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This was not the first time an antagonist disguised herself as a waitress to surprise the Winchesters; Dean described Eve as the wicked witch. One of the patrons notices blood on her dress and asks if she's okay. 2011. At the sheriff's office, Sam catches a glimpse of the officers in the surveillance mirrors and realizes that they're Starships. Bobby and Sam go to Silver's home and confirm that the house is empty, and that he had a wife and two sons. Sam and Bobby both say that something is not right, and suggest it is more likely Castiel may have intentionally faked Crowley's death than make a mistake that left Crowley alive. Instead, they decide to track down a monster that is sympathetic to their cause. The Starships lock the doors, draw the blinds, and relieve Sam and Dean of their guns. She obliges, but staggers back upon tasting phoenix ash in his blood. Dean says that they'll free them as soon as they confirm they're human. Grants Pass is her laboratory to build the perfect monster. She offers them a proposal: they bring her Crowley and she lets them live. After meeting the sheriff outside Dr. Silver's house, Sam & Bobby drive past a Mazda 3 with Kansas licence plates. She explains that Crowley is not after Purgatory itself, but rather the souls that dwell within it. As Eve walks through the bar, touching more people, the first man goes berserk. Adam Glass The sports bar Marshall and Ed exit in the teaser is called 8th Street Sports Lounge. It's not like Cas lives in my ass. Dean: Sounded pretty sure. The brothers are less than thrilled that Eve has played them. Castiel later returns to the diner and observes Eve's body and the corpses of her children before being met by Crowley, who expresses his dissatisfaction with having to clean up after the angel's messes. He tells them that they were at a bar, gives them the address, and says that a girl in white was there. It aired on April 29th, 2011. A particularly infamous scene in the movie is when Joan beats her daughter with a wire hanger for having one in her closet; Dean references this when he tells Eve, "Beat me with a wire hanger, the answer's still no.". She explains that he's still abducting her children, and he's using their souls as power, siphoning off her supply. As Dean picks the lock of the office, they spot blood on Silver's shed and finds Ed Bright's corpse inside. The guys discover the townspeople have been converted to demons, but surprisingly, they all appear to be dying. She realizes that they have phoenix ash and tells her minions to destroy the guns, and then explains that she's not there to fight. Dean: Yeah. Castiel tries to teleport away to search the town and realizes that he's blocked. Dean: Jefferson Starships. Best guess – silver bullets. He is 5'10" and weighs 185 lbs. Series Ed clumsily flirts with her, and she touches his face before leaving to enter the bar. The sheriff warns Bobby that Eve can see them through him. Sam and Dean are reluctant, but Castiel obliges. As they drive, Joe watches over his little brother as Dean looks on. At the sheriff's office, Castiel tells Bobby that it was a bad idea letting Sam and Dean go. Inside, the writing on the wall reads ", Sam's method of using the camera on his phone to find out if the people in the diner are monsters is the same method that was used to see ghosts invisible to the naked eye in, The nametag on Eve's waitress uniform reads "Angela. Eve is unconvinced, however, and informs them that Crowley is indeed alive and in hiding, but is still carrying out his search for Purgatory. Joe and Ryan are in the basement, dead, and Sam finds traces of sulfur, indicating that demons are responsible. Sam and Dean break in and find several Ed Brights.

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