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Her actions are often downplayed because, but it doesn't make them any less serious. Noah and Allie share a kiss and make love. Allie Nelson, the secondary protagonist and narrator of the novel, is a sensitive and romantic young woman who finds herself at a crossroads between passion and logic as she questions her choices and revisits her past love with Noah Calhoun in the weeks before her wedding to Lon Hammond, Jr. From their very first meeting, Noah fixates on Allie, basically deciding that he can't be happy without her, which drives all of his decisions. 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But, if you think about it, many of Noah's romantic gestures were rooted in emotional manipulation and abuse. It is their love that breaks every obstacle coming on their way to lead a merry life together as a couple for about more than forty years afterwards, albeit, they got together quite late. The best relationships are built on honesty, and that's something that Allie and Noah have in droves. Noah deciding to fix up the house that he and Allie first were intimate in is a fan favorite moment, but it's not as sweet as it seems on paper. Through all their trials and tribulations, the couple's love proves to be victorious. Literary agent Theresa Park discovered Sparks by picking the book out of her agency's slush pile and reading it. It was the third written after The Passing and The Royal Murders, which he did not publish. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. She is enchanted. This novel is truly written affectionately by Nicholas Sparks, an inspiring and best-selling author. Meanwhile, Allie, 24, sees the house in the newspaper and decides to pay him a visit. This was Nicholas Sparks' first published novel. They are meeting, again, after a 7-year separation, which followed their brief but passionate summer romance when her family was visiting the town. Take, for example, the famous ferris wheel scene when Noah crashes Allie's date. On the other side of the picture, Noah thought Allie had moved on in her life and would never come back to him, but he never loved another girl for he could never. Therefore, I recommend this novel to every reader for the way it has been written. You can see Ryan's mic when he's hanging off the ferris wheel. Noah realises it is just a ruse to let him go see Allie, and he goes and finds Allie in bed in her room, asleep. The Notebook is a beloved romance film, but its central relationship isn't totally wholesome. In sickness and in health is probably the most important line of wedding vows, but one that most people don't honor. When it all comes down to it, they prove that each other's company is enough to keep each other happy. It has been forty years of their marriage when Allie gets affected to the disease. As if Allie and Noah didn't have enough issues, they also commit adultery together. The writer is a former teacher based in Turbat and a student at University Law College, Quetta. She begins to panic and hallucinate, and forgets who Noah is again. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In fact, it's actually kind of creepy when you think about it. They talk about what could have happened between them without her mother's interference. NEXT: 10 Celeb Couples You Totally Forgot About From The 90S. But, if we're being honest, there are also a few things about Noah and Allie's relationship that leave much to be desired. The New York Times watched the scene and pointed out that Noah was exhibiting a "slightly creepy … They kiss and fall asleep next to each other, believing their love will take them away together. That night they have dinner together. There's never any doubt about whether each is hopelessly in love with the other. They were separated by class, as she was the daughter of a wealthy family, and he worked as a laborer in a lumberyard. Even the healthiest couple fights from time to time, but Noah and Allie's fights are particularly nasty. As The Notebook matures, Noah seems gets a ton of flack for his actions within his relationship with Allie. When he recovers he goes to visit Allie late at night, as he is staying in the same care home. RELATED: 5 Reality TV Couples That Broke Up (& 5 That Are Still Together). Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, The Notebook follows the lives of Noah and Allie, whose love is tested by differences in backgrounds, romantic rivals, and their self-made destruction. It was tough for her to decide when she finally listened to her heart, and came back to Noah. You see, Allie came from a privileged background and Noah was poor. The nail in The Notebook's proverbial coffin comes at the beginning, when Noah hangs off of a Ferris wheel, threatening to jump if Allie doesn't go out with him. Recognizing her husband, she tells him that she loves him. She knows she loves Noah, but she does not want to hurt Lon. They embrace and talk, but after almost four hours, Allie fades. They started to love when they were together in summer vocations. Park offered to represent him. [3][4], As of 2019, a musical adaptation of the novel is currently in development, which will premiere on Broadway. Allie's mother shows up the next morning and gives Allie the letters from Noah. He never complained and stayed with her. Noah and Allie share a kiss and make love. RELATED: Friends: 5 Reasons Ross & Rachel Are The Best Couple (& 5 Reasons They Aren't). This is true, even as Noah battles his own health issues; his love for Allie never wavers. Have it and get to know the importance of relationships in life. At the end of the night, Noah invites Allie to come back the next day and promises her a surprise. It beautifully engages the readers and takes them along with each passing phase of the book. Love is supposed to be all-consuming, but there is a line. Love is never all roses and sunshine. It is always wonderful reading to his master pieces.

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