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Most Popular Tamil MP3 Songs. Thillu Mullu , Thillu mullu, Ullamellam kallu mullu , Ayiram nadakangal , Ayirm Veshangal, Mannavan veshathil vanthan, Avanidam rajangam kidayathu. 1. Chandran, however, has a moustache; the doctor advises Chandran to take care of the other problems by acting in a manner Sriramachandramurthy appreciates: namely wearing a Nehru jacket for a usual dress given the poverty in the country, to always tell his full name, giving importance to his moustache, behaving decently, showing a lack of interest in sports and drama considering that they do not promote any well being to the home or the country, respecting one's parents and detesting the concept of having someone else recommend a person for jobs instead of recommending for oneself. [12] At Balachander's insistence,[13] Kamal Haasan made a cameo appearance as Charuhasan, an actor posing as a lawyer in the climax of the film. He is a sports fan but thinks lowly of youths knowing anything about sports. I wanted him to play it as a character and not as a comedian for I felt that the humour would come out on its own through his unique body language and dialogue delivery". Thillu Mullu , Thillu mullu Thillu Mullu , Thillu mullu. [2] B. S. Lokanath and N. R. Kittu were recruited as cinematographer and editor respectively. [26], On the centenary of Indian cinema in April 2013, Forbes India included the performances of Rajinikanth and Thengai Sreenivasan in the film on its list, "25 Greatest Acting Performances of Indian Cinema". [27] On 1 July 2013, coinciding with International Joke Day, actors and writers of comedy were asked to name their favourite film. The doctor advises him to attend an interview for a job at his friend Sriramachandramurthy's import-export company, Sarojini Traders. "[23] 70 Years of Indian Cinema, 1913–1983 by T. M. Ramachandran and S. Rukmini described Thillu Mullu as one of Balachander's "best comedies that provide perennial delight". Remembering the plot of a film his friend, actor Nagesh is shooting, Chandran convinces Sriramachandramurthy that he had seen his moustache-less identical twin Indran at the stadium. Thillu Mullu Thillu meaning & Thillu Mullu Thillu lyrics meaning are available in the tamil Thillu Mullu Thillu translation section. Due to his rash driving, he seemingly cripples Uma during the chase. Sriramachandramurthy then laments to a picture of Muruga about his foolishness. Kanna dasan. He dislikes men without moustaches as he believes such men are characterless. ஆஆ உம் ஹே தில்லு முல்லு பண்ணல கெத்து கித்து காட்டல சீனு கீனு போடல பல்பு கில்பு Share Whatsapp Viber Messenger 0 Shares. P.R.Ramachander . Things takes an unexpected turn when Sriramachandramurthy asks Chandran to meet his mother. [24] Thillu Mullu was released on VCD by Moser Baer on 10 April 2007,[25] and on DVD by the same company on 31 July 2007. [31] In an interview with IndiaGlitz in 2016, Visu expressed dissatisfaction with the remake. Lyrics; Artist; Genre; Contact Us; Lyrics; Albums; Artists; Thillu Mullu. Chandran ultimately tells Sarojini the truth. தமிழ் English. As he does so, the picture of Muruga changes into that of Ganesha; the voice of Ganesha apologises to him as he was also involved in fooling him. Hodgepodge) is a 1981 Indian Tamil-language comedy film directed by K. Balachander and written by Visu.A remake of the 1979 Hindi film Gol Maal, it stars Rajinikanth, Thengai Srinivasan, Nagesh, Poornam Vishwanathan, Sowcar Janaki, Madhavi and Viji Chandrasekhar.The film is about Chandran, who lies to his boss that his mother is ill to get a leave but gets caught. [10] Viji Chandrasekhar made her acting debut with this film, playing the sister of Chandran. Raagangal Pathinaaru Song Lyrics, Movie Name : Thillu Mullu, Artists : Rajinikanth, Madhavi, Thenga Srinivasan and Sowcar Janaki, Music Director : M. S. Vishwanathan Sarojini tells him to tell Sriramachandramurthy as well. [1] It was also Rajinikanth and Balachander's last film together. Related Uploads . He then chases Chandran across the city via car to kill him. [20], Thillu Mullu was released on 1 May 1981,[2] and received positive reviews. A visibly confused and shaken Sriramachandramurthy locks himself in a room, and comes out with his moustache shaved off, feeling that he does not need something which caused so much trouble.

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