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The hero, represented first by Charles McNider, appeared for the first time in All-American Comics#25 (April 1941). So that's going to be really fun to see how she meshes well with other people and also how she learns to be a friend to other people. It wasn't exactly like Courtney picks her to be Dr. Mid-Nite, but in a way, I also think through chance, the goggles picked her. Doctor Mid-Nite (also Doctor Midnight) is the name of multiple fictional superheroes in DC Comics. And, I'm so grateful that people are able to see that because it is hard work. Strange 2. Invincible: 5 DC Heroes He Would Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To), 10 Best Superhero Doctors In Marvel & DC, Ranked, 10 Hidden Connections To The Original Comics That You Missed In The Immortal Hulk, 10 Most Powerful Members Of The Justice Society, Ranked, MCU: 10 Multiverses We Could See In Dr. Here, he tried to gain his son's love by, well, pretty much destroying him. When she picks up the goggles, what is she expecting? What makes Beth the right person to pick up the mantle and what makes Dr. Mid-Nite the right one for her? Once Thor's father was satisfied with the change, he gave Blake a chance to transform back into the God of Thunder. I'm very grateful. A gifted surgeon with a bit of an attitude, he lost it all after a serious car accident. Also, how she manages the goggles and how they become Dr. Mid-Nite with her — it's going to be really, really fun for everyone to watch throughout the season. Turns out, the cane was actually Thor's cherished hammer. Rich Keller is a 30-year freelance veteran. In addition, instead of individuals, he was tasked to protect the entire universe. Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) has picked up Starman's (Joel McHale) Cosmic Staff and become Stargirl on the newest DC superhero series. One of the other things that commonly comes up when I'm talking about the show is, the concept that it's all about family. Even when he was a criminal, Otto was not only brilliant but a leader. How familiar were you with the comics in genera and with the character specifically from comics before Stargirl? You're going to be laughing, but you're going to be on the edge of your seat, and you're going to be terrified for them, but then you're also going to be so proud of them and excited for them. In the Flashpoint universe, Dr. Thomas Wayne was once a gifted surgeon. The tale of Stephen Strange's transformation to Doctor Strange is another story of humility. This is the first episode to thoroughly introduce Rick Tyler , … It's a part of JSA, which is going to be really fun for people to see. In all three instances, the people behind the mask dedicated their lives to helping metahumans and normal people alike. Doctor Mid-Nite (also Doctor Midnight) is the name of multiple fictional superheroes in DC Comics. Definitely a situation where a good deal of power, and humility, are required. Leonard remains part of the Immortal Hulk's family. DC's Stargirl: Anjelika Washington Talks Dr. Mid-Nite and the Importance of Playing a Black Female Superhero, Everything Coming to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video in November 2020, Leslie Jones Shares Why She Chose to Remake Supermarket Sweep, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 9 Spoilers Hilariously Recapped In New Meme, The Boys Fan Rescued Man from Burning Home While Dressed as Homelander on Halloween, Young Avengers Project Rumored to Be Coming Soon From Marvel Studios, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 10 Includes Epic Reference to John Williams' Score, Shang-Chi's Simu Liu Celebrates His TV Dad Paul Sun-Hyung Lee's The Mandalorian Appearance, Superstore: Here's How America Ferrera Exits the Series. Everything you said is spot on and she is definitely super outgoing and really positive and really energetic. Dr. Reyes is a reluctant superhero. Dr. Mid-Nite was originally created by writer Charles Reizenstein and artist Stanley Josephs Aschmeier in 1941. So for generations that are coming up and I love bringing this new, fresh take to her because we're all... All of our characters are a lot younger, we're more naive, we're not super informed and educated on the JSA or even just superheroes in general, in Blue Valley. Granted, bringing the original X-Men to the 21st century wasn't the greatest idea he had, but it seems all is forgotten in the Jonathan Hickman era of X-Men. He's very strong-willed, and Beth and he really balance each other really, really well. