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This show stars a bunch of unabashed dorks, and the. You know him as Katniss Solo, Advanced Placement. The fact that, while Dean is trying to carry out the plan to kill Amara, Sam, Rowena, Castiel, Chuck/God, and Crowley spend most of the episode... Mary reunites with the Impala and spends a few minutes just looking on the inside. Cue stare from Sam and awkward silence. He flails around, tangles himself up with the sheet and knocks himself out. Sam and Dean's reactions to the whole thing is hilarious, especially playing along for information. Chuck and Dean bursting into the room to save Sam from Lilith: The look on Dean's face when he tells Sam to "behave, don't do any homework, watch some porn" makes you think he's always wanted to say that sentence. Sam is sitting in a chair in the middle of the motel room, bored out of his skull, when the air conditioner starts to rattle and then smoke. Sam gets the short straw and has to sit in the kiddy chair. Also, one of the potential prophets tries to bluff read the quoting. Cas saying he'll be the boys' "third wheel.". Dean shields Daphne and tries to hug her, only to find that Fred is leading her by hand away from the pursuing phantom. Get ready for lolworthy gifs. When they're in the laundromat and Dean narrates Sam's actions. Aww...and HEE! Lucifer responding to the Winchesters' attempts to contact Rowena is one fine picture of the Devil's menace, but it does have a few comedic gems. He later tries to offer her a snack. Uh, no, there are no bells. Dean's immediate reaction to Sam's announcement of his marriage. The Winchesters then see a news report that President Trump had a long press conference about his tax history, his. Bobby's summary of what he and the other Apocalypse World refugees just learned from Sam about the main universe. Sam gets up to follow...and then comes back for his burger. He then glances up at the scarecrow's face, only to dryly remark: Dean, after Sam tells him he stole a car to get to him: While Dean is posing as an officer, the lady-cop who's helping him calls him out on it by telling him the badge he showed her was reported stolen. Except for Fred, whom he considers "a wad.". A gagged Lucifer visibly being bored out of his skull by Crowley's two mooks making their demands to him. Presenting the LepreCardo: Robert Picardo playing a leprechaun. ", Dean discovering that a vengeful trick-or-treater he brushed off earlier egged the Impala, followed by his angry cry of "ASTRONAUT!". Lucifer's assessment of people praying to God: Lucifer popping into the middle of an exorcism. When Sam finds out the story behind that one. and is killed five seconds later by Dagon, Lucifer pulls this trick a second time, causing Crowley to fall before his servants; he then steps out, goes "Eight ball, corner pocket! Teddy (hey, he signed his suicide note "T. Bear") in the throes of an existential crisis: It's her tone that makes it clear she's already explained this repeatedly. Dean starts to imitate the baby's crying while in line at the supermarket. Special mention to the fact that Sam. Suckage: major.". The music swells heroically...and then Chuck says "No frigging way! That guy Castiel met in "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" was right. Crowley gets his back when he and Billie trade flirty glances, much to everyone else's surprise. ", "Cliff notes: I was in Purgatory and Sam hit a dog. Then again. Half a dozen dead people rise from their graves, Zachariah had a few in this one, from calling Mary a MILF to retorting to Dean's calling him bald with "in Heaven, I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a LION.". When Sam and Dean are breaking back into the dungeon, they have this golden exchange as Dean tries to shimmy through the broken bars on the window: Dean's response when he finds out that they are facing the Wicked Witch from Hansel and Gretel: The Wicked Witch complaining about the AMBER alert and Dean's response: "I blame. And again. ", "Are you off your rocker? I love supernatural i think every episode is funny and amazing!!!!! At the beginning of the episode, Sam comments that the Trans are safely at Garth's "safe house boat". When Lucifer proposes he and Jack go and explore the universe together, Jack excitedly asks "Like. At one point, Dean tells Sam to look anywhere but the camera. When they finally defeat the dinosaur and it explodes in a shower of plush, the brothers share an awkward look, with Dean shrugging. Moments later, after Dean hands him the shirt and walks out, Sam sniffs the shirt and calls after his brother "Dude, quit ironing my shirts with. made him realize the Sam and Dean checking up on him were Crowley's fakes. In honor of the twelfth season of "Supernatural" starting under production this week, here is a list of the top twelve funniest episodes of "Supernatural"! "Let me just say, we accept homeowners of any race, religion, background, or... Dean's reaction to the second time this is said priceless. Sam gives Dean a look and discreetly whispers "You hurt his feelings.". ", While undoubtedly intended as a serious, shocking moment, the entire sequence of Crowley finding out about. Dean's failed attempt at humor with "Dragon Penis". His co-star immediately breaks out an, Jensen asks Misha if he can really ride a horse and says, "I haven't been on horses as much as I should [being from Texas], but I know I've ridden more than you." ", The chase scene, all set to the classic Scooby-Doo. It's as though Jared was aiming to fall normally, landed with his knee stuck and then just carried on with the scene. It beeps wildly when he points it towards Dean—Dean's lightly panicked expression and tone is what sells the scene. When Hannah shows up at Castiel's motel room door, Castiel's robe is open, and while we don't see anything. Some of the potential prophets think that Crowley's an alien who's abducted them. Dean's scream when he realizes he's holding the phantom after ending up in a darkened room and thinking he's holding Daphne. Jody simply points to Mary tied to a chair. Discover Instagram posts, videos & stories with #supernaturaltvshow hashtag. And then Sam and Dean begin an exorcism, which no doubt left the real Snooki wondering what the hell she was doing in the middle of nowhere. It only gets better when the brothers talk about what they've just seen: The diagnosis of Teddy's mental condition? Witness: The moment Gabriel walked into the room earlier in the episode, the other gods calling him. Dean and Castiel come face-to-face with Gog and Magog, and all Dean can do before the inevitable fight is barely stifle his laughter as he comments on their fur loincloths, much to Castiel's annoyance. Dean implying he swam in the swimming pool...naked. Dean's face is priceless when he realizes that she's looking at the backseat. ", "You okay? To report a sighting of that ginger whore, Rowena, press two. Dean tells Chuck/God that apologizing isn't about being right and remarking that he doesn't mean it whenever he tells Sam he's sorry, prompting a look from Sam. Bobby's response? Sam and Dean geeking out over Samuel Colt's journal. This is immediately followed by Dean getting thrown out of the woods screaming. While one of the demons is making demands that Lucifer will fulfill upon being freed, the other demon is a diehard Lucifer loyalist and says he wants to. Because I'm getting mixed signals. Even when he stops, it's not useful information. The guy can face down demons, vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves, HE'S EVEN BEEN TO HELL, but he is just not equipped to handle that. Gonna finish this vampire deal once and for all. Like, right in the middle of it, with no (immediate) context. He tries to get them to calm down and ends up outright obliterating them, then goes "Damnit!". When Dean is trying to convince Sam to return to go with him: When Constance takes possession of the Impala, Sam asks Dean who's driving the car, Dean's response is to take his car keys out of his pocket and jingle them. None. Look at the difference in the shadow's hands in the 2 pictures. The dog's first words to Dean: "Change the station." Dean making the one observation at the end that gets the two chuckling after reflecting on the episode: Fridge Hilarity sets in when you hear this episode referred to as. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from And slapping her son because Kevin is staring at the. The first thing Cas does after teleporting back into the Impala is ask Meg if she's alright. Kevin is stunned. The boys enter John's lock-up to find two demons dead on the ground and Zachariah and a couple of angels waiting inside.

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