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Ahead of new BBC series Art of Persia, starting on 15 June, Christopher Wilton-Steer looks up at the intricate ceilings of Iran’s mosques, mausoleums and palaces Why such a slating for the Shah and no slating whatsoever for the cruel, despotic clerics who displaced him? This is a story about a land known by two names. They won't be toppling statues from. A chat about Any Questions, Chris Mason & Peter Hi... ‘Germans are good engineers’ and other slurs. Good-natured and thoughtful comments are always welcome. Indeed, she sees the series as a form of "cultural diplomacy", going beyond "the news headlines about the Iranian regime" and "offering the chance to make a connection with the Iranian people and gain a new perspective on the world. But from the death and destruction, emerged a golden age of Persian poetry and art. BBC guidelines? In the fabled city of Isfahan, Samira encounters the dynasty of Shahs […] Ah, because this is "cultural diplomacy", that's why, and the sharing of an "olive branch" with that regime. A land of unimaginable beauty. Pink Mosque, Shiraz (BBC/Craig Hastings) Next week, in episode two, Samira Ahmed visits Jameh Mosque, Yazd (BBC/Craig Hastings) Netflix: Who is Ida Engvoll from Love and Anarchy? For nearly six weeks, between March and June last year, I travelled across Iran to visit a dozen of its 22 Unesco-listed cultural heritage sites, making a three-part series for BBC Arts. By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. The first is Persia: ancient, mysterious, a place of adventure, of mighty temples and palaces built by powerful kings. Please feel free to agree or disagree with us. We'd rather you didn't rant though. Samira Ahmed travels through Iran, walking through the ruins of an empire that very nearly forgot itself. I'm very sorry, I think we've lost the line, From pasta pies to caramel bars: Yotam Ottolenghi's pumpkin recipes. The Executive Producer is Matthew Springford. Cyrus the Great was the king who freed the Jews from captivity in Babylon and allowed them to return home. Meet the actress who plays Sofie Of post-revolutionary Iran and the theocratic regime of Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei and their attitudes to their country's heritage, there was literally just one, short, three-clause paragraph, and absolutely nothing critical of their rule. What austerely beautiful landscapes! And please don't swear! What … And what art and architecture! I very much enjoyed it and marvelled at the clear, unashamed love of the Iranian people for their culture and history - very much including their pre-Islamic history. That was before the final episode, but when the final episode came I was surprised when it pretty much ended in 1979, with the bulk of its final section laying out the case against the last Shah of Iran and explaining why, through his un-Persian/un-Iranian folly, he helped bring about his own destruction and paved the way for the revolution. Produced by BBC Studios. The next episode of Art of Persia (Monday 22 June, 9pm, BBC Four), follows the Muslim conquest and all that ensued. Art of Persia, BBC4, review: Samira Ahmed brings Iran’s art and culture to life The presenter tries to show that while the Islamic Republic might be … Broadcast subscribers log in with the same details you use for And what art and architecture! What magnificent camera work! What austerely beautiful landscapes! Ayatollah Khamenei is an antisemite who wants to expel the Jews from their homeland. This left a slightly sour taste in my mouth. November 7th: Who invented the London Underground typeface? It had taken three years for the BBC to secure visas from the Iranian regime but. It was filmed over six weeks between March and June last year. What are those things of which you... "BBC seems swept up in an emotional tide". She calls this generosity "an important olive branch". ...and any other matters that take our fancy. What a history though! Things don't always get better. One that is less western-centric". Yes, you're the BBC and you've been granted a huge favour by the Iranian regime, allowed in to glory in the country's past, to talk to its friendly people, and to go where no BBC presenter has gone before; you're allowed to see site after site, visit city after city, and look at rarely-seen hidden-away artifacts; and you show it all in the most glowing light, but you don't utter a single word of criticism of the rule of the Iran's latest rulers - the Islamist regime of the supreme leaders. The Series Producer and Director is Richard Downes. Art of Persia Series 1 Episode 3 of 3 Samira Ahmed goes back to when Persia faced her gravest threat - Genghis Khan - and reveals how the Safavids, who … The Art Of Persia is a BBC Studios Production. But behind these names lies the story of a complex and fascinating people, culture and history. But Sue pointed out something she'd read: that the programme hadn't mentioned the regime. The second is Iran: proud, isolated, defiant of outside interference. 11/06 Links P2: High Court rules it's permissible to call PSC founder Tony Greenstein a “notorious antisemite”; Feds probe SFSU for attempting to host terrorist Leila Khaled, Panel clears Al Quds speaker who said ‘Zionists’ guilty over Grenfell fire, The General Pharmaceutical Council spits in the face of British Jews, Muslims: Al-Aqsa Mosque Does Not Belong to Palestinians, Yes, lockdown does more harm than good but MPs don’t want to know. What a history though! Samira Ahmed travels through Iran, walking through the ruins of an empire that very nearly forgot itself. Art of Persia Samira Ahmed's three-part series Art of Persia, broadcast on BBC Four, was superb - though I'd say it was as much a history of Persia/Iran as it was about the art of Persia/Iran. 2020-06-08T11:32:00. In this last episode, Samira Ahmed travels to the crumbling ruins of an ancient walled city and goes back to when Persia faced her gravest threat: Genghis Khan. Murder in the Car Park Channel 4 ★★★☆☆. Why did history stop in 1979 for this BBC series? Samira Ahmed journeys to places rarely seen by western audiences to reveal how the Persian Empire was born. This site uses cookies. 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And Samira made for an enthusiastic, agreeable presenter. Art of Persia BBC Four ★★★★☆. Who is Sir Mark Sedwill - the most powerful official in Government. Art of Persia, BBC4.

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