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Actually, 14 of them. Tired of the way Thor acted, he transformed him into Blake in order to gain an understanding of humility. Eventually, Thomas gave up being a physician altogether and devoted his time to drinking and owning casinos. RELATED: 10 Comics To Read If You Love Doctor Who. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She was rescued by Rick Tyler, the son of Hourman, who had taken his father's Miraclo. Because, well, he's the Beast. And, who's so close to her parents but they've kind of put up this wall. . Everyone has their spot and what they do best, and they learn how to work with each other really, really well. There's also going to be some really cool surprise ISA members who have not been in the trailers and who have not been on the poster. If we were writing this back in 201o, Dr. Otto Octavious wouldn't have been on this list. Shortly thereafter, her super-hero career kicked into fast and full gear. People will get to see her navigate how she learns how to become a friend, which I also think is really helpful just for people in general because sometimes we move to places or we're from a place but don't really have a lot of friends. In the end, Dr. Holt is one of the smartest individuals in the DC Comics universe. "Dr. Mid-Nite" is the superhero alias used by the doctor and golden-age JSA member, Charles McNider. Dr. Mid-Nite was originally created by writer Charles Reizenstein and artist Stanley Josephs Aschmeier in 1941. Still, Dr. Pym has contributed a great deal to Earth-616. "A whole new world opens up for Beth. When asked to join the X-Men at the same time as characters like Marrow and Maggot, she declined. He began his career as a stringer, covering school board meetings for a local paper. Chapel … But, really she overall, she's just a girl who loves people and loves everyone and wants to be a part of this world. What can you tell us about their dynamic? Anjelika Washington: I actually wasn't very familiar with Dr. Mid-Nite at all. She basically becomes this new Beth 2.0, which is going to be really exciting," Washington tells TV Insider. Of course, being Marvel's exposure of choice in the 1960s and 70s, Leonard decided to dose himself with some of this radiation, thus giving him super strength and green hair. I remember it, I recorded it, I have photos of it. And so, hopefully we get to do more of that. Charles is one of three medical doctors to take on the role of Dr. Mid-Nite in the DC Comics universe. The good news is their loss of sight didn't harm their medical skills. And so, it's going to be really, really fun to see Beth explore friendships because it's not really anything she's ever had. Through various twists in the Multiverse, Thomas' version of Batman made its way to the Rebirth universe. I just want to hang out with you guys." I'm fangirling for myself just because I got to be in a super suit. And, I actually didn't even know I was playing a superhero until the day before I tested. I was in my head, I feel like we're like the Breakfast Club for superheroes because we're all of these kinds of outcasts, who don't really have a place to fit in. In addition, he continued to help Bruce determine the root cause of his transformations. Michael Holt has several degrees. Dr. Elizabeth Beth Chapel was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Todd McFarlane. Not only do they have metahuman abilities, but they also perform their duties in hospitals and labs donned in white coats. after his son Bruce was killed by a gunman, he becomes a costumed vigilante. Before his transformation, Leonard used his psychiatric skills to cure Bruce Banner/Hulk of his anger issues. Because she does, we'll see a different side of the sweet girl who loves to video chat with her parents at lunch. And, if we really are believing in what we're seeing. So the whole thing was a shock and also really exciting, all at the same time. Then with Courtney and Yolanda, they really just create this perfect team. Blame the deception on Odin. Courtney is new but Beth grew up in Blue Valley and she still doesn't really have a friend group. How are we going to see Beth's relationships with Courtney and Yolanda change as a result of her joining their team? RELATED: 10 Most Powerful Members Of The Justice Society, Ranked. (1941) Origin of DC comics heroine Dr. Elizabeth Beth Chapel the second Dr. Mid-Nite.Gmail : Patreon- : sure to like, share and subscribe for more content.Doctor Mid-Nite (also Doctor Midnight) is a fictional superhero physician in DC Comics. It's going to be all the emotions all at one time.

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