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Awards All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers. Emma Watson ("Beauty and the Beast") plays young intern Mae who, partly through the aid of family friend Annie (Karen Gillan, "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Doctor Who") but mostly through her own aptitude, lands a foothold job in customer services for the company. Episodes 1-4 of The Circle are now streaming on Netflix. If you are going to pick a lead actress, at least pick one who can act and has depth. I don't care how many movies she's made. Your privacy is important to us. Tonight's review is on the latest "dystopian" feature film called The Circle. These newbie reality stars do their best to provide big reactions while reading a television screen, then give their thoughts aloud for the cameras. In term of the characters, I felt that Tom Hanks portrayal of a boss to this very large corporation was very good in the beginning, but not really good at the end. One guy decides he'll just call him "Shooby" without asking, and it catches on. Tom hanks is wasted and barely used. Similar formats have worked in other series (see Channel 4's Googlebox), but The Circle isn't courting that kind of crowd. Anything else. In Episode 1, series narrator Michelle Buteau (who gets in great quips throughout, but is largely underutilized) asks, "How far would you go to be popular on social media if there were $100,000 at stake?" There was brief moment of suspense before the end, but that was it. It turned an otherwise bad movie into something I can almost consider my enemy. But! Another one that I think quite stood out was the characters of Annie and Mercer, while the rest did not really gave impressions. Saw this movie yesterday, left very disappointed. If you have children, teens, friends oblivious to the fact that the internet and streaming are NOT private, then you must get them to go see this movie - and the social message is the reason why I rate this as an "8". It'll make you think long and hard about how much to put on FACEBOOK!!! Still, done correctly, The Circle could have inspired debates about image curation and social hierarchy — with plenty of scandals, fights, and twists for the pearl-clutching types. That's what we all basically do every day, judging other people on a photo or a line of text, as well as judging ourselves for not living up to the idealized images that others project. At the end of each round, competitors are scored, with the highest ranking people becoming "Influencers" and the lowest getting "Blocked" and eliminated. Former Hermione Granger, and more recently Belle, Emma Watson leads the film as she attempts to take us into the workings of a technological conglomerate who has knowledge as its key principle. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Searching for streaming and purchasing options ... Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. | This film sticks front-and-center an indisputable fact that technology unchecked can and will go to the extreme. Robbie K back, after being off the grid for a week. Is, say, the internet good or bad? Since not all players are using their real photos and personas, there's an additional aspect of deception; however, this may be instructive to viewers who may be reminded not to believe everything they read online. Heartless movie. Somewhere between a dating show, Fox Reality's Solitary, and MTV's Catfish, (with just a sprinkle of Survivor-like eliminations), The Circle is a social experiment designed to answer a big question about our online selves and humanity. FAQ While somewhat entertaining due to the futuristic depictions of technology and fast-paced plot, The Circle offers little more than that. South of the Circle review. Adult players are served cocktails or drink in their apartments during portions of the game; no one acts drunk. Mashable, Inc. All Rights Reserved. However, I held out hope that the film would be able to impress, especially with the star studded cast at the helm.

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