB Nightjet, Standard and deluxe compartments available, Single, Double or Triple compartments available. Vietnam Railways operates the Reunification Express, which travels from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. "The Austrians have worked out a way to run sleeper trains that makes economic sense and they've got the political -- with a small 'p' -- will to do so," he says. Couchettes on the ÖBB Nightjet are available with four or six beds. The trip takes 24 hours, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the experience. When you reach Kent, in the South East of England, you depart the first train and cross over to France inside the the Channel Tunnel, before boarding restored French blue-and-gold 1920s Wagon-Lits sleeping cars for the remainder of your journey. According to Smith, that's largely because the Austrian train service has made the sleeper trains economically viable. Thello also offers "premium" and "standard" sleeping cabins. View and finish may vary depending on the car's material. freshly made bed incl. Some of the sleeper compartments on this train are pretty swanky. On the Canadian Train, the Prestige Cabins provide the highest level of luxury in Canadian train travel. These luxury suites will be introduced on the Caledonian Sleeper later in 2019. It's got an en suite shower and toilet, flat-screen-TV and a hot breakfast included. It's one of the longest passenger trains in Europe -- and also makes stops in Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. Travel from the bright lights of Paris to the gorgeous South of France. The Sleeper Plus level cabins available on the Canadian and Ocean Trains are available in different configurations. You also get a bottle of water, ear plugs and tissues, which sets you up nicely for the night.

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